A fun preschool word activity to jumpstart learning for children age 1+ by Baby World Explorer 2014 Education App Review (iOS, $0.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Nam mee LAU

-Bugfix: some pesky bugs still scuttling under the hood
-Improvements to Parental Gate to safeguard kids use

Watch out for German, French, Spanish, Russian, Finnish and Chinese (Beijing) versions coming out in 2-3 weeks time! (end November 2013)

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If your baby boy or girl ages 1+ is starting to talk then this app will help your child learn early vocabulary quickly.

If we succeed in developing early vocabulary skills in children, they can use this skill to develop their other abilities. An effective method to achieve this is to expose the child to songs, storytelling and interaction from the first day of his or her life. Baby World Explorer will be your child’s companion in these early days.

Early Childhood Recommendation apps are Kids-safe:
- we share every parents’ concern for healthy online content for our children
- we know kids will inevitably snatch our iPhones; here is a way to make that a good thing
- children don’t think like adults, so our apps are usability-tested by real kids
- our apps are designed by parents who has changed nappies
- zero-adult-assist [downloaded an app that's useless without you? we know the feeling :(]
- safe for kids solo play (protected by ParentalGate against unauthorised external links)

DOWNLOAD ONE TIME for UNLIMITED USE on all your devices!

How to use this app:
- play this app when baby is relaxed and playful, after nap or shower
- play for AS LITTLE AS 5 MINUTES or as long as you can keep baby’s attention
- PLAY TWICE A DAY or as often as baby wants
- watch and be amazed when baby picks up new words quickly
- baby looks up to you for approval and encouragement when learning new things
- REPETITION is the secret to children learning new things, so practise daily!

DOWNLOAD ONE TIME for UNLIMITED USE on all your devices!

Have fun with easy word games and activities that build kids EQ:
- like a nursery in your pocket
- respond to baby’s touch with life-like sounds (animals, forest, urban traffic, etc)
- 20 games to build baby’s early vocabulary
- mastering early vocabulary raises baby EQ, helps baby express wider range of emotions
- see baby talk sooner than most kids in his age group
- suitable for girls or boys
- effective for 1-4 year old children
- use twice/day for fast results. Works every time!
- go anywhere with this app, no bulky books or crumpled cards to lug along
- more effective than watching cartoon

As parents we have the power to choose the best for our children, what works for us.
DOWNLOAD NOW for UNLIMITED USE on all your devices!
Made for iPad, can be used on iPhone & iPod.

Customer Reviews

  • Nice

    by Kelly lawra

    Best app for babys.Every parents should have this.

  • Brilliant

    by Micheal Jordan3

    Baby's special My kid learnt a lot before going to kindergarden..Thanks

  • Well done!

    by Isha lee

    Well learning app for my kid well done.

  • Amazing Deal

    by Euan Dalkum

    Beautiful game, glad sum1 cares 4 the kids of this generation.

  • Love it

    by Felix Nice

    Well done I really love this game and my son too

  • Brilliant idea!

    by Jiamn Galley

    A great app for my baby

  • Essential for babys

    by Dalkim Vanea

    If you are parent than be a good one chose this great app for baby.

  • Recommended

    by Kortney Chung

    Recommended to all parents very nice.

  • It's Good

    by Hunter Coby

    It is good for teaching the alphabet. Especially pics are really cute!!

  • Baby world

    by Fatso Hadi

    Awesome My baby Want to play it every time.

  • Det är bra

    by Spiritual21

    Jag rekommenderar bara program jag har provat själv. Den här är bra

  • rakastan tätä

    by Osaka Alaos

    Tyttäreni Alija suosikki app

  • méritant

    by Roberto MAsali

    Bon. Vaut le prix que j'ai payé.

  • удивительный

    by Herbia223

    Мой 2-летний сын учатся использовать это приложение в 2 минуты!

  • Briiliant

    by Aslam khasd

    My baby is picking up new words very fast.

  • incrível

    by Cameron Hialsr

    Apps para crianças deve ser fácil de aprender. Mais simples, melhor. Este aplicativo é perfeito!

  • Impresionante

    by Elvin762

    muy bueno aplicación para mis hijos. Sigo las instrucciones de la aplicación y funciona! -

  • Outstanding!

    by N. Christen

    Rarely pay for apps, only review when excellent or awful. This one is excellent, if you've got kids buy it now :)

  • Fantastic!

    by Bryan Willhight

    My daughter loves this app. She'll sit for hours playing if I let her.So much for kids in a single app.Nice!

  • The Best!

    by Jeannie Cox

    Nice application wonderful for kids they love it!

  • My daughter loves this!

    by Deven Parulekar

    Really easy to use my daughter picked it up really well

  • Easy!

    by Andy Deck

    Beautifully made app very easy to interact with kids will love it!

  • Great teaching tool!

    by Adam Blackwell

    Love this app! My 15 month old will always settle down for this.

  • Very Nice!

    by Victor. F

    Can't say enough about this app. My son and i use it every night. Simply great!

  • Great For Kids

    by Jett Drake

    My 3 year old loves this, he's already reading some words now.

  • Just What i was lookin for!

    by Samuel D.Harry

    It is an awesome app have every thing which a toddler need for fast learning..Thanks developer

  • Great Kids App!

    by Michael Nedd

    My 4 yr old loves it. Great graphics..Great game to help kids learn to read and a lot more.

  • Toddler App

    by Adrian Duong

    My grand babies love this.they are both toddlers. I give it a 5+ star

  • Superb!

    by Will Robin

    My son loves it. He is 5 months old and this app hypnotizes him

  • Perfect!

    by Edgar Morale

    Good pictures, realistic sounds, easy to use.

  • Simply amazing

    by Jay Trootter

    Great for toddlers, Its helping him learn new words..

  • World class

    by Andrea Dickens

    My 3 year son love to play it..So much in one app incredible..kepp the Good work

  • Great!!

    by Johnny Marleonzi

    Great game to keep the kids amused! Educational as well as entertaining

  • Awesome!!

    by Stacy Lopez

    Easy. Intuitive. Fun. Thank you!

  • Great App!!

    by Bernard Gearhart

    This is a wonderful app and my 3 year daughter enjoy it a lot.

  • Waste of money

    by Era.2013

    Don't buy this boring app. they take the money and you end up with 4 stupid screens that they call games! Then you must keep paying to unlock the rest of the useless games

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