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Minor fixes for smooth addition of teacher data

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The best selling walk-through, observation, and evaluation app available.

Quick. Clean. Intuitive. Customizable.
Designed by educators - for educators.
This app has been designed for those of us who observe, coach, evaluate, lead, and collaborate with classroom teachers.

After fumbling with other apps that just didn't cut it, we decided to design an app that would be quick, clean, intuitive, and customizable.

Quick - The check boxes for each item allow you to focus on what's going on in the classroom while you work with the app.

Clean - The crisp, polished display and functions make this ideal for any education professional.

Intuitive - The interface of this app will perform exactly as you would expect. Some examples of this are:
- Tap in the Comment box underneath a walk-through item - you will be prompted to write a comment for that specific item. That comment will appear underneath the specific walk-through item.
- Tap Submit, and you will be given the option to write a general comment for the teacher. You will then be shown the finished, time-stamped walk-through populated with your selections, comments, and signature. You will then be prompted to e-mail the completed walk-through to you and the teacher.
- Tap Completed Reports - you will be able to easily access a tallied report for a specific teacher, department, grade, or school for any requested period of time. What better way to show a pattern of excellence or a pattern needing attention.

Customizable - Perhaps the most important piece of this app, the user can fully customize the walk-through items. The wording of each item, the removal of items, even the addition of your own items can all be customized to fit your needs.

This universal iOS app has been developed for use on the iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, and iPod.

Customer Reviews

  • Easy and efficient

    by Junior High Principal

    This app is great. Documented feedback goes immediately to my teachers and my inbox. Quick and easy. 5 stars.

  • Struggling with it….

    by Sal3401

    I have found the app to be excessively glitchy on my iPhone. Often, it won’t let me start a new walk through after I have put in the initial identifying information for the teacher. I am probably going to delete and then re-install. Then, of course, I’ll have to put all of the other information again.

  • Best Walk-Through App Ever!

    by Dr. Littleton

    Works better than ever! Love the new version - a outstanding app now even stronger. I have been using this app in my school since March 2013 - what a fantastic tool. It is so easy to use. With the added pressure of effective teacher evaluation, this app comes with perfect timing. I love the reports that can be generated by teacher, grade level, department, or entire school for the specific date range that I'm searching. I also love that every item can be changed, deleted, and I can add my own items that we are focusing on. No other app that I have seen can do those things - and I've searched and searched for years. Outstanding - 6 stars if I could.

  • Golden Goal

    by Mr. Belding311

    Thank goodness for the updated version of this app. I rely so much on this app to complete my evaluations. I love the new features, especially the option to print directly from my iPad. This is a must have app for any principal. It is simple to learn, easy to use, and incredibly efficient. And remember kids, the last three letters in principal spell PAL!

  • Efficient and easy to use

    by cynthia Miller

    This app allows me to give feedback to teachers instantaneously and effortlessly. I am able to customize walkthrough items and enter everything I will be looking for beforehand then simply tap whether the items are observed, not observed, or N/A. Comments can be written for each item and/or as a final note. A pdf of the document can be emailed to the teacher before I ever leave the classroom. The app designers are quick to respond to issues and requests and work hard to address concerns (iOS7 caused problems until the update brought bug fixes). Thank you for creating a simple, efficient, cost-effective alternative to this paper/pencil task.

  • Very buggy

    by bjf46

    In general this is a good app. For some teachers it gives the wrong email when it is time to submit. Sometimes the the department and grade come out wrong for teachers on the Walk-Through window. Retyping information in settings doesn't change what erroneously appears on the Walk-Through window. Reports for teachers aren't really saved in the reports tab. Sometimes Walk-Through submissions crash if there are comments. This app needs some work to be really great.

  • almost there

    by *_Steel Magnolia_*

    Keeps crashing and it won't save what was already written. Also difficult to find submitted reports if you do not know the date. Please come up with a way to retrieve by teacher's name. Also, if you have to leave mid-way, or it crashes then it would be great if it SAVED what you had already typed. Work on these issues and you have a perfect walk through instrument!

  • Excellent

    by Middle AP

    This is so easy to use! I love that I can send a PDF of the walk-through to teachers...very user friendly! I would love to see the ability to customize and add categories that align with our district's teacher evaluation tool. It would earn 5 stars then! I have had it crash a few times, but I don't lose any data. Thanks for working on this app!

  • AP Middle

    by Middle Madness

    The app is good. Easy to set up and I love the option to email the walkthrough, which enables me to save time and email before leaving the classroom. It would definitely be a five if I could save the report, back it up in cloud, print it, and access all walkthroughs completed (list with dates, etc), and create graphs to use in Data Meetings. It would be great to be able to add a date and time and if more than one administrator could link and access data on an individual teacher.

  • Asst. Principal

    by Chai29

    I like the way it navigates. I would like to match it to Texas PDAS Domains so changing categories would be great. If it could be emailed in a Word Document or if it gave me the option to arrange how it looks once its emailed, it would be perfect for me. I love the app, but if I can't make it look like PDAS and I can't print it in a similar format to what we use, it's if no use to me or any district in Texas that uses PDAS.

  • Has Potential

    by Zanne86

    I like that I can add teachers and my own items but to make it really useful and worth the $10 the categories need to be customizable. Also the delete button comes up but won't delete the teacher. It would be great if walk throughs could be deleted too.

