Hidden Objects: Gardens of Time Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Disney
  • Updated: Dec, 02 2011
  • Version: 5.0
  • Size: 41.13 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Walt Disney

~Exciting New Feature- Crafting!
Collect elements to craft special items! Complete a Crafting handbook to receive exclusive items for your Garden!
~Crash fixes
~Optimizations for smoother gameplay

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1356 Ratings
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Join over 16 million players playing Gardens of Time! (Note to Gardens of Time players on Facebook: this game does not connect to your web game, it is a new mobile game.)

Sinister forces have disrupted the space-time continuum! Preserve ancient artifacts by unveiling mysteries with the Time Society! Explore exotic locations and collect unique artifacts on the way!

Over 100 Hidden Object Scenes to play in over 20 amazing locations around the world!

**** Game Features ****
- Beautiful Hidden Object Scenes
- Paradox Scenes (Can you spot the difference?)
- Exciting locations like Egyptian Pyramids, Taj Mahal, the Great Barrier Reef and more!
- Use hints to guide your search for hidden objects
- Decorate your Garden with amazing structures from throughout history!
- Exclusive items available in Time Crystal chapters!
- Challenge other players through GameCenter and Facebook!
- Visit your friends Gardens and vote for the best!
- Unravel the mysteries of the Time Society and its eclectic members!

**** IMPORTANT ****
- Runs on iPad 1, 2 and 3 ; iPhone 4S, 4, and 3GS; iPod touch 3rd and 4th generation
- Want to play your existing game on your new device? Make sure you login to Facebook to save your game stats for easily transferring your game to other devices
- An Internet connection is required to play Gardens Of Time. The gameplay and stats are NOT connected to the Gardens of Time Facebook game.
- We want to make the game better for YOU! If you have any questions or comments please go to http://playdom.zendesk.com/forums/20422907-gardens-of-time-mobile to contact us.

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Customer Reviews

  • Game

    by Big Billy 66

    Great! Can't request glass. Second time!!!! Way to mess up something good. Was having fun playing game Now not having fun. !!!!!!!!playing another game bye bye!! Still can't request glass!!!! Please fix!!!!! What's going on with rep numbers . This game is for fun . Not fun when things like this happen . Can you check it out?ok. Please return my neighbors not fair leaving me the people that don't answer request !!!!! Why cant I just play the game !!!!!you have taken 2 gold in two days. Please return!!!!!!omg no neighbors. !!!!!!!! What did you do with the nieghbors !!!!!!!! Pease put them back. Ok more missing gold !!!!! Two this time please return !!!!!!wow limits why not limit gold and silver was a fun game not anymore almost stop playing everyone go to bash gaming and play slots no limits. Thanks I no longer play all day. Just once a day got more time to play other games. Never liked limits ask my mother!!!!!! I've forgotten what the story was about???????dont play this game was fun but got limits now.look for other hidden object games.lots to choose from.dont play anything DIsney.something always goes wrong or you need lots of gold. Not fair !thanks again can't play this game at all. Wont even load .bye bye

  • Great game!

    by Kmhrdrssr


  • Frustrated

    by Moo20dy

    I enjoy the game, but always has trouble loading.. I wish there was more scenes to play

  • Hello, anybody still working?

    by Pupper64

    I really like the new Crafting side quest. It's different and fun. Here we are in February. No update of any kind since October 31st. Where are you people hiding? Is level 44 the end? No new story lines. I'm anxiously waiting for Chauncys next adventure or the new crafting side quest. I'm addicted to playing everyday and have spent a lot of money.i need more updates and new items to stuff my garden with. Disney, you are huge and have made lots of movies, whether it be animated, cartoonish or live. Just pick anyone of those and make a featured scene. I will gladly play.

  • Great, but

    by katio141414

    I love the game but why did you decrease the points to find hidden objects? Great game. Enjoy it especially waiting in Doctor's offices. Great game, but how many times do you need reassurance that you are making mistakes with your game. Why did you decrease the points to find objects and why is it so difficult to increase the size of playing grid. It's now up to 60675 points to by blueprints for many updates. Come on and get back down to earth!! Like this game very much. Great to pass time. However, find some items a little difficult to achieve due to the the scores needed to accomplish each level. Seems when I first started playing it was easier.

