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This is a Excellent Application for the Linux Plus Exam, Includes Practice Exam and Video Training Course.

Customer Reviews

  • Good start

    by Jdinan

    Nice concept, great looking and good to move through. Cons:only four videos, downloads the videos on installation instead of linking. Some questions are asked more than once and some are general knowledge (like what raid configuration gives most space) Some questions are obvious that it isn't too in depth. It's good for warm up, not good to study with.

  • AppStore standards are slipping

    by Michael Huff

    I advise strongly against purchasing this. Honestly I don't know why the developer hasn't tried to get things right the first time. As far as software goes, this shouldn't be that hard to develop. I have taken the smaller exam four times. Every single time it gave me a zero. Now, if I deserve a zero, that's one thing. But when I run through the test hitting random answers and again hitting the same letter for every question and STILL get a zero, that's messed up. And I'm far from a dummy when it comes to Linux. And considering that there's a feature for looking at your exam history, it's even more useless! How can you track your progress when that important feature is broken? Oh, there's more! One question calls for choosing more than one answer. Guess what! You can't! This leads me to believe a reckless copy/paste job from one doc into the source data was done. No attention to detail! One question even had an incomplete answer choice. The good news is this app has a lot of potential. The bad news is that's about all it has right now. Developers...get back to work or start refunding your users now!

  • Save your $$

    by ixipaulixi

    Buggy app, tells you to select three answers but only allows you to select one. Only has 4 videos. Text wrapping is terrible and cuts word in parts.

  • Garbage!

    by shaiss

    What a waste of $1. Typos everywhere. Duplicate answers in questions. Even though an answer is wrong. Because you use the hint button AFTER answering it is marked unanswered. Garbage and waste of my time!

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