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  • Updated: Sep, 20 2011
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Compatibility with iOS 5.1

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Word Joust for Grades 6-8: Encourage your students or children to play it daily & watch their vocabulary improve dramatically. Ideal for elementary school students & English Language Learners (ELL/ESL)

This version is specifically designed for intermediate school students (6th - 8th grade) and English language learners (ELL) with grade-appropriate words compiled by Questar Assessment, Inc. The words represent a quantitative summary of the printed vocabulary encountered by students in American schools & are created from more than 60,000 samples of text from more than 6,000 textbooks, works of literature, and popular works of fiction and nonfiction.

With Word Joust for 6-8, knaves (i.e., you) will master the 3000 most popular words using in intermediate school reading materials. Delivered as mini word games set on a medieval battle field, Word Joust makes learning new words easy and fun.

Skewer (with your petard) five words at a time with fun war games set in the medieval times. Each victory gives you points to move up the ranks from apprentice to the master.

✔ Scramble - Unscamble words as fast as you can
✔ Troll Trickery - Match words & definitions
✔ Labyrinth of Letters - Word search
✔ Cohorts of Soldiers - Battle the words
✔ Hangman - Guess the word

Featured by EdSurge and Fast Company

✔ Includes 3000 age-appropriate words for grades 6-8
✔ Five fun and effective vocabulary games
✔ Adaptive game-play to adjust to your level
✔ Track your performance

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Customer Reviews

  • Thumbs Up

    by LadyDragan

    I'm actually above the grade level that this game was aimed at, and I'm using it to broaden my vocabulary for the SAT that's coming up during the school year. I love how this game is set up: you go out on quests to gain new words, and then you can go train on the words to "master" them. It really makes the words stick in your brain after matching them to the right definition a ton of times. For some reason, this app makes me want to keep learning words (possibly because I want to eventually make it onto the global scoreboards...). It's fun, interactive and entertaining. I recommend this app for everyone who wants to learn new words (or just brush up on words you already knew) while having fun. Something that I find odd, however, are the definitions. Some of them are not what I would associate with the particular word. For example: the word "Chute"'s definition is "Parachute". When I think "Chute" I think 'Chutes and ladders', so like a tube that leads down or something. For "Swing" the definition is "A style of dance". Now, while that may be true, it isn't necessarily what I first think when someone says swing. Of course, that can also be looked upon favorably, since it makes me think outside what I normally think. So bravo, Word Joust, bravo.

  • Started working, i enjoy it

    by Oliok

    Error connecting to google disappeared, so it turned out to be little game for word study. Useful. No multitasking.

  • Good

    by jzf1j

    It is very useful app. If it support multi-task I will give five star

  • Lousy

    by Big Anique

    I bought the younger version and it works great. This version has never worked!

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