  • Fun but major crashes issues, need fixed now

    by Karnia1294

    This game is very fun and a great hidden object game. However, now every single time I try to play it, I get a message saying "the time machine is down and to try back later", upon trying to open the app. This needs to be fixed.

  • Love - hate

    by Country elerose

    Love the game but hate waiting for more energy! An option to buy energy with coins instead of gold would be good. Would be nice to be able to convert the coins to gold. Need to be able to expand garden further. My garden is cluttered with buildings because there is no way to unlock more scenes without high reputation points so all the things that make a garden, such as, trees, flowers, fountains and other decorations are in storage. Reached the point where the only way to expand garden size is to pay with gold.

  • O.K. Game but...

    by Samm0610

    This game is fun but the problem is that it stops because I don't have internet. But this game is also entertaining

  • Barb

    by Gammy of ejmj

    Difficulty seeing the pics!!!

  • Awesome game!!!

    by VJG427

    It's hard to put down. Good storyline and puzzles.

  • Love this game!

    by GlobeTrekker

    A rather relaxing way to spend some time!

  • Great game

    by Jm4768924

    Plenty of variety to keep your interest. I wish that more energy was given. You go through it too quickly! Great way to challenge your memory!

  • Please fix!!

    by MissCasey86

    I love this very addicting game, however some of the chapters have been freezing up. I can't move forward in the game because I am unable to complete the frozen chapters! Please fix this!

  • Garden of Times

    by Guadalupe#16

    Good game, great pass time.

  • Love It

    by Hayley OHA

    I love this game and play it everyday!!

  • Gardens

    by Julesah

    Too addicting! Wish they would give more lives.

  • Fun game

    by Sixyod

    Enjoying this game. Works well on my old iPad.

  • Addicting game!

    by Elmack86

    I love this game although it does glitch every once in a while. Super addicting if you like these because there are so many puzzles levels to accomplish.

  • Good Game

    by Jbgreaper

    Aren't you overdue for an update?!?! My icon still is a pumpkin from 4 months ago. Plus some of the promised 'coming soon' doesn't happen..... Waiting, waiting, waiting.... Might lose interest soon. UPDATE: I enjoyed the 'lab' section, however it gave the chance to earn "Time Crystals" but there hasn't been opportunity to use them in over 2 months!!! Still wish there was a way to 'play' more in one sitting.

  • Gardens of time

    by Oceantrail

    Need to have more energy to travel more often

  • Can't understand your lack of attention to your customers!!!!

    by Appaloosapen

    Fix the game will you please!!!!!

  • Avoid this SCAM!

    by Paula Radcliffe

    This is a scam! If you like run-arounds then this is the place for you. The help support is useless. I have been trying to get resolution to a problem and they DON'T care. They should be reported to Better Business Bureau. SCAM! SCAM! SCAM!

  • Still cannot get into the app

    by 1john519

    It's been over three months since the upgrade and I still get “Cannot Connect to Servers” when I open the app. Will this ever be fixed? I miss playing this game.

  • DISNEY....Where ARE You!?! REALLY!?!

    by ****Josie Wales****

    "The 12th of Never" It seems that now we CAN'T even OPEN the game! DISNEY, WHAT are U DOING!?! Wonder, if you can't manage to keep this game up & running for lack of ability, or lack of caring? The minute you DISNEY people got your hands on Hidden Objects Gardens it's been "DOWN HILL" all the way!!! WHY?...."Money" perhaps? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BRING OUR GAME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "The 12th of Never" Who are these people who write reviews like "Love It .... Love It ! .....Great Game! " perhaps DISNEY programers..Wow, Do Ya Think? "The 12th of Never" Thanks a lot DISNEY for deleting the review I wrote yesterday...that was a pretty jerky thing to do! Was my review of what you DISNEY PEOPLE did to this ONCE "wonderful game" a little too honest for you? Hmmm!?! It's very clear DISNEY has left the building....this game is now running on auto pilot! DISNEY, a REAL Mickey Mouse Company!!!

  • Good Bye

    by Hotwheels1000

    When I first started to play this app it was fun. Now progression is non existent unless I want to spend lots of money. I am no longer wasting my time. There are much better apps out there. Sad for a Disney game to be so lame.

  • Love hate

    by Joleeanne

    I just started and was enjoying the process when a crash occurred. The game has been out of order all day. There is no indication when it will be back. Disappointing.

