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The Handbook of Archaeology
Archaeology (sometimes written archæology) or archeology (from Greek ἀρχαιολογία, archaiologia – ἀρχαῖος, arkhaīos, "ancient"; and -λογία, -logiā, "-logy") is the science and humanity that studies historical human cultures through the recovery, documentation, analysis, and interpretation of material culture and environmental data, including architecture, artifacts, biofacts, and landscapes. Archaeology aims to understand humankind through these humanistic endeavors. In the United States it is commonly considered to be a subset of anthropology, along with physical anthropology, cultural anthropology, and linguistic anthropology, whereas in British and European universities, archaeology is considered as a separate discipline entirely.

Archaeology involves surveyance, excavation and eventually analysis of data collected in order to learn more about the past. There are various different goals to the discipline, including the documentation and explanation of the origins and development of human cultures, understanding culture history, chronicling cultural evolution, and studying human behavior and ecology, for both prehistoric and historic societies. Indeed, archaeology is particularly useful in discovering information about human Prehistory, which comprises over 99% of total human history, due to of the lack of written sources for this period and the full reliance on archaeological evidence. However, alongside this it is also used to investigate more recent history, even that reaching back only a few decades.

In broad scope, archaeology relies on cross-disciplinary research. It draws upon anthropology, history, art history, classics, ethnology, geography, geology, linguistics, physics, information sciences, chemistry, statistics, paleoecology, paleontology, paleozoology, paleoethnobotany, and paleobotany.

Customer Reviews

  • Not broken - it's a scam

    by M forever

    No, it's not broken. This guy has dozens and dozens of "handbooks" in the app store and they all contain "information you can find on the web at". OK, so you think it's a collection of Wiki articles or an almanac or something that let's you organize Wiki articles you download or something like that. No, none of the above. He just copied the archaeology article from Wii and pasted it in here. That's it. I contacted iTunes and never heard from them for several months. Then I called Apple and was told that he only way to contact iTunes is through the web support. When I insisted to talk to someone about this, I finally got to talk to someone else after 10 minutes who just told me the same thing. I did contact them over the net once more and then I did hear back but they just told me they couldn't do anything about it and gave me a few song credits. But the apps are still in the store. Very disappointing, and I think I will think twice about buying any Apple products in the future.

  • broken or just made that way?

    by Same story the crow told me.

    The app provides only the two pages shown in their ad. And their support page is rather odd. Only one page, and strange characters that don't translate to a readable language. I'm guessing that the $9.99 I spent on this would have been better thrown off a balcony for all the good this app did me. I hope that Apple will become aware of the issue with this app and am not sure how to inform them other than leaving this review.


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