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• Hundreds of puzzles of all types with the Disney Characters you know and love!
• Choose from Planes, Disney Princess, Cars, Winnie the Pooh, Monsters, and Fairies puzzle packs!
• Play again and again to beat your best time!

Disney Puzzle Packs is filled with hundreds of puzzles featuring your favorite Disney characters. Disney fans of all ages will enjoy hours of endless fun solving a variety of visual and word puzzles. From word search to jigsaw, from spot the difference to matching, each puzzle pack includes six types of puzzles to solve and three levels of difficulty. You'll receive a free sample puzzle of each type when you download the app. Additional puzzle packs starring your favorite characters are available for purchase in app with a grownup's permission.

6 Puzzle Packs to Choose From:
• Disney Planes
• Disney Princess
• Disney/Pixar Cars
• Disney/Pixar Monsters
• Disney Winnie the Pooh
• Disney Fairies

Each Puzzle Pack Includes a set of 6:
• Jigsaw Puzzles
• Word Searches
• Spot the Differences
• Matching Games
• Word Jumbles
• Find Me Games

A built-in rewards system challenges players to finish all the games…and then come back again to beat their best time! These puzzles are perfect for Disney fans of all ages, so everyone can join the fun!

Note: This app supports the iPhone 4+, iPod 4+, and iPad 2+.

Don't hesitate to contact customer care at 877-662-3769 or memberservices@disneydigitalbooks.com if you have any issues with your purchases.

Customer Reviews

  • What I love about this app

    by Disney marie

    What I love about this app is that you can have fun with your friends and enjoy the cool disney experience.i would recommend this book for all. I personally like the memory games because it adds on to your memory and helps me focus. I like to play this game before I do homework and go to school in the morning if I wake up early enough. This clears my mind of any hard things I'm going through.

  • Doesn't work

    by Zxzxzxzxzxzxzxzxzxzxzxz

    Does not work on my IPad mini IOS7

  • Keeps kids busy for hours

    by QuestionableMommy

    Tons of different kinds of puzzles and all our favorite Disney characters. I even find myself playing it from time to time.

  • Great

    by jdragon3301

    It's a great game but takes awhile too install

  • Really fun

    by tvlady232

    My kids keep coming back to this!

  • Best $10 I Ever Spent

    by Elizabeth from DeLand

    I'd give this 10 stars if I could. I bought this for my developmentally disabled sister, and I can't imagine any child (or adult) who wouldn't love it. You can choose from any of 6 different groups of characters (see app description), and within each group there are 6 types of games with 3 levels of play within each one. There are so many of each type of puzzle within each character group that it's impossible to get bored, and you can raise the level of play with each puzzle. Some of the level 1 puzzles are perfect for my sister, as her motor skills are not great, and we can pick the ones that most fit her developmental level. The graphics are beautiful, and there is so much positive reinforcement for each thing you master or get right, which motivates someone like my sister to try more and more new things. You have a "cheering squad" even if you're working the puzzles alone. For instance, each time you slide a jigsaw puzzle piece into place, there is a tiny starburst as it locks in. Once they're all in place, the picture gets larger and the characters in it move. That's followed by a screen that says "Great job!" or something similar, and stars fly out from the center. On the Word Search, as you slide your finger across a "found" word, it shines with a bright-colored "paint" and the word in the original list is crossed out. This is a fantastic and extremely varied set of puzzles. It's like getting an entire closet filled with puzzles, but it's much easier to access & enjoy them, and they take up no space. I couldn't be happier with this purchase.

  • Puzzles

    by Landons Gamma

    It takes FOREVER to install.

  • Lots of Fun!!

    by Aemamr

    Great game for the kids!

  • Slick App

    by PodPad

    We love to play with Monsters and Princesses!

  • Hours of Fun!

    by peaceloveandringo

    Can't wait to share this with the kids. This will help with those long family road trips to keep them entertained. I'm glad they have different levels of difficulty too.

  • Super fun!

    by Jayo!

    This app is great! It's got a ton of variety with all the different characters and games to choose from. Should keep the kids plenty busy!

  • Great App

    by Kaitlin234

    What I love about this app is that I find the puzzles as much fun as my nieces and nephews do! Even better, the kids range in age from 6-10 and they all love this app. Because there's 3 different levels of difficulty for each type of puzzle, it's not too easy or too hard for any of them. The character finder game is a favorite among the girls and the boys tend to like the memory game. Personally I love the spot the differences- they're pretty hard on level 3! ;)

  • Great for children!

    by TheChubbyLumpkins

    My four and six year olds absolutely adore this game! Great for any family!

  • Bad

    by Me2323lili

    I just installed this game after read over other reviewers', it crash every time when I finish one puzzle game, tried few times, still doesn't wok at all. Worse game I ever downloaded.

  • Nothing but crashes

    by Mcrawford620

    Crashes on every puzzle every time. Unusable. New ipad mini with iOS7.

  • Crashes on iPad mini

    by Andrea886

    This app doesn't work on the iPad mini. ios7. It opens then crashes.

  • Won't work on iPhone 4

    by chefmeggle

    It isn't clear on the page but it appears you must have a 4s to use the app. It's telling me I have to have a 4+ and won't open. I'm not running OS 7 yet, but it does say it's compatible with 6. Annoying. Please say more than just "compatible with iPhone" if it won't run on a 4.

  • Don't waste your time or money

    by Alexander Granado

    App lets you buy things that don't load...more than a little frustrating when your kids want to do a puzzle (ahem, set of puzzles and games )you just payed for.... There are a lot of decent Disney apps out there, this just isn't one of them.

  • Won't open

    by yesthisiskim

    I keep receiving error pop ups saying it only works on iPhone 4+, when I have an iPhone 4. Bummed.

  • iPhone 4...

    by Mandksmommy

    Having trouble getting this to work on a iPhone 4. Anyone else have this issue?

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