100 words for Babies & Toddlers Education App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Education
  • Publisher: Codegent
  • Updated: Jun, 30 2012
  • Version: 1.6
  • Size: 26.61 MB

Languages: English

Seller: codegent ltd

- added support for iOS 7
- updated more games section
- added parents gate
- updated category layout

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#1 Educational iPad app in Thailand... thank you!

100 words for Babies & Toddlers is a speech and vocabulary learning game for preschool children aged between 6 months and 4 years old by Kizzu.

- "Love the accent - My son loves it and the British accent sounds lovable."
- "Fantastic - Simple and amazing. My daughter loved this app. thank you"
- "My little boy loves this - It's really simple and my son loves it. Great way for little ones to learn new words."

An easy way to introduce your child to new words. We have created the 100 words with colourful graphics, energetic sound and cute animations for your child to develop his or her vocabulary skills. It is a great way to keep your little one entertained whilst learning new words.

Word categories include:
- Pets
- Farm
- Zoo
- Toys
- Activity
- Outside
- Bath time
- Dinner time
- Fruit
- Vegetables
- Clothes
- Vehicles

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We designed this app with our own children who gave us essential (and sometimes quite critical!) feedback. They love the final app though and we hope your kids will love it too :)

If you run into issues with the app on your device, instead of leaving a bad review, please email us at support@kizzuapps.com. We are not able to respond to reviews, but we will be happy to help if you email us.

Audio issue

We're aware of no sound issue on the app which happens to some people. This causes by other apps running in the background. We're trying to fix this, but in the mean time you might want to quit apps running in the background then switch your devices off and on again. This should solve the problem.


Customer Reviews

  • Great!

    by Lissyta

    My baby loves it! I would only request having different languages!

  • Take your phone off silent for app sound

    by Nathaniel heath's mommy

    This app has saved my life many times since my son was 3 months old. He would immediately settle down as soon as I would swipe through 2-3 pictures. He is now almost 13 months and I went ahead and bought the full version, he loves the song and all of the pictures. I have never had a problem with the sound. You can't have your phone on "silent" though. No sound comes out then.

  • Great App for little ones!

    by Billyw715

    My daughter likes this app a lot! She now even says some of the words. Great flash card app that my daughter loves!

  • Muy bueno

    by mimi6811

    Me facina este juego para mi bebe

  • Great fun.

    by Honeypeaches111

    I loved this app. Lots of fun and easy to use.

  • Good

    by ruby red10

    My 1 year old loves it

  • 18 months

    by Littlemamastina

    My son is really getting into this app recently.

  • Good for young toddler

    by Akndj

    Good for 1-2 year old and the older sibling to enjoy together. I like that the parent portion and settings require holding the 'button'. Bright colors and setting choices are nice. Sounds were fine for us.

  • 2yo son loves it!

    by Esmo1021

    My 2yo son loves this app. He cracks up at the images when they bounce around. Great for 1-2yos. Sound issues must have been resolved because we have it.

  • Great app but....

    by filthycat21

    It's great. My son said every single word which made me happy. The only problem is that my son is saying the words with the accent that the lady has. Otherwise it's great for learning

  • 100 Words

    by Kay Word

    My grand baby is sixteen months and she love the apps. I like the bright background to help focused. I had sounds for the first time I played the apps, but after that no sounds. I ever deleted and downloaded the app a second times. Still no sounds. Please fix this bugs.

  • Love the accent

    by Lesli Colina

    My son loves it and the British accent sounds lovable.

  • Ms.

    by Lalito's Mommy

    I have a 5 month old who has started to say words, so I thought this would be a great app for u to play with to stimulate his mind and to introduce new words. Overall, it pretty cool BUT there is no sound ... according to the app description there should be sound. I contacted the developer, hopefully the glitch will be resolved. At this time I am reading the words and using voice animation to make it exciting.

  • Ape called a monkey

    by bmarugg

    A picture of a chimpanzee is used for monkey. C'mon guys...

  • Deeply disappointed

    by Mommylibrarian416

    My 2-year old managed to delete the full version that I purchased from my iPad desktop. I tried to "restore purchase" MANY times with no success. I would like my money returned.

  • Wrong Info

    by MomVi

    A chimpanzee is not a monkey. Please update the program.

  • Inaccurate

    by Karmacitron

    They labeled a chimpanzee as a monkey. Monkey have tails a chimpanzee is an ape. I will not educate my child with misinformation.

  • Sound issues NOT resolved

    by Faz405

    No sounds for us either. Very disappointing.

  • No sound!!!

    by Rubyred659

    Very annoying!

  • Disappointed

    by DetroitDee

    I think this app needs the animal noises as well as the spoken words. my 2 year old granddaughter got bored really quickly

  • No sound

    by funkman140

    Nice app, but no sound. Please fix this problem.

  • No sound

    by 0lgar0x

    I purchased the app and I don't have any sound.. This app is cute but doesn't work correctly. Don't buy it...

  • No sound

    by cristals

    Pls fix this.

  • Good app, could be better

    by cubatron

    I like this app but my child swipes through the words at breakneck speed. I'd love this app if there was a way to pause for a bit at each card or set some type of delay time between swipes. I bought it but I don't let her play with it because all the motion, sounds, and colors are overwhelming at the speed she moves through this app.

  • Did not like

    by GkgV

    Didn't but the app because in the free download the words and the speaking did not match. Example the word was toys and the read the word toy. The word was rings and the said ring. Overall the concept is a good one. If the words written matched the spoken words I might have bought the full set. Keep working on it. Good luck

  • No sound

    by Quem

    Terrible app. No sound.

  • No sound, too bright

    by Velise9

    My mom has this app on her iPhone so I tried it on my iPad for my son. This download didn't have sound and it's way too over stimulating for my 14 month old. Bright, and if he flips it himself things just jump around chaotically. Erasing.

  • Zero stars

    by Yuppers730

    Def not worth, the price just for the 100 words! Now if it was all animals,vehicles, and what not, but for $1.99 for a hundred words no! Hoping they'll refund my $$$

  • Meh

    by Babylovesxox

    The graphics and comes we're great! My little one loved it! But the man's accent is hard to understand. For example, zebra sounded like zeb-bra. So I deleted it. It's a shame too that there's hardly any free pics. Don't waste your time!!!

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