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This is a Excellent Practice Exam for the Exam
The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) can be the college student’s best friend. It can save the expense, the time, and a lot of the frustration of taking courses with that the student is entirely familiar, whether through previous study or experience. CLEP exams are offered in 34 categories and touch upon many subject areas. Before taking a CLEP, the student must determine which exams his or her school will accept. Some colleges accept a wide variety of CLEP exams, while others are very limited in their acceptance. As a rule, CLEP exams are focused on the type of introductory courses that students are required to take in their first and second years of undergraduate study.

Introductory courses favored for CLEP examinations are in five general areas:

Literature and composition
Foreign languages
History and social sciences
Science and math

Customer Reviews

  • Not good.

    by Cade15

    I regret purchasing this app. It did not help me in my study AT ALL.

  • disappointed

    by Zen3000

    This application didn't even come close to assisting me with my preparations for the CLEP tests that I will be taking. I don't recommend purchasing this application.

  • Not good for math CLEPSYDRA

    by Tech001

    I wanted to purchase this to study for the general math CLEP but when you buy this program it only has 100 total questions that are just general for all 24 CLEP exams o if you are trying to study one exam like general math or algebra then this is NOT the right app for you. I was very discontent with the limitations of this app. If they want this app to be actually useable then they need the entire CLEP exam for ONE subject at a time or else this app is useless. I hope you bring online and update this app so it can have math for CLEP as one of it's main focuses for those who want to study for the General Math CLEP.


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