  • Deleted App

    by 207Victoria

    I finally deleted this app. Haven't been able to play since Halloween. Shame because I really loved the game. Will now look for another one. Maybe if everyone deletes the app you will finally fix it.

  • Can't play

    by Mishi2

    I haven't been able to open this game since November. I spent a lot of money on this game. I contacted apple about a refund and got a $.99 credit when I had $50 left to use in the game. It seems this app has been abandoned by the developers.

  • Was a fun game.

    by Clark401

    I haven't been able to access the game since the last update. Very frustrating, I'm ready to delete off my Ipad if it isn't fixed by the time I need more space.

  • Frustration plus

    by marconsch

    Have not been able to request crystals or anything else for months and have not earned gold for the last few levels. I refuse to buy in game items or play through Facebook.

  • Exceedingly frustrating!

    by Scrollreader

    Too tiny to see on iPhone. Glitches galore. Can barely earn gold bars. Still haven't earned any crystals. I refuse to pay $ for gold, etc since one can only play 3 scenes before energy runs out. Then have to wait way too long to resume play. Not satisfying. Too bad since this had potential to be an excellent game.

  • Disappointed and you don't care

    by Kat's Eden

    SO ANGRY!!! Kept crashing so decided to do the update and now I can't even get in. You have such a fun game and I can't understand why you aren't doing something to fix the constant issues your customers are bringing to your attention. -------------------- If there was a way to give negative stars I would. I was building the tree for the new crystal game and it has now disappeared. I am getting in touch with Disney because I really doubt they would want to be associated with a game with this many problems. ----------------------------- Update to my previous comments...So ticked off right now! Paid for enough gold to play the Independence featured chapters, earned the kids with sparklers, and put them in my garden. Happy! Then they suddenly disappeared. Not in my inventory and can't "earn" them again. What is the point of spending my money if this is going to happen?? -------—------------------- I really enjoy this game. It's fun to visit and see what others are creating, and fun to build my own. It's also fun to see when people 'like' mine. There is definitely room for improvement. You should be able to expand the size of your garden for less coins. If I didn't have to save up so much for each expansion, I could spend more on things to go in the garden. Also, there are times when I have waited for my energy level to rebuild to 30 and then played using 10 and made it to a new level only to lose the other 20. If you have energy in your bank when you advance a level, it should remain and be added to the 30 you get for reaching the new level. And it shouldn't take as long for energy to reset each time. If you are going to have purchase limits so high for things that require gold, then you need to award more than one gold bar with each level. I have actually purchased gold a couple of times and do realize you need to make money, but it really is getting too high to participate in many of the things that make the game so great. I play this every day and would love to rate it higher with improvements.

  • BS

    by Baguiogirl

    I'm at level 102 and after the last update I've had it with this game. It went from the best to absolutely worst game. Can't see and enjoy my garden because it's so small! Too short of a time span to complete the time chapters! UGH!!!!

  • Horrible!

    by Guspat

    I could never play, the game never charge!

  • My whole review was deleted

    by SupVok

    I'm writing a new review because my original review was somehow deleted...and not by me. I've been playing Gardens of Time since mid 2012...or at least I was. I haven't been able to play since October and it's February 6th today. My name name was SpuVok Dax and I was on Level 120something. I had over 7,000 friends. I spent a lot... I mean A LOT of money making my garden awesome. Then all of a sudden it wouldn't let me open the game. Says server won't connect. I loved Gardens of Time. There were A LOT of bugs and issues with it... A LOT, but I stuck with it and now nothing. Playdom treats their fans, I mean customers horrible. I will never get another Playdom app. They lost a valuable customer. I guess, Good bye Gardens of Time

  • Game locks up

    by Paula Radcliffe

    This is a scam! In order to get more gold you either have buy direct or jump through hoops. I chose the hoops. Was told I would "instantly" receive my gold after the transaction. I am still waiting.

  • Why has Disney abandoned us?

    by Very.sad

    No updates since October. No reason given as to why. Many users unable to play. DON'T download the game - it's only a matter of time before they shut it down.

  • Ok

    by Southern Gypsy

    I cannot play on iPad air. And you cannot remove friends who no longer play the game

  • Garden time

    by Katrina Freeland

    It's January and still no fix for the upgrade. I can no longer play from my iphone!!! I would give it no stars if I could. Hello is anyone there! This app needs to be fixed!!!!

