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Quick. Clean. Intuitive. Customizable – even the Domains!
Designed by educators - for educators.
After designing the successful Classroom Walk-Through app, we found that school principals, superintendents, supervisors, teacher leaders, and all of those who observe, evaluate and collaborate with classroom teachers wanted even more. They wanted the ability to customize the entire walk-through from the ground up, including the ability to customize the walk-through categories or domains.

Create Your Own Walk-Through gives you the opportunity to design your walk-through to meet your exact specifications. The five domain names are fully customizable to meet your needs, whatever evaluation framework you may be using.

Quick - The check boxes for each item allow you to focus on what's going on in the classroom while you work with the app.

Clean - The crisp, polished display and functions make this ideal for any education professional.

Intuitive - The interface of this app will perform exactly as you would expect. Some examples of this are:
- Tap in the Comment box underneath a walk-through item - you will be prompted to write a comment for that specific item.
- Tap Submit, and you will be prompted to send you and the teacher the completed walk-through form. You will also have the option to Print the form directly from your device.
- Tap Completed Reports - you will be able to easily access a tallied report for a specific teacher, department, grade, or school for any requested period of time.

Customizable - Perhaps the most important piece of this app, the user can fully customize the walk-through items. The wording of each item, the order, even the categories or domains can all be customized to fit your needs.

This universal iOS app has been developed for use on the iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, and iPod.

Customer Reviews

  • Wow!

    by BFAS71

    This app made my work life so much easier. With my district's new evaluation system, this app tremendously cut my paperwork time. Great app!

  • Outstanding

    by Mr. Belding311

    Highly recommended. Easy to use and customize.

  • Amazing Tool

    by Cooker89

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. This is an amazing tool to meet my evaluation obligations. We use Charlotte Danielson in my district, and this app is perfect for conducting walk-throughs under this framework.


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