Finding Nemo: My Puzzle Book Book App Review (iOS, $0.99)

  • Category: Book
  • Publisher: Disney
  • Updated: Mar, 17 2011
  • Version: 1.3
  • Size: 27.62 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Disney Publishing Worldwide Applications

Minor bug fixes.

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***** Children's Technology Review Editor's Choice Award *****
Follow Nemo’s underwater adventure, solve jigsaw puzzles, and collect fish tank treasures along the way in this Finding Nemo Puzzle Book app!

Nemo’s first day at school leads to a bigger journey than he ever imagined! Follow the story as Marlin searches for Nemo, complete fun and challenging puzzles and collect treasures along the way.

• Vibrant illustrations, professional narration, authentic sound effects, and engaging background music based on Disney.Pixar’s Finding Nemo.
• Record your voice or your child’s reading the story.
• Four interactive jigsaw puzzles – choose your level of puzzle difficulty, easy or hard.
• Scavenger hunt: Collect fish tank treasures throughout the story to decorate the aquarium at our story’s end.
• Three reading modes to suit your mood: Read to Me, Use My Recording, and Auto-turn Pages.
• Visual Index allows you to jump to your favorite page or puzzle.

Customer Reviews

  • Thanks

    by Fam0Rac

    Thanks disney my kids like the puzzle book

  • Could be a lot better

    by DTrak23

    It's a good idea, but the first thing you notice is the low quality of the graphics. They should be 3d rendered instead of this cutout low budget aesthetic. There should be half a dozen things to touch on every page instead of one or two every few pages. I didn't get very far into the book but already saw the same puzzle game repeated three times. This book could be so much more. :(

  • Good ap for toddler

    by Mamachris33

    My 2 yr old just loves this! She can't quite get the puzzles yet but she loves the story & how the fish move

  • Great value

    by Turk Family

    Very entertaining... Great value for the price. I wonder when the next movie will be produced...

  • Love ittt

    by Geryenne

    Got it for mt nephew and he lovesss it perfect for3 year oldss totally worth having app:)

  • Great App for 3 year old

    by TMLCS

    My 3 year old loves this app. Seems to be her new "go to" app. She doesn't seem to mind that the characters look a bit different.

  • Well done!!

    by jmeLOVE

    NOTE: This book does not have the same illustraions as the movie. It has the same illustrations as the book!! Still, it is a great app that my 15 month old daughter enjoys. Great job!!

  • Great

    by Kris 009

    The story was beautiful had no crashes must of been fix in there last update going to buy the other book

  • Good when works

    by Amycat116

    Great app until about 2/3 of the way through, then app crashes every time. Please fix :-)

  • ???

    by Momiosa

    I want to love it but it keeps crashing and kicking out my 3 year old!

  • Not iOS 5 stable

    by Sea2stars

    My daughter loves this app but it currently crashes right after Nigel. I hope a fix is in the works.

  • Ok but not great from Disney

    by unclefatty

    My expectations for a Disney book are a little bit higher. I would love to see some more animation. The interactivity is a little bit low too. Overall it's ok but I I think they could amp this up a bit as I've seen from other publishers.

  • Please highlight

    by Billawjn

    Please highlight as narrator is reading along then it would be perfect.

  • Another winner

    by ShyLoneStar

    Deligtful program for toddlers and pre-schoolers.

  • Granddaughter LOVES this

    by quiltdeb

    I am very impressed with this app. The interaction and reading outloud has been very helpful for my 4 yr. old granddaughter. Please develop more of these puzzle books. The price is right and provides hours of entertainment. Great for long trips in the car.

  • my daughter loves this app

    by taydeb

    After I finish working on my iPad everyday my daughter plays with this apps for hours, she really loves this app

  • A bit disappointing

    by blu3351

    I expected a lot more animation. The characters don't do much-not sure why Disney couldn't pull this off-other apps do much more like Goosed Up Rhymes where all the characters act out the story. Still the puzzels are fun to put together.

  • So good

    by coles1mom

    So good

  • well done

    by bbrockit

    Really like this one, and i have a boatload of kids books apps.

  • This is the greatest app ever.

    by Hugh Jude

    All arguments are invalid.

  • No sound

    by Ritutis

    No sound

  • Nemo

    by Mimi bass

    Super app kids love after sound came on. Thank you

  • App doesn't open

    by Jordan12311

    Since downloading the new update the app won't open. Please fix.

  • No sound

    by Chris Redwood

    This application has been uninstalled and reinstalled from two different iPads. No audio whatsoever and has not been fixed for close to a year now. This is ridiculous for an application you're asking people to pay for

  • Waste of money!

    by Disappointed Mom 2

    I wish I had listened to reviews on this. The sound keeps going out even when uninstalled and reinstalled, can you fix this already?!

