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Languages: English

Seller: Charles Vu

- Bug fix where solver background was white instead of the usual chalkboard color
- Fix to the lognormal calculators: input should be sigma, not sigma^2

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***** "Love it!" - Superghoul
***** "This App rocks" - Basketball 4 life

- 180 solvers covering algebra, geometry, statistics, and more
- Add a solver to your favorites with just one tap
- Go to recently viewed and most viewed solvers

Algebra (19):
1. Arithmetic Series (Sum)
2. Complex Numbers (Add)
3. Complex Numbers (Divide)
4. Complex Numbers (Exp to Rect)
5. Complex Numbers (Multiply)
6. Complex Numbers (Rect to Exp)
7. Complex Numbers (Subtract)
8. Compound Interest
9. Discriminant
10. Distance-Rate-Time
11. Geometric Series (Finite Sum)
12. Geometric Series (Infinite Sum)
13. Linear Equation (ax+b=cx+d)
14. Linear Inequality
15. Linear System (2x2)
16. Linear System (3x3)
17. Polynomial Series (Sum)
18. Quadratic Formula
19. Simple Interest

Analytic Geometry (11):
20. Distance Formula
21. Distance From Point To Line
22. Intersection of Two Equations
23. Linear Equation (Parallel at Point)
24. Linear Equation (Perpendicular at Point)
25. Linear Equation (Point+Slope)
26. Linear Equation (Two Points)
27. Midpoint Formula
28. Polar To Rectangular
29. Rectangular To Polar
30. Slope Formula

Basic Math (13):
31. Decimal to Fraction
32. Factors
33. Fibonacci Sequence
34. Fractions (Add)
35. Fractions (Compare)
36. Fractions (Divide)
37. Fractions (Multiply)
38. Fractions (Reduce)
39. Fractions (Subtract)
40. Greatest Common Factor
41. Least Common Multiple
42. Prime Factorization
43. Reduce Radical

Geometry (33):
44. Circle Area
45. Circle Circumference
46. Cone Surface Area
47. Cone Volume
48. Cube Surface Area
49. Cube Volume
50. Cylinder Surface Area
51. Cylinder Volume
52. Ellipse Area
53. Heron's Theorem (sides)
54. Heron's Theorem (vertices)
55. Inscribed Angle
56. Parallelogram Area
57. Parallelogram Perimeter
58. Pyramid Square Surface Area
59. Pyramid Square Volume
60. Pyramid Triangle Surface Area
61. Pyramid Triangle Volume
62. Pythagorean Theorem
63. Pythagorean Triples
64. Rectangle Area
65. Rectangle Perimeter
66. Rectangular Prism Surface Area
67. Rectangular Prism Volume
68. Regular Polygon Angle
69. Regular Polygon Area
70. Regular Polygon Perimeter
71. Sphere Surface Area
72. Sphere Volume
73. Square Area
74. Square Perimeter
75. Trapezoid Area
76. Triangle Area

Matrices (9):
77. Matrix Determinant (2x2)
78. Matrix Determinant (3x3)
79. Matrix Determinant (4x4)
80. Matrix Inverse (2x2)
81. Matrix Inverse (3x3)
82. Matrix Inverse (4x4)
83. Matrix Trace (2x2)
84. Matrix Trace (3x3)
85. Matrix Trace (4x4)

Probability Distributions (78):
86-90. Binomial Density, Distribution, Inverse, Moments, Random
91-94. Cauchy Density, Distribution, Inverse, Random
95-99. Chi-Squared Density, Distribution, Inverse, Moments, Random
100-104. Exponential Density, Distribution, Inverse, Moments, Random
105-109. Fisher Density, Distribution, Inverse, Moments, Random
110-114. Geometric Density, Distribution, Inverse, Moments, Random
115-119. Gumbel Density, Distribution, Inverse, Moments, Random
120-124. Hypergeometric Density, Distribution, Inverse, Moments, Random
125-129. Lognormal Density, Distribution, Inverse, Moments, Random
130-134. Negative Binomial Density, Distribution, Inverse, Moments, Random
135-139. Normal Density, Distribution, Inverse, Moments, Random
140-144. Pareto Density, Distribution, Inverse, Moments, Random
145-149. Poisson Density, Distribution, Inverse, Moments, Random
150-154. Student-t Density, Distribution, Inverse, Moments, Random
155-158. Uniform Density, Distribution, Inverse, Moments
159-163. Weibull Density, Distribution, Inverse, Moments, Random

