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Feelings with Milo is an emotional literacy App that teaches kids about feelings. The app strives to help children understand and, in the context of supportive relationships, learn to manage their emotions.

This simple, fun App provides the opportunity for parents and therapists to explore emotions and demonstrate that feelings, however powerful, come and go.

Here is a demo video: http://youtu.be/OjBxdZF05co

Children identify the image of Milo that best represents what they are feeling. This allows them to see that their feelings are normal.

The Feelings Train then shows children how their emotions change over time, and provides parents and therapists with an easy way to keep a record of the context for each reported feeling.

Studies show that children do much better when they are able to identify their feelings. Becoming aware of feelings is an important step in self discovery, self regulation and understanding of oneself and others.

“a good part of the effectiveness of [social emotional literacy] came from its impact in shaping children’s developing neural circuitry, particularly the executive functions of the prefrontal cortex, which manage working memory – what we hold in mind as we learn – and inhibit disruptive emotional impulses.” --Daniel Goleman, Ph.D.

Feelings with Milo is a partnership between Wisen and Doonan Speech Therapy. We hope that you enjoy Feelings with Milo. We welcome your feedback. Please send to feedback@speechwithmilo.com.

Customer Reviews

  • Well executed app

    by Suppersluggersageronomo

    This app is very well set up, and easy to use.

  • Excited to try but it will not let me purchase all feelings

    by Mom of kinder

    I am trying to unlock and purchase additional emotions, however, even though I answer the math problem correctly, it says I'm not authorized to make a purchase. It doesn't ask for my iTunes password, but it won't let me make the purchase. Please fix. I need more emotions Available.

  • Great idea, nicely executed!

    by James Lee

    This app makes thinking and talking about feelings easy and fun. It also encourages reflection on the past and helps highlight trends. I really like how simple and fast it is.

  • Very creative app


    This is a creative non-threatening way for little ones to express their emotional states. To get the full range of possibilities you have purchase an expanded set, but it's only $1.99. Simple to use.

  • Cute & Functional

    by xoAnain

    Really love how cute Milo the mouse is and how his facial expressions help kids identify feelings. Using this to help start conversations each day after school with my sons about how their day at school was.

  • great app!

    by F'booked

    Clever use of the train cars to show how feelings change. A great way for youngsters to learn how to communicate their feelings. Good Job!

  • It's about time.

    by SkotyRoars

    Simple, but effective. A great tool!

  • This is the best app ever

    by Kat6.9

    Every one needs this its perfect

  • Connected mama

    by Gratitude girl

    Long time coming! So glad this is out and is effective AND fun for my littlest. :-)

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