  • Allows kids to access You Tube

    by Madmadmommyg

    While the app is cute, it has previews/ads for other Disney things you can buy and my 3 year old figured out if he played one of the ads he could have access to other things on You Tube, even though we had blocked access in the settings, since it goes through the app, they can still access it and there is a lot of creepy stuff on there. Would gladly pay for this app if the preview/ads were removed, therefore removing the ability to get to You Tube.

  • Not worth the money

    by TPAreview

    This is a fine example of a good idea with poor execution. The characters resemble the Nemo crew but look different. The game was not challenging enough for my 3 year old and once the story and activities are complete the .99 is worthless. Save your money, time and high expectations for a Disney branded product and move on to the next App.

  • Can't get to the ending

    by Mary Ann Quinn

    App closes half way through the story! :(

  • Crashes! Big disappointment!

    by Mommy_MS

    Crashes after Nigel page :( ... wait for the new update that they've been promising before you buy!

  • The last 4-5 pages don't work!

    by Aterry1205

    The app shuts down automatically before the book is over! Not acceptable with a paid-for app. Don't waste your money.

  • Shuts down before the end

    by eimea89

    The app closes and shuts down before it gets to the end of the stry.

  • Crashes!

    by Charmingcarolyn

    Crashes after Nigel page :0(

  • Almost OK

    by Idontneednostinkinnickname

    This would be a nice game if it didn't consistently crash before the end. I deleted and redownloaded, but it still doesn't work.

  • Crashes

    by T Hammond

    App is crashing after the Nigel page. Please fix


    by Glen0

    Crashes every time after Nigel the Pelican. Will they fix this??? I certainly hope so! I will revise my rating if they do.

  • Book shuts down

    by Skho1045

    Book shuts down when the pelican comes into the story line. Pictures are poor compared to mickeys spooky story. ISO 5 may be the cause of this. No response from customer service.

  • No sound

    by Tolfam

    The sound doesn't work.

  • Puzzle portion does not work

    by LKE2011

    Puzzle portion and activities does not work on my iPad. How do I download it again to see if it will work the second time?

  • Finding Nemo

    by zped2da

    Think this is pretty lame, the graphics are not well done and don't look like Disney. I would skip this one. Definitely not worth the price.

  • No sound

    by bnick1980

    I can not get any sounds to play, nor can I hear my recorded voice. I rebooted, but didn't work. Suggestions by the developer would be great

  • Where's the sound?

    by TwitterAppStinks

    My sons love Nemo, so they love this App, but there is no sound. Does the book have to recorded by me for there to be sound?

  • Ok but disappointing graphics

    by 99magred

    It's a nice storybook. I like the flow and puzzles. However, the graphics are very disappointing especially when you consider this from Disney

  • Great little book at a great price!

    by NebsC

    I had forgotten what a cute story Finding Nemo is... So much fun to share in the delight of this story book with my niece and nephew.... Uh oh - now their mother will need to buy an iPad so that they can continue the fun at home!!

  • Awesome, ingenious app!

    by lexusmom

    I downloaded this to help educate, occupy, & entertain my 3-yr. old son...I must say, you have outdone yourselves with this type of educational activity! He and I were entertained for about 30 minutes as I introduced it to him; now he plays it independently. Parents should marvel at this type of app - it doesn't just keep our kids busy, but it captures their attention in a productive way for long periods of time while reinforcing their motor skills. Thx! We need a whole lot more of this awesome type of app.

  • Great Nemo app

    by MKHughes

    My 4 year old was very happy with this app. He was especially happy that Bruce the Shark and Crush the Turtle were in the story! Fun app for the price and a great way to keep the kids entertained while waiting in line, running errands or on long drives.

  • Limited content and playability

    by Neoleo128

    I was disappointed with the very short story content and limited puzzles. Specially this app is published by Disney. Nowhere close to the quality expected. Not deserving 5 stars average currently and probably should be in the 2-3 stars average like other titles. Other publisher such as AppleTree has done much better jobs.

  • Very limited interaction

    by Tiny Elvis

    Probably the worst iPad book I've downloaded. The story is very short, artwork is poor and the interaction is lacking. Not worth the download or $.99.

  • Charming Nemo!

    by debbiekay5

    This app is really adorable and I'm so excited to share it with the little ones in my life. They can't get enough of my iPad and they LOOOOOVE Nemo!

  • My boys are so happy

    by Ze JP Family

    Another great puzzle books from Disney. My boys liked a lot Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Spooky night. This one is another hit which helps them reading better with a lot of fun. When is the next one coming from Disney Publishing ?

  • Great app!

    by Fivemonkeys

    Another great app from Disney! My almost four year old LOVES this one, as does our six year old girl. Even our nine year old boy likes it. Great for all ages! Thanks Disney! Keep 'en coming!

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