  • Administrator

    by CCA1919

    Love it! I wish it would allow me to add some multiple choice answers! If does, please let me know how!

  • Walk-through Review

    by Soccer fans 2

    So far I do like this quick observation tool. However, the department and grade levels are not working correctly. As an example, although I created a third grade teacher, I was not able to select third grade on the actual observation. I do like the tool. Just a few minor adjustments are necessary.

  • Best Walkthrough App

    by Billman1oh1

    This walkthrough app is far superior to the other walkthrough apps I have attempted to use. The customization of so much allows me to set it up the way I want. My teachers enjoy the easily read and instant reports. This has been an extremely valuable tool.

  • Good app, but...

    by Elementary Principal

    Is it possible to evaluate all of the categories during a walk-through, or are you restricted to just one category per observation?

  • Sync to another principal

    by Doc Jeffery

    This app currently will NOT sync to another principal in the building. If it can, please contact me. thank you

  • Principal

    by Dr. Summerville

    After exploring many classroom walkthrough apps, I really like this one. However, there are a couple of recommendations that would earn this app five stars: syncing to the cloud and sharing data among multiple evaluators. I love that it's fully customizable.

  • Almost perfect

    by Askeyhill

    This app is very easy to use. I was able to customize most of it to match our walk through form. One update is needed. I cannot change or add categories. If this is fixed, the app will be perfect! Sending the completed observation through email is very time saving.

  • Terrific app for school admin

    by ES Principal MD

    Simple set up and entry. Built-in categories are relevant to nearly every kind of elementary school classroom. Ability to customize categories/items to align with school improvement PD targets is helpful and makes the data relevant to individual school needs, too. Easy to email walk-through reports directly to teacher (or to self, then forward to teacher). Summary reports feature is helpful to identify trends of performance. Developer is quick to respond to inquiries and welcomes suggestions for improvement (such as off-loading accumulated reports or walk-through records). Very pleased with the ease of use. Looking forward to the next upgrade. Keep up the good work.

  • Principal of alternative school

    by StaciH1

    I really love this app but it would be very helpful if I could edit the categories. We place a great deal of emphasis on behavior and behavior modification, and this needs to be one of our categories.

  • Don't get this app!

    by DannyPLonestar

    Easy to use but missing a lot of key observations points. No good area to write your own comments and can't edit a submitted report.

  • Frustrating

    by JeaDub

    The update may have fixed some old bugs, but it seems to have new ones. I cannot add new teachers.

  • Keeps Crashing!!

    by Tjuana

    I lost info from three different walkthroughs today. Fix it please or suggest another app that works with iPad...

  • So so

    by Odor for kids

    This app has a ton of promise but multiple problems. Design wise, I would suggest it include an in progress option rather than just yes or no. It has multiple glitches; mixing up employees with same first name different last name, aborting walking throughs midway losing data, new iOS issues are even worse, can't run reports, stored info not accessible, teachers and job titles are incorrect however setup shows the correctly. So many flaws to the point i am getting complaints from staff who think I am making the error.

  • Good, but...

    by Hicksdca

    I REALLY like this app, but it crashes all the time. I suspect this is an iOS 7 issue... Worked great before I upgraded.

  • AP

    by KimDB1965

    Huge waste of money. This app has crashed and lost all data every time I have tried to use it. I also tried to email their customer service and the email bounced back as well. Very disappointed.

  • Steve Z

    by Szammo

    Not happy at all! Two minutes into an observation and it closes the app. Will not send the teacher an email. Not worth the money

  • Principal

    by Principal80

    I like the idea and the over walk through report generated. It would be better if it would list the reports made. I was unable to find a report that I just wrote. I would like to also be able to delete a report, I couldn't find it so I guess it is gone?? It would also be nice if there was a place to give a brief description of what was happening in the classroom that was unlimited in the number of characters possible.

  • Love app

    by Central Office

    This is a really good....especially since it allows you to edit the statements. However, it would be wonderful if we could have the option to print the summary as well as Email. Another walk-though app has this capability. Please add this capability. Almost 5 stars!!!

  • K-12 Principal

    by brnice1964

    This is a handy tool, but it would be nice if it were possible to edit the walk through categories to match standards being implemented in my state. How about it, developers?

  • Helpful, Clean and Easy but.....

    by Ev_in_Campbell

    Wish this app had an option to view in landscape. I use my iPad with a bluetooth keyboard and the portrait view does not allow for ease of typing in the portrait mode.

  • Just what I needed

    by Cooker89

    I have been looking for this kind of time saver since I got an iPad. It is so easy for me to quickly conduct a walkthrough that gives my teachers fast and helpful feedback. Being able to add and customize my own items is a huge bonus. I'm sure all the administrators in my district will love this app.

  • user1112

    by Person4at180

    Unbelievably easy to navigate. Nothing else like it out there. Thank you for creating something so effective and efficient!

  • Simple, customizable, efficient

    by W. Bruce

    Great use of technology to make life easier. Very intuitive and a great way to stay organized. I had no trouble setting up the custom options. It makes the walk through experience about the classroom rather than the documentation. The write up is easily done and submitted. They are easily referenced later. Great App.

  • Time saver

    by Admin22

    This app has great potential to increase efficiency in documenting classroom walk throughs. And the simple interface for customization offers adaptability for various evaluation instruments and PD models.

  • Easy and customizable

    by Slippery Pete

    Very east app to use on the fly, and assessment categories can be easily changed. Excellent all around.

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