  • Takes too long

    by PerksAngel

    Takes too long

  • Disney....Where are You!?!

    by ****Josie Wales****

    "The 12 of Never" Who are these people who write reviews like "Love It .... Love It ! .....Great Game! " perhaps DISNEY programers..Wow, Do Ya Think? "The 12th of Never" Thanks a lot DISNEY for deleting the review I wrote yesterday...that was a pretty jerky thing to do! Was my review of what you DISNEY PEOPLE did to this ONCE "wonderful game" a little too honest for you? Hmmm!?! It's very clear DISNEY has left the building....this game is now running on auto pilot! DISNEY, a REAL Mickey Mouse Company!!!

  • There's better games out there...

    by BeyondaStar

    Just another game to get you to fork out cash to level up. Even the puzzles aren't that great. If you like games with puzzles, decorating, and traveling I'd recommend Antiques Road Trip. There's way more games to play in it, and it doesn't take your money to level up!

  • Grrrr

    by Susanska

    Stop harassing me into submitting a review!

  • Amount needed to advance changes randomly.

    by KitMU

    So this morning I needed 1235 to open the next screen, now I need over 12,000?!?! I don't really know how this is possible since 1. Nothing has been taken OUT of my garden since this morning as I have not played the game since then. And 2. How could I possibly need over 12,000 to open the next screen when it was only 10,000 more than the screen before? I have done nothing but upgrade buildings for weeks

  • Seems like the mobile is like the original used to be

    by DD Moll

    The original was broken when I played it. Today the mobile version is not loading still after several days like this. Can't get off the daily Victorian to get to the game itself. People are gonna think I stopped playing. Fix it please.

  • Frustrated

    by 2 tries

    Cute game but without instructions hard to use to full potential. What good having friends when you can't talk?

  • Upgrade ruined my game.

    by Babs RVC

    Upgraded & now cannot get in. Message states the server is busy - what gives? Have been playing for years for nothing!! REALLY DISAPPOINTED!! DOES ANYONE READ THESE REVIEWS? WHY CAN'T YOU ADDRESS THESE ISSUES?????? It's now 1/31/14: still waiting for you to resolve these problems. FIX IT!!!!!?,

  • Fun but!!!!

    by OT cb

    Great game but I cannot ask others for time crystals to upgrade the structures in the game to earn points to go on to more scenes. Frustrating. Cb

  • Hidden Costs!

    by Mukilteo Manie

    This game is EXTREMELY frustrating to play unless you want to spend LOTS of money to purchase either playing time, reputation points, or objects for your garden. Also, even items you have earned will just randomly disappear after you've played for DAYS to earn them. It's a RIP-OFF! Don't even start!

  • 3 months since update and still can't get in

    by Katra1122

    Why are you not fixing this bug. I can see from many of the review that people are having the same problem. Why not just send out a new update that actually works!? It is a fun game but so disappointing that I now can not get into it. Please fix soon so we can all enjoy it again and I can leave a higher rating.

  • Cannot connect to server.

    by Clb9396

    It connected to the server long enough to let me buy gold with real money. It logs into the server long enough to send me notifications about what my friends are doing on the game. It can't log onto the server to let me play.

  • Kate

    by Where r the acorns

    I love this game


    by Annmerseal

    The game has been freezing up since last Friday 1/10/14 please fix this. STILL FREEZING UP! Does anyone at Disney care? My last review listed several issues w this game & yet there have been no updates or fixes. This is not a wifi issue on my end as I have tried it out at other peoples homes. The game loads slowly and I can only able to collect a daily reward then it freezes or I can get to a chapter load a scene start playing & then it freezes again. I haven't been able to invite ppl send gifts accept gifts or play a scene in a month. Thanks for ignoring my reviews & making my favorite game into my least favorite game. What's the use in trying to play this game anymore?

  • can't play game & won't let me send review either

    by Craig1988fhjd

    the game won't even load ! I have to exit the app because server can't be connected . please fix this for iPhone 4 , I had upgraded to iOS 7.i haven't been able to play since October . but I do get notifications about game that's it


    by Awesomeness$$$$$

    This game has way to many bugs and crashes since the first time I tried it:( DO NOT GET THIS GAME!! (-5 stars)

  • Bad customer support

    by Don't like this game anymore

    I used to love playing this game. A few weeks ago I was upgrading a couple of items in my garden and gold crown points were TAKEN AWAY instead of added. Now I can't open any more scenes, and I don't want to play this game anymore. I tried to contact customer support, but to no avail.I would rate this game at ZERO STARS if I could.

