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Note: All of the geometry and trigonometry solvers in this app are also in my 179-in-1 Math Calculator app. Do NOT purchase 39-in-1 Geometry and Trigonometry Calculator if you already own that app.

With this app, you get 39 solvers (actual calculators, not formulas) on topics in geometry and trigonometry.

- 39 solvers covering geometry and trigonometry
- Add a solver to your favorites with just one tap
- Edit and organize your favorites list from the “Favorites” tab
- See your most recently viewed solvers from the “Recents” tab
- Check out your most viewed solvers from the “Most Viewed” tab
- Request solvers or send comments in-app using the “Contact Us” tab.

Geometry (33 solvers):
1. Circle Area
2. Circle Circumference
3. Cone Surface Area
4. Cone Volume
5. Cube Surface Area
6. Cube Volume
7. Cylinder Surface Area
8. Cylinder Volume
9. Ellipse Area
10. Heron's Theorem (sides)
11. Heron's Theorem (vertices)
12. Inscribed Angle
13. Parallelogram Area
14. Parallelogram Perimeter
15. Pyramid Square Surface Area
16. Pyramid Square Volume
17. Pyramid Triangle Surface Area
18. Pyramid Triangle Volume
19. Pythagorean Theorem
20. Pythagorean Triples
21. Rectangle Area
22. Rectangle Perimeter
23. Rectangular Prism Surface Area
24. Rectangular Prism Volume
25. Regular Polygon Angle
26. Regular Polygon Area
27. Regular Polygon Perimeter
28. Sphere Surface Area
29. Sphere Volume
30. Square Area
31. Square Perimeter
32. Trapezoid Area
33. Triangle Area

Trigonometry (6 solvers):
34. Degrees to Radians
35. Law of Cosines
36. Law of Sines
37. Radians to Degrees
38. Trig Inverse Functions
39. Trigonometric Functions


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