Speech with Milo: Verbs Education App Review (iOS, $2.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Poorani Doonan

We have added the following:
- The app will remember your settings and words selected for each use
- Buttons are color coded so you can describe to the child which button so select
- Deselect all added
- You can turn off the text
- Added a 'more Milo' link and a link to our newsletter

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“Speech with Milo” apps were created by a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist, and have been downloaded over 100,000 times. "Speech with Milo: Verbs" was created as a versatile and entertaining speech therapy tool for children. Milo is for speech therapists working with children, or parents who want to teach language skills to their children. The app offers an enjoyable tool used in therapy at a cheap price.

* Nominated for the Mobile Premier Awards as THE outstanding education app.*

See a demo here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EevXmw0Y0f4

“Speech with Milo: Verbs” is centered on an adorable and energetic mouse named Milo. Milo performs over 100 actions, such as “bounce,” “count,” and “play”. This provides an engaging way to build up an action word vocabulary in the child. Flash cards are typically used for this type of exercise, but the animation that comes with Milo will keep any child focused and attentive. And most important- it is fun!

The app comes with two sets of instructions- one for Speech Therapists and one for Parents. This app can be used for infants and toddlers, as well as children with language delays.

Reviews :
★★★★★ "Forget Micky Mouse; Milo is the most popular mouse in our house!" (AutismEpicCenter.com)
★★★★★ "Excellent for Speech Therapy" (Trisha C.- SLP)
★★★★★ "I look forward to future applications by Doonan Speech Therapy" (GA SLP)
(see more reviews under "All Versions")

•Used in therapy for children with special needs, such as: Autism / Asperger Syndrome, Down Syndrome, developmental delays, cognitive delays, speech and language delays.
•Fun and affordable
•Milo, an animated mouse, keeps children interested and motivated to learn.
•Instructions for Speech Therapists and Parents (in English only)
•Verb is spoken as the action is completed to reinforce action with auditory input. There is an option to turn this feature off.
•Written verb is displayed at the bottom of the screen to reinforce reading skills.
•Phrase button allows child to listen to a sentence using the verb.
•Milo takes a break every once in a while with some cheese and a dance. The child gets to feed Milo some cheese and watch him dance as a reward for his/her hard work.
•You may customize the actions that Milo performs. On List of Actions from the Home Page, you can do the following: random order, alphabetical order, or select your own custom set of verbs to work on by touching the word(s) in list of actions to activate/deactivate blue button.
•Background music can be turned off if it is too distracting for the child.


Doonan Speech Therapy is a member of Moms with Apps, a collaborative group of family-friendly developers seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families.
Recommended Ages: 1-3,4-7, Parents
Categories: Special Needs, Vocabulary
Video: http://youtu.be/EevXmw0Y0f4

for support issues: www.speechwithmilo.com

Customer Reviews

  • Cute, but needs improvement

    by Prikamom

    I agree with other reviews that requested that there be a way to turn off the "tada" after every verb. Even my preschoolers find it annoying after awhile. Also, someone asked that there be sound for verbs such as "whistle," with which I wholeheartedly agree. When I work with kids, I supply the sound, but there's no reason why Milo couldn't whistle.

  • It is Okay

    by S L Path

    I think Milo is cute and he appeals to children. I have not found a lot of uses for it in therapy. Maybe as an at home reinforcement of verbs that have been targeted in therapy???

  • Regular and irregular verbs

    by AshleyD1712

    Good app. I do wish I could have the option to choose to work on regular past tense verbs or irregular past tense verbs. I know you can choose specific words from the list, but sometimes that takes too long. It would be helpful to have separate lists for present and past tense.

  • LOVE this app!

    by onlyonenita

    I bought this app on the recommendation of my daughter Speech Therapist. It is her favorite app. We have all of these apps and they are worth so much more than $2.99 each. My iTunes account balance does not move much because I despise spending money on something I am not sure will work, but these do! My daughter and son immediately starting using the verbs and the phrases presented in this app! Milo is cute and humorous. My daughter is 4 and my son is 3.

  • Speech Pathologist/Audiologist

    by SimpleAnswers

    I love all Speech with Milo apps, but this is my favorite! The animation keeps the child's interest, and the verb alone plus verb+ing really assists children in grasping the concept. Working 30+ years I was hesitant to start bringing my iPad into the speech session, this app made me a convert!