  • Love hate game

    by Molly Gray

    Though I have been playing this game for over a year, it becomes increasingly frustrating that it takes so long to earn enough points for the next chapter. Need more time crystal chapters & what the heck is up with the new spell book? Let's go - pick up the pace & keep your audience captivated.

  • I agree with the others!

    by Blumax311

    The latest update really screwed up the game. Without the zoom it can be very difficult to find some items and even harder to edit the garden on a tiny iPhone screen! Way too hard to advance through the chapters, especially if you don't want to spend real cash to increase the size of the garden.

  • Game is Pretty Fun

    by Pandoraly

    This game is fun. I do have a couple of issues: 1. The Blitz Mode is not operating correctly after the new update. For some reason they just stop showing up as an option. Pretty frustrating. 2. The new feature, the Time Lab, has never worked for me. It has always been expired. I've done a few, cursory searches online for help with this, but I haven't found anything. What's up with that? Please fix these issues. I play on an iPad II.

  • I love but

    by Suntangirl

    I have been playing this game for a few months, but just recently like a few weeks ago, I go to open the app, and it says can't connect to servers, it has said this for a few weeks and I check everyday to see if I can play and I can't. I would love to play but you need to fix it so I can please and thank you .

  • Great seek and find

    by Freedom40sw

    I love these little games.

  • Love it

    by Lolly dainty

    South fun!!!

  • Removing it!!!!!

    by Razor RD

    Negative 5. With so many negative reviews why do you persist in keeping it???? Blackwood and Bell FAR superior, very few glitches and complaints and yet it was removed. What's the matter - not making enough money with it? GOT graphics on an iphone not visible enough - "compare different scenes" an aggravation" plus a plethora of negatives for this purportedly popular game. BS. How can it be popular with so many negative reviews.????? The enlarge feature on B&B at least helpful. This one, giving up on.

  • fix it please

    by Steph

    I loved playing this game,.. Until it started freezing 20 seconds into opening it for 2 weeks, I am afraid to delete it from my iPad for fear of losing my progress. I downloaded it to my iPhone and it took me back to the beginning of the game! NEW Update Please!

  • Great game.

    by Ntrceak

    Great game. Needs upgrades. A little expensive. Really expensive to expand grid. Lots of fun.

  • Great Hidden Object Game

    by Lindalalame

    I enjoy this game and have played on iPad and FaceBook. Plus it is always adding new puzzles.

  • Don't download it

    by Aggravated in DE

    This game used to be great. I loved it and got friends playing it too. But a few months ago the developers abandoned the game. Meaning, no updates and no new scenes to play. But they will still take your money for in app purchases. I feel cheated out of money!

  • Fun but not liking frequent freezes

    by JewelsinCA

    I love finding objects and like the entertainment this game provides although I am beginning to dislike how often the games freeze and I have to restart. Overall it has been fun to play.

  • MistressMetallica

    by Jadedjezebel

    Entertaining ... Although laggy at times

  • REALLY?.......REALLY!!!

    by ****Josie Wales****

    (I wrote a review 1/20/14... When will U post it?) "The 12th of Never", Is this a game..or just a waste of time?...Really? I don't think anyone is home at Disney...Really! Knock Knock!....Wake Up you Money Grubbing Disney People!...You are your losing customers, HELLO!..We all know that you don't give a FLIP, but you really are losing Players & Money $$$! ...................REALLY!!!............. 11/09/13.....The 12th of Never Disney programmers look at your Star Ratings, from 5 to 2 1/2 Stars....Get A Clue! DISNEY ask for the last two review I've written, but they fail to post them. (Don't ask me why) In a nutshell my reviews went about like this.... DISNEY CORPORATION has become nothing more than a Money Grubbing Company..REALLY!

  • Won't open

    by Coonhoundgal

    Really annoying. I got to level 11, started adding friends like it made me do so I could advance.. Then it freezes and keeps saying" could not open time machine". I deleted it. No point wasting space......

