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Mathomatix: Alzebra – Time for fun with Algebra!

Punflay’s popular Mathomatix series is back! And this time its cutie pie Al the Zebra who’s ready to play cool algebra games with your kids! Learning Algebra is never going to be the same with Mathomatix: Alzebra. The app is designed to teach basic functional algebra to kindergarteners and is based on National and California Standards. The vivid colors, unique characters and exciting animations are sure to capture the curiosity and attention of children. There are five different games, all aimed at improving the various Algebra skills introduced in Kindergarten.
Pizza Mania: Get ready for a Pizza party! Simply select the right toppings and make your own pizzas! This fun game helps in strengthening identifying, sorting and classifying skills. Your kids will be hungry for more!
Tummy Time: This game has cute animals that are hungry all the time. See your child’s hand-eye coordination improve as they use the accelerometer to feed the right food to the right animal.

Space Rock: Teaching object patterns can leave most parents perplexed. But this fun game set in outer space will encourage the young kindergartener to reason out the patterns and fill them in; cool special effects will leave them giggling!

Jump-a-Sound: An interactive sound pattern game, Jump-a-Sound will encourage your kids to listen to a sound sequence and recreate it. The little chipmunk that jumps greedily at the rewards will have you laughing.

Number Strike: Bring the bowling alley to your living room with this great number pattern game. Simply aim and flick the ball at the correct pin to complete the pattern, and learn all about numbers! An exciting and challenging game for kids!

Al Zebra’s rewards will leave your kindergartener shrieking with delight and sharing it with friends and family. They can win everything from a cool surf board to an astronaut suit! And while they are having a great time learning, you can finally get that downtime you deserve! Grab the app right away!

The Mathomatix series also includes
1.Number Sense (featured by Apple in New and Noteworthy for iPhone)
2.Measurement (coming soon)
3.Geometry (coming soon)
4. Statistics, Data Analysis and Probability (coming soon)

2.Designed to improve pattern recognition, identifying, sorting and classifying skills
3.Easy-to-use menu for kids
4.Improve eye-hand coordination
5.Supplements Math concepts learned in school
6.Blends California and National Standards
7.5 games in one package
8.Chockfull of attractive graphics and exciting animations
9.Images can be saved to Photos, and sent via e-mail or shared on facebook
10.Parent tested and approved

Punflay is a member of Moms with Apps, a collaborative group of family-friendly developers seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families.

Recommended Ages: 5-6 years
Categories: math, algebra

Customer Reviews

  • 5 games in 1 - it's a deal for the price!

    by Cher K.

    I really like all the Punflay Apps and with this one being part of the Mathomatix series, I knew it would be a hit with my son. Now even though Aidan is only 3, he is slowing picking up on this App. It is a little more difficult than other apps but that is because it is geared towards 4 and up. The app is fun and so bright and colorful, not to mention that it is 5 mini-games in one! There is a game where you have to make a pizza with the 3 toppings shown only, tilt the phone to feet the animal it's correct source of food (cat like fish...), a game where you have to fill in the sequence of pictures (moon, moon, planet, moon, moon, ...), a bowling game where you have to knock down the pins corresponding to the numbers at the top, tap animals in the correct sequence of the sounds they make (bark, meow, bark, meow..) There is so much to learn in this app that for less than $1 dollar I think it is a deal! I can see my son getting bored with it eventually of course, but for now he is loving it and so far there are a lot of challenges for him to tackle and master.

  • Not worth the money.

    by Landesmom

    The space rocks portion of this app is the best part. The sound pattern recognition didn't generate new patterns so it will become boring quickly for your little ones. In general, the playability of this app is limited.


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