ABC 123 WordApp for Little Kids Education App Review (iOS, $1.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Digital Brainwash

- Stability updates

- iOS 5 compatibility updates

- ABC123 WordApp bilingual editions are available for purchase in App Store now for the following languages: Spanish, Korean, French, Italian, German, Dutch.

- ABC123 WordApp helps Kids play and learn alphabets, words, numbers and much more.

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For children, every minutes are learning opportunities. We created WordApp for Little Kids to help parents to engage their child in learning activities no matter where they are. At home, in a doctor's waiting room, in a road trip, train, bus, anywhere your little one can't just stay still, WordApp is there for you, and for your child.

With four different activities filled with music, sound, voice and pictures, your child will have fun while effectively learning the essence of alphabets, words, numbers, counting, shapes and colors.

WordApp supports high resolution retina display, so all pictures and images look crystal clear on your retina display equipped iPhone and iPod touch.

Features in WordApp for Little Kids include:

✿ Alphabets and words :
In Alphabets and words section, delightfully arranged alphabets and words along with real pictures and voices will help your child to learn the basic of alphabets, words, spelling and their phonetics. It's just fun to watch your child being able to follow and speak the words and recognize them with real pictures.

✿ Numbers and counting :
In Numbers and counting section, there are ten buttons with images. As your child touches one button, the images in the button literally pop out of the button and they get counted one by one, with clear voice, to help your child to follow counting them. It also speaks the word of the image after the counting is done.

✿ Shape blocks and matching game :
In shape blocks and matching game, each shape works like real toy block. Your child will be able to drag and move around the shape block in the screen. WordApp speaks out the shape to your child when the matching shape is plugged into the center hole.

✿ Colors and painting :
In colors and painting section, your child is an artist with a palette of colors, a brush and infinite supplies of empty canvas. The colors in the palette speak when you touch them, so children learn to recognize and name those colors while they enjoy painting their masterpiece.

There's a camera button at the bottom of screen, and touching the button will take a snapshot of the artwork and store it in the Photo Album, so you can send your child's artwork to his or her grand parents in an email, or post it in your blog or just set as a wallpaper for your iPhone or iPod touch just for fun.

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Customer Reviews

  • Nicely done

    by DWIlli571

    Good app for children. Colorful and educational!

  • Fun educational app for kids!

    by Dreamer745

    My son plays with this app all the time! And I like watching him playing with this app as I see that he's learning a lot from it!

  • My little one loves this game

    by abcpp12

    I downloaded this game for my 4 years old daughter, and she loves this game!! In fact, this is much more than just word app. (I don't know why they named this game 'WordApp' when it has much more than that.) My daughter's favorite is the painting game, and she's learning colors while painting. BTW, can you add more colors in the painting game? It would be great if you add pink color. That is my daughter's favorite color!! She'd love to see pink showing up in the next update!


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