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AtMyPace: Statistics version 3.0 is here!

This update optimises AtMyPace for iOS6.1. Graphics have been improved for retina devices including the iPhone 5.

Behind the scenes we've got rid of some minor bugs to improve usability.

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AtMyPace: Statistics is now a Universal App so you can use it on your iPhone or iPad. Special price for early adopters.

AtMyPace: Statistics is valuable new and innovative learning tool for all, especially MBA’s and students in college business statistics courses.

See all about it here:
AtMyPace: Statistics uses entertaining videos and engaging quiz exercises to help students learn statistics. We help you understand how to use and interpret statistics so you can pass your course. You CAN understand statistics.

“AtMyPace” means you control the pace of your learning. Each topic has a video and quiz exercises that you do at your own speed and repeat as many times as you like. AtMyPace never gets impatient!

The content and design were developed by a teaching-award-winning university professor and based on years of experience, and research into how people learn statistics and the use of multimedia. The teaching approach has been tested and refined through extensive use in an entry-level university course.

AtMyPace is NOT a textbook or a statistics calculator. Rather AtMyPace: Statistics employs the strengths of iPad and iPhone technology to engage students so that they develop understanding of statistical concepts.

Review from Canada
Wowwowwow *****
by macmommy2 - Version 2.0 - Jul 10, 2012
I've been tasked with teaching statistics in September to a class of 500, and I had no idea where to start. This app is amazing for providing intuitive ways to think about statistics, and offers invaluable support for a course. This includes animated videos to demonstrate concepts using easy-to-understand language, and quizzes for students to track their learning. I'm so impressed with the app. If you're a student taking statistics: Buy it. If you're a prof: Buy it.

From the UK: Brilliant! - Well worth every penny! I can't wait for future updates.

Comments on the videos include:
* “This should be shown in school. So easy to understand and so important if you are involved in statistics”
* “THANK YOU !! you made us pass our EXAM YAYY!!! great explanation :)”
* “This is great stuff - maths as it should be....practical, interesting , informative and with a touch of humour”
* “Thank you sooooo much. For an arts post-grad student just now dipping my toes into the world of empirical quantitative research, this video is a god-send. Very easy to understand, and a great place to start.”

Topics covered include:
- Types of Data: Nominal, Ordinal, Interval/Ratio
- Methods of sampling and sampling error
- Understanding the p-value
- Choosing the correct statistical test
- Hypothesis tests
- Regression
- Scatter plots
- Confidence Intervals
- Tests for the difference of two means
- Sampling
- Significance, causation and other important statistical concepts

Customer Reviews

  • Great foundation teaching

    by Burtbyron

    I have been studying the use of Visualization packages such as Tableau. This app has really helped me to understand data in a way that made learning and understanding Tableau in a new way. I highly recommend this app. The quizes are a great way to practice and confirm your understanding of the material.

  • Good app, disagree re quiz question

    by Emma Goldman

    You say experiments are the only way to prove causation. This is incorrect. Longitudinal designs can work as well.

  • Great

    by Wiuhdciuhdiuf

    Really great app. Simplified the material and was easy to review and memorize. Would be better if it had flash cards for offline modes.

  • Loved the demo bought the real app!!

    by KKBulut

    I really like this app!! I understand stuff much better. This stuff is really important.

  • Fantastic

    by JayDMac86

    Fantastic app!!!

  • ?

    by TrainerMomof3

    I'm using the latest version of iOS 6, but none of the videos open or download. Just a message saying they are not currently available. Can't link to developer from within the app and can't find contact info online with a quick search. I really want to try this app....

  • Entertaining and informative!

    by oscoda

    Entertaining and informative videos - well done!

  • Crashes in Offline Mode

    by Vinnaalma

    The app will check if you have an Internet connection to view videos when you click on a subject. During this period, if you are not connected to the Internet, the app will crash.

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