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Calculating pH and Ksp got you down? Van der Waals equation a distant memory? Improve your GenChem knowledge FASTER than with any other app on iTunes. You need to build your confidence in the material as quickly as possible instead of wasting precious time with other flashy apps that don’t efficiently maximize time on the areas where YOU need it most.

Brainscape has embarked on setting the highest standard for MCAT prep in the mobile community by partnering with educational consultants -- The Science Guys -- a hand-picked team of professional test-prep experts, each of whom had to achieve a minimum MCAT score of 42 to join the team. Pairing Brainscape’s adaptive learning platform and decades of combined experience preparing thousands of students to achieve high scores on any and all science content, The Science Guys WILL help you improve your MCAT scores with the highest level of expertise available.

MCAT General Chemistry Preparation, powered by Brainscape includes:

-500+ dynamic flashcards that test the entirety of the General Chemistry concepts covered on the MCAT
-Guaranteed coverage of all AAMC topic areas, cross referenced with materials published by the AAMC
-Organization mirroring the AAMC’s subdivision of topics, ensuring each topic is reviewed to the competency level tested on the MCAT
-MCAT expert-designed learner-focus, which develops each topic from simplest definitions to most complex applications of test-like material
-A customized flashcard repetition algorithm that cuts your memorization time dramatically
-Convenient “browse” and “search” functions that allow you to easily find cards you wish to repeat
-Ongoing feedback, statistics, and visualization tools to help you track your progress

This Brainscape product is the initial set in an ongoing line of MCAT Preparation apps. Flashcards covering all the necessary topics in Physics, Biology, and Organic Chemistry will be coming soon!

Brainscape is a web and mobile education platform designed around a scientifically optimized algorithm that repeats bite-sized concepts in the right timing pattern to maximize YOUR brain’s absorption. The Brainscape team is made up of former executives from The Princeton Review and Kaplan, as well as cognitive scientists formerly with Columbia and Yale. Our mission is to make learning easier and more convenient.

Feel free to check out our website (, where you can find more expert subjects and create your own flashcards. Good luck studying!

Customer Reviews

  • Amazing. Would of paid $20

    by AndySanchezCheats

    Best flashcard system I have come across. The rating of 1-5 on how confident you are with the card determines how much that and will randomly keep popping up. Genius! Strongly suggest it. It's a must! And no, I don't work for the app developers :)

  • Great for MCAT studying.

    by UCF_Knight

    Great source of information. Nice presentation.

  • Very well organize

    by Reyjm

    Studying for the mcat right now and this app has vein extremely helpful. Strongly recommended

  • Great App

    by MedschoolD

    This app is awesome! Its a good way to quickly refresh your memory on Chemistry!

  • This app was really helpful!

    by Curiouscathy

    It's awesome guys!!

  • Great

    by slapchevre

    Awesome, so worth it. It'll cut your study time down AND teach you all at the same time

  • Wow

    by Shnozzleberry

    Super effective way to learn!

  • Sooooo helpful

    by lambs quarter salad

    This is exactly what a flash card app should be like. Easy to use, super helpful, definitely a keeper. I wish I had this while I was studying chemistry in college...

  • groovy

    by FitsumDrybax

    I'm not taking the MCAT for another 2 years ... but I figured it's good to get started early. These are actually pretty helpful for my summer Gen Chem class material. Glad I found it!!

  • blaargh

    by Hhiioill

    Bleary-eyed from reviewing for MCAT in June. This won't replace wikipedia - but it has all the content in easy bite-sized bits so you can go back and review better later. NECESSARY tool for MCAT prep. Good work.

  • So many cards!

    by Simonaator

    I've looked at a bunch of flashcard apps, and this one looks to be the most comprehensive and well put-together. This is not one of those stupid "what is an electron?" kind of products. The cards test the content at a level appropriate to MCAT preparation, and is definitely going to be a big part of my preparing for the MCAT. Hundreds and hundreds of cards, testing everything I'm going to see in chemistry questions on the MCAT? 5 Stars!

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