  • Now what?

    by Addie tucker

    What does "cleaning" mean? I just checked my garden and found that that was in progress. It's finished and I don't see any change. At least it didn't cost me anything.

  • Best pad game

    by Violentbuttfuck

    The best ipad game ever!

  • Awesome

    by rq47

    This game is really addicting

  • Long lasting, lots of different puzzles

    by I think it's addictive

    Nice to enjoy a game that doesn't end as soon as you figure it out. I have played this game on and off for 2 years now. There are so many levels and different puzzles within the game. A plus is that you DO NOT have to spend any money. You can find additional hidden puzzles to restore your energy and EARN money/coins to help build up your garden (which will help you to open up more puzzles). I have opened 64 different puzzles (not counting the hidden puzzles that earn extra stuff) and I have NOT spent any money. The down side for me is not truly being able to create in your "garden." I would enjoy making it my own (the way "I" want it) When I started the game, I unknowingly wasted my time placing things in an orderly manor, to make it look nice. But eventually it didn't matter. Your limited on the size of your garden. And eventually you'll have to place items that they want you to so that you can continue. (you can take them out later, but you may not be able to move on to the next chapter very fast) BUT…all in all…the puzzles are nicely done and good fun.

  • Can't connect with server!

    by Mamaako

    This is so STUPID! Why do you have a game that doesn't work. It's the same with B&B. It keeps freezing and wasting your time. Playdom should be spelled PlayDUMN!!! There should be a minus star rating too.

  • Irritated

    by Ninjagoalie

    I updated and now when I try to upgrade different buildings and things it won't let me. I can't click on my time travel thing either. Very upset

  • Can't access

    by Agent Demolish

    Enjoy the game but I haven't been able to open the app in over a week.

  • Time consuming! And fun

    by Dallasnii

    Need more gold!!

  • Nice game

    by Jeddah_1983

    I hope the next update to increase the energy level to 60, it's so boring and I lose interest to wait and take long time to wait till is refill Also please allow feature where I can convert my coins into gold This will be much more fun So show us some update plz

  • Rate

    by Sexymamy480

    I like this game

  • Frustrated with addiction

    by Mamma2mia

    I absolutely love this game, but am very frustrated by the fact that after the Halloween update I haven't been able to play. I am having withdrawals. Please send a new update that actually works! I honestly thought my touch screen was going out on my iPad. Please fix or two years will go down the drain! Also i know its not the way most games go because they want you to spend money, but if there was a way to earn gold from friends or by earning four stars that would be awesome. Most things require gold like unlocking scenes. I do not want to pay for gold if i dont have to. Would like to give 5 ⭐️ Normal would, until this broken update.

  • Cool game

    by Stacy Fluegge

    Very addictive

  • Where are time crystal chapters?

    by Zazabetsy

    The last one finished last week and there is no new one? Also now you are forcing me to use gold to open chapters to complete quests? I won't be buying any. I've enjoyed this game for a while but you are making it difficult to continue playing. It is quite annoying that sudden reputation that has been earned just disappears. This game has gone downhill.

  • Better choices

    by Consolegoddess

    I find myself playing other similar games before this one. It's too difficult to get anywhere. Not enough money or other rewards to move forward in the game. I enjoy search games but this is not my first choice.

  • Energy

    by Not surprisef

    Game is fun but the energy amount decreased so you can only play 3 scenes.

  • Non-existent customer support

    by Blitzkrieg99

    Every time I try to contact customer support I cannot seem to log in to the site. It is so frustrating to spend a week trying to upgrade a building then the game locks up and I lose all of the parts, with no upgrade. Grrr. Time to delete the app.

  • Great

    by Moomsoos

    Whatz good on? May drop out

  • Very slow paced

    by Unhappy knight

    To much time is wasted waiting for energy, and doing the same puzzles multiple times to unlock new puzzles. Story line is ridiculous. Checked back a couple of years later.still boring. DELETE?

  • Not happy.

    by TheyCallMeLizXo

    I used to love this game. I would play it for HOURS on end because 1. It was addicting 2. It helped me with memory after I had gotten a concussion. Now, I find it useless and boring. There is about 5-10 minutes of gameplay because you run out of energy so quickly and the stupidest part is you have a limited amount of Times you can play Blitz. That is why I'm giving 2 stars. It's a good game, but the rules are ridiculous. When you can play blitz unlimited times I will give it 5 stars.

