Speech with Milo: Sequencing Education App Review (iOS, $2.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Poorani Doonan

- Removed "A), B), C)" from the hint.
- Added Parental Verification to leave the app (on 'More Milo')

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Selected as the #2 Best Education App for Kids by Babble.com. “Speech with Milo” apps were created by a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist, and have been downloaded over 50,000 times.

Milo is back to bring you Sequencing exercises like you have never used before! Enjoy 35 dynamic sequencing exercises using animation to keep your child engaged. Speech with Milo: Sequencing was created by a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist to help children develop sequencing and storytelling skills. The adorable mouse Milo brings a friend along this time to entertain and help your child.

★★★★★ "This app developer really understands what SLP's find valuable in an app that is used in a therapy setting."
★★★★★ "I use the Milo apps on a daily basis in therapy and the children remain engaged and truly enjoy playing and learning with Milo. This app is a must buy."

Build basic sequencing skills by ordering three cards showing Milo and Melvin performing a task. For example, cards showing Milo “Washing Hands” and “Going to the Movies” are presented in random order. The child is tasked with putting the cards in order by dragging the images into the appropriate box (numbered 1-3). Once the child has put the cards in order, they are provided with the option to play the animation demonstrating the sequence of events. The app is provided with configurable options to view hints, hear the sentence aloud, ‘success’ sounds, etc. Forget those $15 Sequencing cards at the educational stores- this is much more fun for your child.

Watch the YouTube demo here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iiZ-IBPC6gU

Speech with Milo first became popular amongst Speech-Language Pathologists and parents with apps to help children build language skills with Verbs and Prepositions. The Verbs app represented the education category for the Mobile Premier Awards and was embraced by the parent community. Now Milo returns to help build critical sequencing skills.

The app comes with a set of instructions written by a licensed SLP to help you work with your child.

These are the language skills you will be targeting with this app:
•Storytelling and/or retelling
•Time concepts “first,” “next,” and “last”
•Increasing utterance length
•Developing complex sentences
•Improving grammatical skills


Doonan Speech Therapy is a member of Moms with Apps, a collaborative group of family-friendly developers seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families.
Recommended Ages: 1-3,4-7,Parents
Categories: Special Needs, Vocabulary

For support issues: www.speechwithmilo.com

Customer Reviews

  • Fun

    by Kk09blue

    This is a fun app but I wish there could be more sequencing steps than just 3. It would be nice if you could customize it to have 4 or more steps.

  • I use this app every week.

    by Tazzoo57

    My students and I use this app weekly. The sequences are fun and my kids love the movies as a mini reward. I like that I can pick and choose the sequences I need or want to use

  • Great start!

    by Curry Lover!

    I love the app but some pics are confusing and difficult to tease apart - especially for younger kids. Would love to have the option of turning numbers off so kiddos can't see the numerical order.

  • Love...

    by Mrstarheel

    My clients really love this app and Milo is so cute! I actually have all his language applications.

  • Son enjoys app

    by Momndadof2

    Great app but it would be better if the sequencing can be spoken. My son did much better when I read him each sequence. He still figured it out quickly but if its a speech therapy app, he should learn from hearing what each sequence is and not just by the pictures.

  • Great for speech therapy

    by SLP missjen

    The pix to sequence could be bigger, but the students do fine after seeing them once followed by the video. It's fun and motivating!

  • Frustrated

    by 4yr old fan

    I got very frustrated when i accidentally pressed Next button instead of pressing Play. Please add a Back button so that I can go back to the previous Milo page. Signed 4 yr old fan!!!

  • Nice App

    by OtterMom4

    I like this app and it has helped my son to learn sequencing. Would love to see an update that would give you options for 4,5,or 6 picture sequences and have the option to view the video before and after. My autistic son caught on quickly, but got bored just as quickly. He mastered 3 picture sequencing very quickly because of this app, but still struggles with the more complicated sequencing levels.

  • My autistic 7 year old LOVES MILO!

    by Feasterbunny

    My son has only become verbal at the age of six due to Autism. He has increased his vocabulary greatly and now knows all his prepositions and verbs. He at first just memorized it, but now he knows how to carry them over into everyday life.mI believe it is very useful for my special needs child and am very happy with all the Milo apps. My son has lots of fun with it as well and does use it at school with his Speech Therapist. Thanks for the great app!

