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Seller: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

In response to user feedback our popular 3D Brain app just got better!
• Dozens of updated scientific references across all structures
• Option to upgrade to HQ app with higher resolution images and improved interface
• Bug fixes

In-app purchase of 3D Brain HQ:
•Download requires Wifi or a direct Internet connection.
•If the app does not install correctly, uninstall it and download again from iTunes App Store. If persists, log out of iTunes, and log in again to ensure the upgrade version is downloaded.
•If you have paid for the upgrade and need to reinstall the app, or install it on multiple devices, tap the "Restore" option on the in-app purchase screen.

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Use your touch screen to rotate and zoom around 29 interactive structures. Discover how each brain region functions, what happens when it is injured, and how it is involved in mental illness. Each detailed structure comes with information on functions, disorders, brain damage, case studies, and links to modern research.

Created by Vivid Apps and AXS Biomedical Animation Studio for the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory DNA Learning Center. 3D Brain was produced for the Genes to Cognition (G2C) Online website funded by the Dana Foundation and Hewlett Foundation.

Customer Reviews

  • Thanks

    by PathMax

    Thank you.

  • Great app for students in the medical field

    by Pmabraham

    As a pre-nursing student I appreciate the visual and informative aid created by the developers to learn more about the brain.

  • I like it

    by Mhdwahoud

    It is useful i like this app

  • Love it!

    by NYCbs

    Bought this to accompany my reading of a neuroscience text book. Navigating the brain on this app while reading the book definitely enhanced the experience, allowing me to learn the material more quickly. Definitely recommend! Would totally pay for more interactive functionality. Perhaps such things could be added a la carte (.99 to 1.99 a piece)? Maybe add diagrams of motor neurons, interneurons, and glia? Charge for quizzes and flashcards? Great app!

  • An update

    by Wee Meggie

    It might be helpful to note that wernicke's area is also associated with "hearing voices."

  • Wish I had this in Med School

    by gila123

    This is just what I could have used in neuroanatomy all those years ago. Really helps me visualize the structures. Love the extra text info and studies. I'm pleased with the update. Thanks.

  • Very useful app

    by Argo kay

    I love this app. Explains all the details of the brain. Use all the time.

  • Very useful and learning

    by Pankush

    Information is really very helpful and very much updated. This app is helping in my research.

  • Good app, not worth the "upgrade"

    by RJK5

    The new version provides higher res images, but only until you pinch-and-zoom. Then they're very pixelated and blurry. I was really hoping the high-res would apply to the zoomed-in images. Some of these structures are very small requiring zooming in. If they can upgrade those it would be worth it.

  • It is improved

    by macinsetex

    I'm a little old charge nurse on an LTACH unit. It helps me puzzle through radiographic studies. Fascinating reading. Good job.

  • Patiently waiting pays off!!

    by au®a

    Dig this app!!

  • Useful, Accurate Info

    by Shermom0

    I've been studying neuroscience for two years and I can say this app is legitimate. Very helpful with neuroscience studies, very easy to handle and understand, and scientifically accurate. Fantastic job! All I ask is for more interactive structures and a different paging method—one that allows users to see a full list of interactive structures instead of flipping through each one at a time.

  • Whoever put this app together, I love you

    by TheLFactor

    Thank you SOOOO much!! I dl'd this awhile ago, and just now remembered it. I have a PhD in psychology, and I'm studying for licensure, and this is probably the hardest part of the exam. To the person or people who put this together, you have a fan, you have made a difference in my life for real.

  • Awesome app

    by Lucasd23

    This is such a great app! Do wish there were more precise regions of the brain elaborated upon. But for general public it's fantastic.

  • Must have!

    by TessAnn_69

    I used this in all my psych classes. When I fell asleep, I would get called on and this was the instant answer. I use this with my patients, friends, and family to help explain what happens when drug use, dementia, and so on will occur. You must have this, especially if you go into the psych career. It could improve, but it is still a great app.

  • Phenomenal

    by Chrisbliss

    I am an aspiring neuroscientist and this app is such a handy tool for brushing up on brain structures and functions. Great for studying. Great for teaching. Thank you!

  • Great for basic psychology and anatomy

    by Michael Khoun

    After taking psychology 101 and reading a little more about how our brain works, this applications comes real handy in providing great visual aid. Although you see pictures in textbooks that provide visual aid, this 3d model of the brain enhances that experience. This is a must for anyone beginning psychology or basic anatomy.

  • Thank you.

    by Eujean5394@gmail

    Thank you for this kind of app very useful...thank you.God Bless.

  • it's just OK

    by Waj110

    good but lacks a lot of details not appropriate for my needs

  • Super Study Buddy!

    by Wynn Haven Beach Wife & Mom

    A professor of mine gave a lecture on the Brain recently and this was a SUPER reference guide, study aide, and exam review tool. Not to mention the graphics are beautiful!

  • Great for studying

    by missatralissa

    I have an exam coming up and I wanted more detailed information and images of the brain. This was perfect for my needs.