  • Fun app

    by Needs one modification

    I am a pediatric speech pathologist and I enjoy using this app with my kids, but I have a few critiques: 1. The background music is fun and engaging, but when it is playing it is very difficult to hear what Milo is doing. I would love if the background music could be adjusted and turned down so you could hear the 'phrase' well over the music. 2. It would be nice if Milo would act out the action again while the 'phrase' is read. Otherwise, Milo is just standing while the speaker says 'Milo is jumping,' which doesn't make sense. Thank you!

  • Great series

    by teach.me

    My child really likes Speech with Milo and doesn't seem to have a clue she's learning at the same time!

  • Useful for slightly speech delayed toddler

    by Letplane

    My son has a slight speech delay, and we got this to help him learn more verbs. He seems to enjoy it, but doesn't have the patience to listen to the sentences. It is a very basic program, and is probably best suited to children who haven't been exposed to flashier games in the iPad.

  • Great app

    by Hassinators

    We have all the English Milo apps and my son really likes them. I like that I can adjust the settings for sounds, animation, etc. sometimes me son is distracted by all the interaction, other times it's very enhancing to his experience.

  • Simple but effective

    by Aknight53

    My language impaired students love this very simple but cute app with fun music and "Ta da" after each turn!

  • Love it!

    by 123teacher123

    My preschool students don't even know they are learning or even working. They love "playing" on the iPad and I love how easy it is to take data on their work. The pictures are appealing and the language is very simple. One of the best things is how simple it is to use (for teachers and students)!

  • Ok, I guess.

    by AmigaMan2

    A couple of complaints for this otherwise good app for young kids. One, the animation is sometimes a little too simplistic for the concept being to taught to be grasped (and, well, can we do better than 2 frames per second of animation?). Two, when you click next, Milo should immediately begin the next word, not wait for you to touch him each and every time (this gets old quick), and the time he waits before he starts checking his watch is like 1 or 2 seconds! Really? Anyway, it has potential, and I guess for the money I can't really be too harsh on it. But how can the program be improved if we don't tell the authors what we think, right?

  • Good app for speech therapy

    by Beth-the-SLP

    I am an SLP working with kids who have special needs. I use this app with a variety of ages. The kids enjoy watching Milo as he performs the actions. Other than labeling actions, the app is also good for repeating grammatically correct sentences and increasing length of utterance. I enjoy the preposition Milo app as well!

  • 3-year Old loves it!

    by ShannonStarr

    My autistic daughter thinks this app is great. She doesn't always want to push the Phrase to learn the verb usage, but Milo is interesting enough to hold her attention.

  • Love this App!

    by 500cats

    I am the parent of a gifted toddler. It is difficult to find toys or games that keep her interested for more than a day or two. She loves this App. Milo holds her attention and she is expanding her vocabulary. It is one of her favorites and I would recommend this App to any parent.

  • Great educational tool

    by iPad SLP

    This was my first Milo app and I love it. My students with autism love it too. They've started repeating the verbs and the "tada" that Milo says. We also label some of the items in the pictures.

  • Exceptional! Gets My Kid Talking

    by Kehleyr

    I have a 3 yr old w/ speech delay. He doesn't seem interested in repeating what others say. Lately he has been making some slow progress and has started saying a few more than his standard set of 5-10 words. He's currently in therapy and has been for the last year and maybe that's started to take effect. However, I've never seen him so eager to repeat words (verbs) as he does with this app. He especially likes it when I do the voice of Milo. He's having so much fun, laughing and looking at my face when I repeat the words and he really tries to say them himself. I have turned off the music so he can hear the words better, but it would be nice if it came on when Milo is taking a break.

  • Get this App!!!

    by jbetz33

    This is one of the first apps we got when we bought the iPad for our son. It works just as well on the iPhone as well, and is a lifesaver when we leave the house. If you have a child with ASD or a receptive/expressive language delay, this app will help them develop the ability to communicate wants and needs. This app, and the Milo app on prepositions are a MUST. Only one negative- it did not take long at our for our 3-year old to have it memorized. He does not get bored by it; he likes to recite it. It would be great for an update now and then that has different ways to demonstrate the verbs/prepositions.

  • Great learning tool!

    by Chic-33

    I like the animations and phrases! My only complaint is Milo says "Tada" after each animation which can be just as distracting as background music for children with ASD. Can you put in an option to turn it off like the background music? I wish there was a way for the adult to choose to bypass long animations by clicking on Milo again. -some of the animations are too long and slow for the younger children with ASD as well. Thank you for this wonderful teaching app! My daughter is learning preps right now and it will be very useful to have!

  • Awesome app for typical and delayed children

    by RDHMOM

    This app has been great for both my 4 yr-old non-verbal son and my neurotypical almost 3 yr-old. My older son loves watching Milo act out the word while my younger son likes to act out the words with Milo. Very creative, yet simple app to develop verb recognition.