  • Great game!

    by Forensicgirl78

    I love the game, just wish the 'energy bank' would hold more than 30 because I don't have the option to play everytime it fills up

  • Challenging memory game

    by Scuterbunnie

    I love the game, but as one progresses and achieves high levels it is IMPOSSIBLE to obtain enough reputation to play further scenes. In most games you can expand your board but not in this one, you can gain reputation by in upgrading value of buildings, another impossible task because you are limited in how many daily requests you can send. And 90 percent don't respond another time consuming detail to weed out the players who don't really play the gameThe only way to cont playing at advanced levels is to spend$$$All the gifts you receive from neighbors just disappear. All in all it is more challenging than most as you are finding hidden objects Playdom really needs to allow expansions or increase initial value of buildings,now there're limiting the amount of requests you can make for materials, this is a serious problem because only 10% of requests are actually given, the time crystal portion is ridicules, you are dependent on requests to friends to complete, items earned at completion of quests are not delivered to inventory, which means you can't play unopened scenes until quest are completed, it is a no win game at high levels,initial building values do not support the increased requirements to open scenes, Buidings,artifacts and decorations need to have higher value.I hope Playdom reads this because it is impossible to contact customer support. And now the ability to purchase or obtain gold has disappeared, Items obtained after completing quests never arrive in inventory. I agree with other players the game cheats

  • Need to fix the ability to get things needed to build acquired building. Need the purple (energy?) f

    by Kc's garden

    Can't get into various scenes to advance. Keeps going back to main page. Have to go back to selecting game and then start all over just to end up back on selecting the game. This is the only game this happens to. Please fix so that I can continue to play what was my favorite game. Also I have gone on a repeated quest to the London ? And still haven't gotten credit for it. I have wasted hard earned energy doing this. Please fix. Crashes too often after all items have been found.can't retrieve gifts. Not enough space in the garden to add items in order to advance. Game still gets interrupted too often,usually just as you've found last item.the fixes have improved the game. I just started playing again and it's still one of my favorites. I wish we could accumulate our gifts and apply them where we needed them. Right now I show overages in some and not any where needed. Once something is bought then it has to be built? Not worth it! It is NOT as enjoyable as it used to be! Can not get necessary things needed from friends. Limited requests.

  • No improvement in MONTHS!!

    by Pat013

    Hello is anyone there?! Have the developers been fired/laid off? A great game is dying here! Loyal fans are slipping away and going to The Secret Society Hidden Mystery!!! FIX IT NOW!!

  • My review:

    by Katsfoot

    It's a very fun game to play but I think it cheats. Many times my totals were different than the last time I played on my coins and experience points. And I have had a few times when I didn't get the gold bars I was supposed to. AND trying to submit a help request on their website is a joke. You need an ID # found in the above icon but there is no icon. It's very frustrating.

