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Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Chinese

Seller: CloudMosa, Inc.

* Improve render speed and app stability.

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9 Ratings
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Puffin Academy is a wicked fast Mobile Flash Browser for K-12 students, parents, and teachers. Puffin Academy enables Adobe Flash based educational websites on the iOS platform.

Puffin Academy Key Features:
• Free to all users and content providers
– Free app to all users on iPhone and iPad (rated 4+)
– Free of charge to all educational content providers
• For purely educational web sites only
– Educational content providers must apply for approval
– Once approved, contents are available to all users
• Incredible speed and Flash support
– 500% faster than Safari and Chrome
– Supports Flash contents & videos on iPhone and iPad

Questions & Answers:
• Q: What’s the business model?
– A: None! It’s a community feedback project.
• Q: How long will it last?
– A: Forever! As long as there is a need.
• Q: Why to launch Puffin Academy?
– A: Destiny! It’s why CloudMosa was founded.

Customer Reviews

  • Amazing

    by Manobdeir

    Hope the trial last longer tho

  • Talk about a good app!

    by idunnowatname2choose

    Wow! This worked amazing. By far the best app on the market.

  • Help meh

    by Yeeeepy

    It's not working for me

  • Breahna

    by Hon vk

    Hate it. Puts people at risk

  • Puffin

    by Ashkan ydg

    Thank your

  • Excellent.

    by ChouYen

    I love this browser because it allow me to do my homework on mymathlab.

  • Excellent!!

    by J. Hsu

    This version is more stable and fast. More and more web sites in Puffin Academy. Good job.!!

  • Please add Pearson Mymathlab!!!

    by Nick Cottone

    Please add Pearson Mymathlab!!!

  • Phenomenal Education App

    by Ryanhillaz

    This app is great! There are so many educational sites out there that run on Flash and I’m so thankful that Puffin has an app specifically for all of this great content & that it’s dedicated to only approved sites.

  • Love it!

    by Lolo10368

    I really do like it, but can you add funbrain because whenever I search it's says there is not a website like that.

  • Bug

    by sina abbasi

    It no work on ipad2-GSM

  • thank you

    by 7amadAK

    thank you so much this helps alot deserves 5 stars


    by Xx420blazitxxnoscope420praizit


  • terrible

    by Green5125

    I can't get onto my homework at all, takes forever to load, and very confusing to work. digits won't let me do my home work and I don't know y. please fix these things. then your app will be much better

  • Łògîñ

    by Blue whale dale

    This app no matter how I try won't let me log in I'm so confused help me

  • Meh.

    by SINGER 4 LIFE

    Meh I can't really work on it cuz it crashes on my iPhone and iPad wayyyyy too much and it's really hard to work on it but otherwise I think it's a good app.

  • Great Idea but still need to work out several issues

    by VigoodPhoto

    I tried this with K12.com and was happy that the flash loads. Unfortunately, whenever I tried to launch an activity, it always returns to the main page instead of executing the program. I will constantly watch out for this app as when all problems are fixed, this is the browser to have for your education needs.

  • Please Fix

    by Faiz the calm kid

    Mymathlab works which is great, but you can't manually enter answers because there is no keyboard input when you click on blank answer spaces, please fix this so students can complete all questions.

  • no work in laptop

    by syemunsubo

    i want to be download the app in my laptop,,, but it still no work ……d…...

  • Website

    by Hawaiibros

    I can not do IXL because my school has a special link to it: ixl.com/signin/KIS please update this so that I can do my ixl assignments

  • Need a keyboard


    Please fix the keyboard it won't come up and can't type in answers for math xl for schools. Please fix soon

  • Ew

    by iamtheflyguy


  • What

    by 123 rabbits

    It should include nat geo. that's the one i was looking for.

  • not the k12 you were thinking

    by Alicia222

    I am using Texas virtual academy which is a k12 school. this will not run my OLS.

  • Not the best

    by Man173

    No good

  • Google

    by GianRock726

    I can't do research of anything with this. It's supposed to be fast then chrome and other things but it not worth it, not worth it without the web browser.

  • This app is soooo dumb

    by Fjdnnmcbnm

  • .???

    by Tygebb

    Why can't I type in any URL

  • Dosen't work!!!!!!!

    by Usef060

    It dosen't work on ios 7.0.2, i have an ipad and have all your puffin browsers but it dosenot work please fit it

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