The Dinosaur Picture Book Education App Review (iOS, $0.99)

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  • Updated: Feb, 11 2009
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Seller: Roger Lichfield

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Easy and fun picture book for you to read and share with your kids!

Book Contains:
-Fun Illustrated Dinosaur Pictures
-Encyclopedia Page of each Dinosaur in the picture book
-Easy Navigation From Page to Page

Sample Dinosaur Write Up:

Its flattened, triangular skull was about 25 centimeters long, with a parietal eye, a primitive character, on the crown. The upper and lower jaw each contained one pair of massive canines (the upper pair was larger); the other teeth were smaller, but were also sharp and pointed. In addition, minute, blunt teeth were present on the palatine bones. The lower jaw was widened to form a kind of chin. The long, lightly built, five-toed limbs bore a resemblance to mammals' limbs, but despite its 'mammalian' characteristics, Sauroctonus was not one of the ancestors of mammals.

Its fossils were found in South Africa and in Russia (Volga basin)."

Customer Reviews

  • Cool app but recording problem

    by Heather132

    I like it very much but when I try to record it it doesn't work. Can you fix to try and make the recording work?

  • Brontosaurus???

    by DSmith1868

    I'm sure that there may be some good info here. My six year old noticed a few problems but he's a bit of a Dino savant. Nobody uses the term brontosaurus anymore. The wording of the text is awkward and inaccurate. The very fact that it is an actual chapter heading calls to question the currency and validity of the rest of the book. The selection of dino types is not very consistant or encompassing. Not recommended.


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