  • Dissatisfied and disappointed

    by Pudd1959

    Aug12 2012 At level 61 over $5 million and over 360,00 n reputation can not expand garden to advance no space if I store things n inventory to put new things n I loose reputation points you just can't go forward even if you by gold you get nowhere. I rated you as 5 in beginning now if I could would give you a negative 5 star. This game helped me relax now it is just irritates me I was n military for over a decade and have never seen a company that has no respect for its customers like this one. Walt Disney is probably rolling over n his grave to see what greedy people r running his company. You all had a good thing going, I bet that most of your customers relate this game to the book from scholastics "HIGHLIGHTS". Too bad you r ruining it for all Aug19 2012 Finally received chap 18. Now at level 63 with over 6 million in bank but what do u know I have reputation to open parts of chapter does no good if there's no space to put items so u put some in inventory now u don't have enough reputation NEED MORE LAND EXPANSION!!!!!!! Not raising my star rating until u fix old problems that I have been reporting for 6 months. What do we have to do to get things fixed. 9/5/2012 There no point to play after you reach level 60. I am at level 66 chap 19 have stored so many items and garden is still junky no sense or rhythm. Have not been able to expand sense level 52. This is crazy what's the point if you cannot make it a beautiful. FIX THE PROBLEM or I am deleting app and twitting And facebooking my friends ask the do the same. Wish I could give negative stars 9/8/2012 Chapter problem is solved for now. What is the point of advancing if you can't expand your garden it would be nice to build a beautiful garden instead of garden of mishmash buildings. It was fun at first because u could build cities now it's just building that you can not see all of for having to get as much reputation as can to continue playing. 9/24/2012 Want to give 5 stars but how can I, have been try to expand garden for the last 13 levels. At chapter 22 level 71. Garden just building after building with no sense of identity or neighborhood should be able to see the GOT story through my garden. 9/27/2012 Still can't expand garden @ level 72 chapter 22 have not expanded since the 60 level. Also why isn't next chapter available when u finish last chapter. Get bugs off before I sign off for good 10/5/2012 What surprise NOT!!!!! Level 74 chapter23 but still can't expand garden. Now I'm putting things n storage and a junky garden like a hoarder. Until I can make a beautiful spacious garden 1 star is all I can give Wish I could give negative. But I have stopped telling people about the game n a positive way. I will start telling friends don't bother. 10/14/2012 Finally an expansion. But every time a problem gets fixed there's another. The powers to be need to keep the levels of expansion and next chapters updated. Garden is sill junky at my level I should have been able to expand my garden more than once. All my buildings are at gold level but still not enough reputation to open some part of chapter 24 cannot put any mor buildings no space. But I will give one star for the little bit of improvement 10/24/2012 Not going to bother same old crap as my last review fix bugs and expansion of garden so I can raise my star rating 11/16/2012 @ level 80 but cannot expand garden to play chapter 27 it becomes tiring to play same chapt over and over once you have achieved chapter success 12/4/12 Still can't expand garden after a while there's no point n continuing the game why buy when u can't use n garden because of lack of space I have more n inventory than n garden. Loved the game but time to move on to move to a game that actually solve the bugs n a game. Stop consintrating Special game within the Game and fix the main game Bye bye 12/14/2012 Still can't expand garden after a while there's no point n continuing the game why buy when u can't use n garden because of lack of space I have more n inventory than n garden. Loved the game but time to move on to move to a game that actually solve the bugs n a game. Stop consintrating Special game within the Game and fix the main game Bye bye found another game that keeps up with garden expansion 1/23/2013 Checked back in after update no change can't expand chapter 32 level 91 garden of junk can't go any further . Have buildings to get rep but no space to put them. This was a five star game if I could give zero stars I would Give me a break what's the point if u can't expand which means u can't play new chapters without gold. Then u update and now there's a limit on asking for gifts and sending gifts 4/29/2013 Same old things wrong with game no garden expansion but let's add more upgrades that take u forever to get 11-26-2013 Same crap can't move forward fix game or I'm out. At level 185 stuck at same chapter for 2 months playing same scene even though chapter complete 1-16-2014 Nothing changed if I could give neg stars I would finished chap 4 months ago still have not fixed game will not allow me to advance this was the best game ever but thank you WOOGA found new hidden game called pearls perils and it doesn't cheat you. So BYE BYE BYE

  • Good Game!

    by Holly439

    Please Bring the Crystal Chapters ASAP ! And " Featured Chapters " . I Really missed aThanksgiving, Christmas or Holiday, and a New Year's Chapters.....You've had them before, on the iPad Mobile GoT Game ! This was disappointing, Very much so. Each building increases in point value allowing you advance to different chapters in the game, so the more levels (Points) a building has the further you can go in the game without Paying to do so. Not having Crystal, Featured or Holiday Chapters makes advancing difficult. But, I Do Real Enjoy this game! L

  • Strangely addicting

    by louieduck

    It is a lot of fun. They occasionally do upgrades and sometimes they screw them up, but after coming in and bumping down a review with the facts, they fix it. It is a game i play multiple times a day.

  • Wish I Could Give It Zero Stars

    by najara

    I generally played this on Facebook and had no issues. Yet the app is horrible. When trying to add items to my garden I have to fight with the game to get them into place. This can take several attempts and having to back out and go back in. Very irritating. Also I can't sync the garden and friends that I already have on Facebook to the one in the app.

  • Addicting BUT....

    by Menjulah

    Why has this app not been updated since before Halloween? It's unusual, there's usually an update AT LEAST once a month?!? How can we move on in the game if there are no chapters added, ways to accumulate "reputation," points to move on in the game? PLEASE add an expansion for the garden for points OR BETTER YET allow a way to trade silver coins &/OR crystals for gold so that we can further enjoy your addicting game. -Gardens Enthusiasts

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