  • Great for different types of patients

    by Starrynight8

    Using this App, I've been able to engage patients that had no interest in therapy activities. When kids are not able to complete the task independently, I narrate the steps and they move the pictures into place. It has also been a great tool for an older child using an AAC device. He narrates the 3 steps for me and then he gets to move the pictures into place and watch the video. I like being able to omit some of the selections to choose the best ones for my patients.

  • Great app!

    by Veneca26

    I love using this app! You can customize sequences you want to use and change cues as needed such as a,b,c; and wording. I agree that sometimes the actions are difficult to be seen in the pictures, perhaps you could touch pic and have it enlarged to see detail would work better. Also having an option to turn off the ta-da at the end would be helpful. I work with school age kids with all disabilities, languages and the love it!!!! Even my 3 year old uses it. Can't wait for more sequences =)

  • Great!

    by Qnsbny

    My autistic 4yr old loves this app. She not only comes back to play with app over and over but has fallen in love with Milo and friends. We can not wait to see more in the future.

  • Pediatric slp is wrong!

    by BackofSLP

    As a Speech pathologist, I love this app! I use it everyday with severely language impaired 3-4 yr old students who have no trouble figuring out what Milo and Melvin are doing. They love to hear the story, told by me, in short sentences which they can imitate and they love watching the movie. We work on using present progressive ing, sequencing events, past tense (after action in play in complete). This app is not just about quizzing students on sequencing. It can be so much more if you control the action and use clinical skills and imagination. I often hover my hand over the play button until the students verbalize the sequence of events or imitate my verbalizations. My head start students have made wonderful, quantitative, progress using this app. I would highly recommend this app to slps and parents.

  • nice

    by 5specialkids'mom

    needs some tweaking....but it is a good app. Probably need to remove background...and pictures need to be more clear and concrete ...sometime it is hard for child to understand what they are doing in the pic. But my child does like to use it and is beginning to "get it"....so that is really what matters...

  • Wonderful tool

    by rapson2000

    I purchased this to work on sequencing and story-telling with my speech-delayed four-year-old daughter. Previously she disliked all sequencing activities that I or her SLP used with her. This app was the tool I needed to get her to see that sequencing is not so bad! She loves playing it and now has sequencing figured out. After she puts the pictures is the right order, I have her "tell the story" using the words "first, next, and last". I love this app and am very thankful for it and others in the series.

  • Wonderful product!

    by LindaSLP

    Great product, great price, great customer service. The HINTS can be turned off in settings, so previous reviewers' concerns about having the kids look at the ABC on the description of each card to "cheat" is easily overcome. I hope an update will let us choose Spanish as language!

  • Good but major flaw

    by JASE45

    App is very good for sequencing but hopefully the developer will read this and make an important change. As a receiver previously mentioned, the correct order is already shown because the pictures have the correct letter A-B or C next to the picture so the child doesn't have to examine the picture they can just cheat and look at the letter. Please remove the letters or at least make it optional then this would be a 5 star app!

  • Prbeery2

    by Prbeery2

    Love all the Milo apps. My four-year-old son has autism and uses them almost daily. I do have two suggestions after playing this app with him. First, remove the letter before each step so the kids can't "cheat" and just put the letters in order. Second, it would be nice if each step is spoken as it is moved into place so the kids can hear each step as well. Thanks! Keep the apps coming!

  • Great Deal!

    by lonestarslp

    Thanks for making good quality products that are affordable for parents and SLPs. Could you make more sequences that involve activities appropriate for a child with limited mobility? Thanks, Ann

  • Slp

    by Mn slp

    A nice app overall. The descriptions below each picture are great, but it would be even more helpful if the abc order were eliminated. With the other cues, it seems distracting and needless.

  • Almost, but not quite there

    by 5kill5

    The pics can be a bit confusing for a younger child to figure out. In addition, Some of the sequences should be more distinguished from each other. For example, what is the proper sequence of eating a burger; putting ketchup on a burger, biting a burger, or eating the burger. The last two are essentially the same thing. The last two pictures are practically identical. It is presented nicely and I see where they are going, but the pictures and sequences should be a little easier to follow.

  • CherriDslp

    by Cherri87

    Really needs the a) b) c) labels removed from the text! Any child will figure this out very quickly without having to study the picture. Disappointing...