Statistics (11):
164. Average (Arithmetic Mean)
165. Average (Geometric Mean)
166. Combinations
167. Factorial
168. Median
169. Mode
170. Permutations
171. Random Number (Continuous)
172. Random Number (Discrete)
173. Standard Deviation
174. Variance

Trigonometry (6):
175. Degrees to Radians
176. Law of Cosines
177. Law of Sines
178. Radians to Degrees
179. Trig Inverse Functions
180. Trigonometric Functions

Customer Reviews

  • Great functions, great reminders

    by Raskal'sDad

    I like a lot of the reminders tis app has of things that I learned 25 years ago, the things I don't use in everyday calculations. It also has some great functions like the prime factorization function.

  • Uh...

    by Unicorn321166aaaaa

    So what happened? I can't see any of the labels when I tap on a solver! Please fix.

  • Home owner accountant

    by WhitmanJo

    I like to be as precise as possible in my woodworking/home improvement projects. This app allows me all the computations I need in creating jigs, drawings, and sizing for material. In short, I LIKE IT.

  • Math App

    by 25or624

    I love this app because of all the formulas,and math information it contains.

  • Great for stats

    by kwan_meng

    Awesome app. I use mainly for stats (I teach an intro stats class). Only "limitation" I can find is the ability to run descriptive stats in a batch (mean, sd, med, etc...) at once or to copy/paste from one screen to another. Thanks!

  • A+

    by Abdulmajeed Bakran

    It's good app. But it will be better if it includes the formulas

  • Fantastic.

    by BalloonLicker

    As a math major, I can't explain how useful this app is to me. Helps me with a multitude of classes.

  • Lifesaver (well not really my life, but surely my buttocks)

    by Jason8864


  • Legendary app

    by macabreTHPS

    Helped a bunch on my finals... Helped me pass, props to development team..5 star!

  • Very useful!

    by Charlie71421


  • Fantastic App

    by itsmacornothing

    If you ever had to calculate equation quickly. This is the ultimate app.

  • Excellent math tool

    by cjhld

    This app calculates so many math functions, it's amazing. Very helpful for many math courses. Very easy to use, with nice features. Good for students with learning disabilities who have calculator accommodations

  • Great App

    by drb720

    I love the all-in-one math app. When it's crunch time and you need to find a formula this app reduces the hunt, search and find down to the bare minimum.

  • More than I imagined

    by Military guy overseas

    This app is perfect for my college math class. My exam score went from a C to A. Thank you for such a perfect app.

  • Excellent Math Learning tool

    by ALB-Seattle

    Helps me improve my sparse math skills just fine.

  • Very useful

    by 39chev

    Wide range of math

  • Very good

    by Supernova669

    Extremely helpful but add more things that It can compute

  • Well...

    by Wchair20

    I thought it was going to give examples of equations.

  • Useful App

    by PiFascination

    I teach upper HS math courses and Statistics and Precalc for a local CC. I recommend this app to my students.

  • Math app

    by Spdfoto

    Great app I can lean math with my 5th grader again lol

  • 2x2 equation solver crashes

    by Nimzo66

    Only bought this app for the 2x2 and 3x3 equation solvers. The 3x3 solver works, but every time I open up the 2x2 solver the program crashes. Please fix soon and I'll rate this app higher!