  • It's ok....

    by Gaby Elizabeth

    It needs more details.

  • Please update!

    by JReinhal

    Great app. Please update for iPhone 5.

  • Amazing!

    by Epic-Fox

    This makes learning about brain functions such a breeze. Great for fast reference. I really recommend it for anyone interested in learning about the body.

  • Amazing

    by Garloz911

    Incredible detail and work for a free app. I would pay for this but truly appreciate that it is free. Helps me study in neurology very easy

  • P.u

    by Jademister09876543212345

    Sonya Amin Julian Kirk-Elleker Eddy Xuan Jason Sharpe Michael Corrin Need some work

  • Great app.

    by Vegaskid21

    Awesome! Great for referencing supporting papers. Great for fun review. Love the 3D part too!

  • Fabulous!

    by Seaweed4

    Wonderful! Beautiful app with tons of great info in an awesome, easy to use app. I love it, but the one thing I wish I Do was highlight two areas that one I'm check and uncheck different areas for simultaneous viewing.

  • I'm a fan.

    by Littlef00t

    Great for visual learners. You can rotate the brain, and see how the various structures fit into the whole. The info section contains interesting facts and links to research studies. Pretty nice for a free app.

  • Needs work

    by FrederickGeek8

    It's a great app considering its free, but the textures and the rotation need to be touched up. Also it would be nice if there was a function in which you could touch a portion of the brain and it would select it.

  • Awesome

    by alexiz baeza

    A very awesome app

  • Great for visual learners!!

    by afternoon delight*

    This app is great for a basic understanding of key parts to the brain

  • 3D Brain

    by MikeOverThere

    Failla forever. -Big Cat

  • I've been waiting forever it seems!

    by Knighthawk!

    An amazing app!! Great graphics! It's about time an interactive 3D model was available!

  • Very good

    by Jaxchess

    Very interesting information that can be understood at a beginner's level. Would like to see it go more in depth but otherwise a very neat app.

  • Great app!!!

    by jackiecharm

    I love the 3D imaging, the ability to zoom in & rotate, the labels, the ability to "see inside," the color coding, the information provided as to the functions associated w/ each brain part... Well done! It's come in handy for my psychopharmacology class. Not every part of the brain is explained or listed, but the major ones are. Hopefully the creators will keep expanding on it, but as is, it's a great foundational resource!

  • Magnificent

    by asdfghjj

    I originally got this app on my phone just for fun, and now having it on my iPad I can see the details better and can even teach others using it. This app is a wonderful learning tool and is very user-friendly, especially for someone like me with no medical background. I just wish there were more apps from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory!!!

  • Awesome! But grainy on iPad

    by AlChandel

    This app is terrific, but the model looks a little blurry on devices with high-DPI graphics. Could you upgrade the resolution of the model in the app? There haven't been any updates in a long while. Thats the only thing keeping this app from 5 stars!

  • An unique medical app...

    by I'm on the spectrum.

    As a medical professional & has multiple health conditions (several include neurological), this app is quite unique & impressive. The layout is outstanding; having the app point out certain structures with a highlighting indicator & providing several key points in the information box is very user friendly.

  • Amazing

    by Malu89

    I'm using this app to study for my Neuroanatomy class right now and it's so wonderful. It helps me so much in understanding where the structure are, especially in relation to other areas AND it describes the functions and disorders AND it has links to research articles! Really great! Wish it had more structures.

  • Very cool!!!

    by by: Bagg of sand

    I absolutely love this app!I'm a 14 year old girl and I want to be a neurosurgeon when I grow up so This app helps me understand the parts of brain a whole lot better:)

  • Neurologist GRATEFUL

    by Mindy-Minsk

    This is the BEST tool I have found EVER in my searches. When i first gasped at the stunningly precise and accurate depiction of 3-D brain, I regretted that I learned neuroanatomy the hard way: five different books and hours of searching for alternate views of what I was seeking. In my everyday practice, this app is STUPENDOUSLY enlightening to my patients. Quantum leap in education.

  • Sideways but great.

    by Sara Duhl

    Love it! Better than what I've seen from any similar apps. Great categories of very up-to-date info. Wish the screen could be held vertically!

  • Very useful app

    by mokeonefoundation

    Very educational. Great for learning.

  • Nice To Have.

    by WontShutUp

    Easy to use and informative. Thank you.

  • Very helpfull

    by Jacob higgs

    Very good app for study or like me people with a brain injury would like to know what all of the parts do and what they help!!

  • Awesome App!!!!

    by Ignats01

    This app's graphics are great, and you can rotate and view layers of the brain. I also love how it describes each section and what it does, and what happens when damaged. And even better, there are links given to find out even more.

  • Good refresher!

    by Tatum #1

    I just started graduate school and I needed a refresher on some of the parts of the brain. It works well! I love that it is free!

  • Love it!

    by Fura Husky

    This app got me through neuropsychology!


    by Raghetti

    Although this application is not lacking in multiple brain functions, the visuals are rather deficient. The concept is great, yet it needs more........

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