  • Unusable by SLP for therapy

    by PediatricSLP

    I applaud the SLP who created this app, as I know take on a project of this magnitude was very brave and innovative. As an Speech- Language Pathologist, I was hoping to be able to use this in my preschool with children with special needs and children at home, who are typically developing. With this version, that will not be possible. The list of sequences is lengthy, comprehensive and applicable to everyday life. When working with young or delayed children, it is very important that the picture be very clear and concrete. With these computer generated pictures, I, the adult, cannot determine what is happening in each picture. First, the pictures are small. In addition, within each picture, there is lots of wasted background space, often with competing objects in each frame. Sometimes, within the three sequences, the viewer's position changes, making it difficult to determine the focus of each frame. For me to recommend this app, the pictures need to be changed to actual photography, with a simple, non-competing background. It would be nice for the step sequence to be spoken when the child touches the step, helping to identify the step. Perhaps this mode could be turned off or on by an adult, as needed for the child's ability level. In addition, I would like to see a 'teach' mode, where it would demonstrate the steps of each sequence, rather than the current quiz only mode. Additional functions that would be helpful would be a multi-user mode and data keeping. Users MUST be able to randomize the sequences. Every time I use it i also get the same sequences in the same order. Please lock down the settings menu so children can't accidentally change the settings. In its current state, this app is useable only for children without disabilities six and older, and even older if the child has speech and language delays. Please keep this in mind and provide an update. Thank you for your dedication and innovation.

  • Speech student love it!

    by Nia / SLP

    This is a great speech related app. I'll use it in therapy. I would like the students to have more independence, so if there was a way to choose the level of reinforcement (some with a,b,c for lower students and no a,b,c for higher functioning students) that would be great.

  • Love it!

    by KathyNslp

    I am a SLP working with young elementary aged students. I love the app! The one recommendation would be to have the option to watch the video BEFORE the students sequence. I have lower functioning that would benefit from that option.

  • very nice app

    by Mary T 1965

    This is a Great app. My only suggestion would be to have an option for 4, 5, and six sequence scenarios. Also I would like an option for a reading aloud the.hints option to support emergent literacy development.

  • Terrific app

    by Dzaeni

    As an SLP, this app is wonderful for my language impaired students. They thoroughly enjoy putting the pictures in the correct order and then seeing the "movie". I love having them "tell" the story. I'm hoping that a 4+ picture sequence app is developed... I would buy it in a heartbeat! This app developer really understands what SLP's find valuable in an app that is used in a therapy setting. All of their apps are well thought out.... you can't go wrong with any of them. I hope that this company continues to develop. I'm looking forward to their next product!

  • Suggestion for a fix

    by gbspeechie

    Both my students and I love it. Only suggestion I have to make it would be to remove the a b c from the picture descriptions. I have students that compkete the rask just looking at the letters rather than looking at the pictures.

  • Great!

    by Tink158842

    Please make more Milo apps! The kiddo I work with loves them!

  • Great Concept but needs adjusting

    by RDVSLP

    As an SLP in the preschool setting, I really like the Milo apps. Certain kids just can't get enough. This new Sequencing one is great in concept; the movie at the end of the sequence is fabulously motivating! However, I would really appreciate an update that allows us to skip ones the child viewed recently AND/OR the ability to go directly to a specific sequence. It's great that you can turn off certain ones and shuffle in the settings, but these two additions would be most helpful. Keep up the great work!

  • Not very interesting

    by OOOhhh AnnaBella

    Doesn't have much to it. Should do more to attract child's attention.

  • LOVE this App!!!

    by Kimberly Khan

    I am a speech pathologist who works with preschoolers with special needs. I use the Milo Apps on a daily basis in therapy and the children remain engaged and truly enjoy playing and learning with Milo. This app is a must buy!

  • Yeah!

    by Sharon Swindell

    I was so excited to see a new Milo app. I am a SLP working in the public school setting and sequencing is a skill that so many kids struggle with. I'm sure I will be using this app often. This beats my sequencing cards hands down! I would love to see an update that adds a fourth card (first, then, next, last). Thank you!

  • Nice!

    by Dot P

    Sequencing is a much needed application. Looking forward to future updates or programs with more difficulty levels:o . Great program. DotP SLP

  • Best Milo app yet!

    by Kees B

    We love Milo! We have all 3 Milo apps and this is my 2 yr olds favorite one. He gets so excited when he picks the correct order and loves to watch the video. Yea Milo!

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