  • Speech pathologist

    by Speech guy

    While Milo is cute the app does NOT do an adequate job of illustrating verbs. Many of the spoken sentences that accompany actions miss the mark. Without sound effects how is a child supposed to understand MILO IS WHISTLING and not just pursing his lips. The animation and voice over do not match. For example, milo does two karate kicks and the voice over says he is kicking ball. After all this time the makers have not added sound or fixed obvious errors

  • Great idea needs sound

    by Viennababy

    Everything about this app is great except that verbs need sound. It is hard to tell what a kiss is with out hearing the kissy sound that would accompany the kiss. My daughter has cp with limited vision. She relies on the sounds. I find myself making the sounds that would have gone along with the verb.

  • Wonderful App!

    by Randolph Loganbill

    Playful animation and is very helpful. Looking forward to more.

  • Grr... 

    by owecwodonrbhsyoqnqvxhod

    Waaaay too long to load AND always crashes everytime I open it!! PLEASE FIX!

  • Good app

    by Nia / SLP

    This app is great for high functioning students with language delays. I've used it in speech therapy!

  • Great for therapy

    by Spokeright84

    Enjoy using this app in speech therapy with my early childhood language delayed students. Usually introduce actions in pictures and practice learning them by matching and saying them. However this app brings the actions to life makes it more interesting and I have used it with even my autistic students as well. A few things I would change to improve the app would be: - bye and hi actions would work well with autistic children - and the real big one is being able to not only activate all actions but deactivate actions. I usually start with ten actions and measure progress till mastered but I have to clear ever action all over again and pick out my ten action each time I use this app.

  • Good tool

    by Ms. Sullivan

    This app is fun and engaging. I find it time consuming to have to unselect all the verbs to select target verbs. I am using this with a child who uses Pecs and it is motivating. Their is also a few verbs that when you click it to play the verb again it skips to another verb.

  • Great for lots of uses

    by B. Henry

    This program is very useful! I have used it with hearing and deaf students to learn new verbs because the animation is good and teaches them the action. I have also used it to work on sentence construction and use of /s/ on present tense verbs with a singular subject (Milo). For the price, it can't be beat!

  • Great app for teaching verb usage!

    by GA SLP

    I've enjoyed using Speech With Milo: Verbs during therapy sessions with mt students. I am able to use it to teach all the verb tenses, as well as sentence structure. My students enjoy working using this program! I look forward to future applications by Doonan Speech Therapy!

  • Excellent for Speech Therapy

    by Trisha C.-SLP

    Pleasantly simple graphics don't take away from the lesson. I can use this app for my students to teach: *sentence structure and increased sentence length *verbalizing in complete sentences *prepositional phrases *describing *responding to questions *articulation and sound sequences in sentences *verbs *vocabulary My students and I are enjoying this excellent app!

  • Milo's a Hit!

    by Another Servant

    Forget Mickey Mouse; Milo is the most popular mouse in our house! I'm just so thrilled with this app that I was compelled to write a review on here now. I will be reviewing Speech With Milo very comprehensively on AutismEpicenter.com very soon, including its strengths and weaknesses.

  • A home run for my son!

    by Ag Matt

    We've only had this app for a couple of days, but it quickly became a fun and educational device for my 2 year old and I. He loves the animation and I love the new words and phrases he's learning.

  • Easy to use and fun!

    by Rodney P.

    We found it easy to use and fun. Our Rudy and Mimi love Milo!

  • Great app

    by Cam 0001

    Very fun!

  • Awesome Tool!

    by Skrapmot

    My autistic 3 year old son and 2 year old daughter love this program on our IPad. I still am amazed how gracefully they navigate thru the apps like a pro, and this program compliments the many other fantastic programs available for child learning. Having had a professional speech pathologist work with my son, this program emulates and compliments the therapy lesson in ways I haven't been able to find in any other program on the app store. With this working well on the Ipod/Iphone and Ipad equally, this is a "must buy" for any concerned parent!

  • Versatile

    by A_Garvey

    As the parent of a just turned 2 year old, this app is a great resource. Our toddler took to it immediately. He likes to watch the animation which I feel is a great visual for his learning stage. I can see how as he grows older he will start repeating the words and demonstrating understanding.

  • Milo Fan

    by Kees B

    This app has a broad range of vocab words my son likes browsing thru. Even though it's advertised as a speech therapy tool, I like it because it gives my 2 year old an introduction to words that i might not think to introduce him to.

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