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Languages: English

Seller: Walt Disney

• Experience the newest additions to the Disneyland Resort - Fantasy Faire & Mickey and the Magical Map!
• Bug fixes

Reminder: For improved offline video playback, open the app when you have a WiFi connection. The app will then utilize available space on your device to store the videos for playback when you're not online.

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Take a spin around The Happiest App on Earth—An Official App from Disney!

• Discover the Magic as you swipe your way through Disneyland® Resort in California
• Explore over 130 attractions, characters, and entertainment
• Enjoy 16 classic attractions like never before with exciting activities
• Share exclusive digital postcards and your very own character drawings
• All this and more, still FREE!

And now, Disneyland Explorer is available for iPhone and iPod touch!

Supported devices: iPad (1st generation) and higher, iPad Mini, iPod touch (4th generation) and higher, and iPhone 4 and higher.

Customer Reviews

  • Cute

    by Anthony lorente

    This is an adorable game and it's real good but it keeps crashing plz fix it until then this will be rated 4 stars

  • Great app!

    by Instagram lover!

    AMAZING! I LOVE going to disneyland! And this app is totally awesome! I miss disneyland so so so much! And this app keeps my happy Bc I get to play and go through disneyland!

  • Great app!

    by Instagram lover!

    AMAZING! I LOVE going to disneyland! And this app is totally awesome! I miss disneyland so so so much! And this app keeps my happy Bc I get to play and go through disneyland!

  • Soo slow to start

    by Cutie pie man lady

    I can't get it to even download how do you do it people I realy want to try this app out I deleted soo many apps but it's still slow so I don't know what to do ill vote later when I can actually use the app but right now my hopes are down on it

  • Cool App

    by PorkChopsDaCAT

    Very Cool App

  • Delightful trip to DL

    by sl55

    Truly a terrific app with graphics and games galore. Loved the Mickey and 'Mater cartoons. Only one problem--the 3D made me motion sick (I am very susceptible). Still 5 stars, I just won't "stay" as long next time.

  • Beautiful!!!!

    by UNiiSTAR

    Beautifully created!!!!!!

  • Disneyworld explorer?

    by Blue lover 34

    Should make a disneyworld explorer app, but loving this one. With this the disneyworld app everyone can explore the other parks too with much more excitement as in this one

  • Better than expected!

    by A-T-T-I-C

    Trust me, This app is awesome!!! Theirs some stuff that I didn't even know Disneyland had! Next time I visit, I'm (hopefully) going to check out everything! This is one awesome app!

  • Thanks

    by You tube star

    I love this game it is so amasing.thanks

  • Wow

    by Katie Tomlinson009

    I gonna use this to pretend like I'm actually @ DisneyLand!

  • Taking a long time to load but....

    by Trickster13127

    It seems like a really good app and everyone loves but it's taking a long time to load

  • Awesome

    by Hellokitty1oo1

    Its literally like your at disney land

  • Make one for wdw

    by Jasmine prieto

    This app is amazing but you should make one for walt Disney world °o°

  • Great

    by PixarLover

    Fantastic way to explore the happiest place on earth.

  • Awesome

    by Run21_SD43

    The kids love it

  • Disneyland Explorer

    by D. Hill

    This is one of the most intuitive and enchanting interactive applications in the iTunes Store. With Disneyland explorer users can explore all the attractions of the resort to delightful music and a wonderous Disney illustrated background. Users can navigate to the hundreds of attractions from a simple easy to scroll menu. The details provided on the attractions themselves are sufficient with high quality images and several notes. This app is a great way to learn more about the resort and is a great find for Disney lovers whether adults or children.

  • Love it

    by Thayners

    I love it but you need to add Disney world!

  • Why no Disney WORLD explorer??

    by Mbiggs31183

    Love this app but why no explorer for Disney World?? Please make one for Disney World!

  • Great app

    by Yushie98

    My grandson loves this app! Would it be excellent to create a similar app for Walt disney World? Please if there is any app like this for Disney World let me know

  • Slow

    by Mepwolf

    I'm a ten-year- old kid and LOVED going to Disneyland and thought this app would be cool to walk through it and see the stuff I haven't seen. This app would be good if it weren't do darn slow. I'm bummed... It LOOKED like a good app.

  • Love love love !

    by Lollipop Gurl 101

    Perfect in about every way♥

  • ❤❤❤❤❤

    by Purple274

    Huggy Pan works here... Hope to meet him someday. Or just move him to WDW.

  • Wish there was a Disney World version

    by Caasizerep

    Excellent app! Very useful and interactive! I feel a couple areas and attractions are missing.. and I REALLY wish they would make a DISNEY WORLD version please! But, in the end the app is still very cool!

