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iOS 5.0 fixes

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The Cisco M-Learning system includes premium learning content in easy-access, easy-to-use mobile learning modules that are available for purchase from the Cisco Learning Network store. The video player to view the modules is available free on the App Store® on iTunes® for the Apple iPhone®, Apple iPod touch® and Apple iPad®.

Step: 1 Download the free M-Learning video viewer.

Step 2: Head on over to the Cisco Learning Network Store ( to grab your content.

Benefits of M-Learning

• Mobile study on the go away from home or the office
• Economical price point
• Content license does not expire
• Technical learning content is up to 30 minutes in length.
• The mobile application video player is no cost to the customer
• Purchase comes with customer support

Features of Mobile Learning Modules

• Video
• Audio
• Playable via Apple iPhone, Apple iPod touch, Apple iPad and Web.
• Playable offline, anytime
• Between 20 to 30 minutes of supplemental study

Mobile Learning Modules $4.99

Sample Titles include:

• OSI Model
• TCP/IP Architecture
• Introduction to Network Security
• Endpoint and Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention
• Reacting with BGPConfiguring and Applying Access Control Lists
• Configuring and Troubleshooting VLANs, Trunking, and InterVLAN Routing
• Configuring, Verifying, and Troubleshooting EIGRP
• Managing Cisco DevicesRouting Essentials
• Implementing and Troubleshooting a WLAN
• Configuring and Verifying Basic Switch Operations

For a complete listing of available Mobile Learning Modules, visit the Cisco Learning Network Store (

This app will not work on a device that has been jailbroken.

Customer Reviews

  • not bad, was expecting a bit more

    by reiiper

    ...from the actual downloaded module. You get a relatively short video that doesnt give a ton of information and the audio and video wasn't 100% in sync. Overall on the go studying it is nice and light and the fact I can carry it in my pocket to study at work is nice. I will most likely buy more and the $10 flash cards to keep me going.

  • Good content, great customer support

    by andten

    I was really pleased with the way Customer Support responded to my inquiry about this product. The course content is direct and on target. Even though the modules are less than 30 mins, I haven't seen any fluff. I'll give them 5 stars when I can buy these in iTunes for just a little less $.

  • Great App for Cisco Trainging modules on the go!

    by Networking123

    This is a great app that is FREE! It allowed me to watch very inexpensive Cisco training materials on my iPhone! Excellent value!

  • Testing review

    by Mister Marc


  • Horrible! Ripped me off.

    by Angry & P.O.'d

    I bought several modules. And when I got a new phone, lost them. Big RIP!!!

  • doesn't work

    by mehhmehhmehh

    Don't install app is broken Cisco needs to work out the bugs.

  • Works jailbroken get xcon 11

    by 286015454

    I'm a cisco netacad student and one thing I've learned is that cisco is not only greedy but very elitist. If you jailbroken and it won't work download xcon 11 from cydia xcon 14 doesn't work on it. Afterwards it will work but yo will still need to pay money for modules to use. Glad I have my notebooks and torrent all the rest I need for free for my ccna. 

  • No jailbroke phones?

    by CameronG-WazHere

    Really? If this phone wasn't jailbroken it wouldn't even be worth the money!

  • Sluggish and expensive

    by Riley Pacheco

    The modules, of which there are 45, are about five or six dollars a piece. My iPhone is NOT jailbroken and the app is slow to respond to menu selections and locks up then crashes. Any 5 star rating is definitely suspect. I would expect a better app from a world IT leader.

  • Doesn't work on jailboken phone

    by Adam1106

    Lame cisco. It was ruled jailbreaks are legal.

  • Does not work if phone is jailbroken.

    by Kubikle Free

    Just a word of caution.

  • ccna cert

    by where-is-the-update

    app should include at least one free module. at $4.99 per module good luck finding people to purchase.

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