  • Quick formula solver

    by K. Cluver

    This App was a great tool to quickly solve formulas from many different categories within Mathematics. This App could be an even better tool if it provided the specific formula and the process of solving it, rather than simply asking the user to plug in values and internally computing the answer. In order to provide users with more than just a system that calculates answers, this App could be improved to ensure users fully know, understand, and can apply, on their own, the formulas within this App. While this App successfully provided users with an abundant amount of mathematical concepts and formulas, it failed in truly providing the necessary information on how to use and solve these formulas. It is necessary to improve this App by adding the general formula for each category, as well as how to solve it, in order to ensure users truly understand and can solve each category. Aside from this improvement, the App successfully provided users with wonderful graphics and easy navigation. Similarly, the graphing category of this App was very useful and provides users with a visual representation of how graphs change when the input values change. This quick and easy system for viewing and analyzing graphs was very helpful and truly made this App worthwhile to explore.

  • Great for quick reminder...

    by Cbf2200

    Cool app...

  • Amazing

    by Reblkidd

    This thing is absolutely amazing thanks a million

  • You are a genius!

    by Rockstarson

    Title says all amazing app!

  • Soooo cool

    by K jot

    It's amazing, wonderful work,it's so helpful for me.no need to ask others if u have a kids.God bless u.

  • Helps with class

    by Jwhiteman


  • Good app

    by Jeny Lane

    Helped me in my class a lot. Saved myself about $50-$100!

  • Helps ALOT!!!!

    by tb510

    Good app. Needs more thoe.

  • Needs to be easier to find things

    by Meeropickle

    It may be best if you made it just be a calculator where u choose what symbols are on it... I want to be able to type in my problem not have to look for just the right outline...

  • ok

    by bob3241

    ok app but still needs more stuff

  • The very best

    by Old Man from ct

    The best math app on the market. Wish I could make it work on my droid.

  • Great App

    by M Adolfsson

    Great app

  • Very Nice!

    by Drew-sd

    I love this app, easy to read and well organized

  • So so

    by eyeonthescreen

    Human factors are weak. Some answers appear in such small font as to be illegible. Ability to go landscape view would solve that. No way to input pi except to write out the value. No way to input the natural e either. The app needs a functions keyboard. It also needs the ability to do the four functions to input values like 4*pi for example. Bottom line this needs to beef up its input capabilities to be useful to professionals.


    by Marc96


  • Not helpful

    by Timothy White

    This seems like a great app but I'm taking a algebra/ trig 106 level class and it does give me answers in the forms I need. Some of the functions worked great. Others like the quadratic formula does work the way I need it to.

  • Excellent App-

    by HAKKING

    I use it everyday to check my sons homework!

  • Excelente

    by La Sombra de tus Misterios

    Realmente Ăștil , gracias

  • Very helpful! Needs a couple extra functions.

    by _jeanmarie_

    Works well! Only problem I found so far is that there needs to be an "equal to" function for the binomial and poisson distribution calculators. Thanks!

  • Excellent

    by firthorfifth06


  • Amazing.

    by 1234345

    When you understand the concepts, this is a great time saver.

  • Powerful, but....

    by 2ndThoughts

    The app is very powerful, and fast, but if you are not familiar with the function and the variables, the app is useless. There is no help menu that defines, explains or provides any examples for anything.

  • Awesome

    by Ooray

    Wish I knew earlier when I started my statistics course, but its help me a lot! Thank u.

  • It's okay.

    by Mike Mc 59

    I'm a student and this app really didn't help, yeah it gave you formula's,but you just plug it in. And it gives you an answer, helpful; but this was not what I was looking for.

  • App

    by Jcmdb

    The best app for math !

  • Surveyor

    by FKano

    The best!!!!!

  • Great utility and efficiency

    by Drew Baye

    Very easy to navigate and use, and a wide variety of useful calculators. Worth way more than the price.

  • Awesome

    by The bone shacker

    Love it

  • Great app

    by Agustin Narvaez

    This app is so incredibly useful. It is a great thing to have in class.

  • This is cool I gess

    by 6845ka

    If you don't like math this will be good for you

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