  • Awesome

    by XxDarthKaosxX

    I love this app. It reminds me so much of Disney. I have personally never been to Disneyland but this app gives me a pretty good idea of what it's like. Please make one for Disney World in Florida!

  • Great app

    by Chashley13

    This app is great. My kids love exploring disneyland and watching all the clips at mickeys house!

  • by Kristine Mayberger

    Good app but in the picture it had toontown

  • How to fix sound not working

    by Crafty Mom Seattle

    For those people that complained about sound not working, I also had this problem but I fixed it by playing with the settings on my iPad. Go to Settings, General, Use Side Switch To:, then click on Mute, then click back on Lock Rotation. I know that it may look like you already have it on Lock Rotation, but for some reason you have to click on Mute and then switch back to Lock Rotation I found this solution by searching on apple help website. This trick fixed my one other app thats sound was not working. Hope this helps. So far I have found the app to only be so-so. The games aren't that great. However, since we are planning a trip to DL, this is helping get my kid jazzed up. Also, I noticed a lot of reviews complained that you could not view the videos when not on wi-fi. But I noticed that the description of the app said that if you opened the app while on wi-fi that the videos would download for offline viewing. I just checked this by turning my ipad to airplane mode and it looks like all the videos work.

  • So great!

    by Stars_fan 112

    I really love this app because it feels like your actually there P.S that tower of terror ministory is awesome

  • Disneyland Explorer

    by Jessy9460611

    This is the best app I got. :-)

  • Omg

    by Jaydinlll

    I like disney land i have been there like 20 times this year but it won't download

  • Awesome! But...

    by TurtleMan2328

    They should make a Disney World one as well!!!

  • The Know

    by Fl4pJ4ck77

    Disney world explorer?

  • LOVE IT!!

    by ToddPopp

    Ohmygosh!! I typically don't download apps because they never live up to the hype but I stumbled on this one and I LOVE IT! I've just begun exploring it and its a joy! It's great now - I can only imagine what it will continue to develop into! This will not disappoint! Is there also one for WDW? Or the other Disney parks?

  • Crashing

    by Letty2979

    Used to be so entertaining for my kid, now is not opening at all, wish get fixed soon and be able to change my rating

  • cars toons

    by Erika Gonzalez

    i loved the app especally my baby girl

  • Well done!!!

    by North Face Guy

    Fun app with a lot of detail. My 3.5 yr. old daughter especially loves finding the elusive yeti on Matterhorn Mountain and blasting away at the Pirate Ships. :) I look forward to what may be next.

  • Love it!

    by BrookeHyland

    I go to Disney World in FL twice a year. I've never been to DisneyLand and I love that this app shows me everything to DisneyLand

  • It

    by Jadapohgj

    It toooookkkk so long to load like about a day and i needed to delegate all my apps to load it

  • Read

    by Gillibean09

    So this app is awesome.... I would love for the developer to create one for Disney world... I live in florida and every time we go to Disney my daughter is looking for things that are only at Disney land so she gets upset please create one for Disney world

  • Disneyland Explorer

    by Tay All The Way

    This app is fantastic! I love all the things you can do on it! But since there is a Disneyland explorer, they should make a Disney World explorer! That app would be even more fantastic! Absolutely love the app!

  • Incredible.

    by ChiCitychick741

    Our daughter loves this game! It is exactly like Disneyland!

  • .

    by Nikkisixx1986

    I wish you had one for Disney World, Epcot, Disney's Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom.

  • Love it!!

    by 4508

    I really like this app! It has all the rides,restaurants, etc. I really wish they would make one for Disney world though! Really like this app.

  • great view of Disneyland

    by Scotty12596

    It is a great app to look through Disneyland

  • EPIC

    by Spider man 64

    I think it's just like Disney land and needs to add Disney world

  • Great Videos

    by SuVand

    Toontown Mickey's House wonderful old cartoons my grand daughter (2) loves them

  • Disneyland explorer

    by Andy L 4444

    I love Disneyland and Disneyland explorer reminded me of Disneyland so much and I recommend it . I really want Disneyland explorer to have Fantasmic.i love this app !

  • Amazing!

    by ActressForDisneyGonnaBe.

    I have been to Disney in Florida and I can't wait to use this app. But if I don't like it (which I highly dought) I will post another review. BTW Disney Channel is the best.

  • Excellent, but what about Disney World?

    by Dr.Reid

    One of my favorite apps, but the title says it all...

  • SO GOOD!!

    by casstay

    amazing what the creators did I am amazed and love it!!

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