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Want to pass your VCP5 Exam 1st time ?

Over 200 questions to help you pass your VCP5 qualification in your pocket.

All questions are from the actual exam so you can be confident in the test centre.

Study mode to help lean the subject need to pass.

Email results of your progress within the app.

Results history help you track your progress.

Customer Reviews

  • Great study tool

    by Timwhite151

    I used this app to help me study VCP510 and passed first time. GREAT APP!!!

  • Got my vcp5

    by Nysaratoga

    Good material great format, missing answers to 2 questions... Lol one of them was actually on the exam. I passed with a 390. Worked for me thanks!!!! Study the hell out of this you will pass!

  • Great study tool.

    by NineInchNerd

    This app helped me study for the VCP5 exam. The questions cover all the areas outlined in the blueprint. It has an exam mode that is timed to simulate the actual test process and a study mode to help you review questions and immediately reveal the answer. The only reason I gave this app 4 instead of 5 stars is due to the grammatical errors that are found throughout the app. I still highly recommend the app if you can look past the grammatical errors.

  • Very Very Good

    by Jamal_elb

    I found the questions really useful in my study prep for the vcp5 exam, many of the questions are hard but good practice. The fact you can take the exam anywhere is a great plus point and found myself attempting questions when ever i had a few minutes spear. I passed using a combination of this app and the sybex book by Lowe. I even expensed this app from my training budget at work so it didn't cost me anything :)

  • Great Help

    by JamesAllen873

    Good application. Was great for last minute revision and covered all the exam areas, It got me working in the right areas i needed to pay more attentions to, Overall Very Helpfull !!!!

  • Great prep

    by Daniel Falk

    This app helped me pass the vcp 5 exam. Like some other people mentioned, the app does have a high price point but the way you can pick it up and study anywhere greatly adds to its value.

  • Accurate

    by DavidLees80

    Simple but very well laid out, Timed mode test is excellent.This app keeps my mind working, covers every topic, well worth the money...

  • Passed !

    by RayGeek_17

    I Took the VCP 5 exam in CA and this app is pretty accurate, only negative pont is the price.....but i passed the exam so well worth it for me.

  • It's OK but only just

    by cockneyusa

    The grammar and spelling in this app are atrocious. It makes the questions hard to understand and at this price I would have expected someone to have proof read the questions. Maybe they did and they can't spell either :( I would estimate that there are errors in at least 75% of the questions. Also the possible answers sometimes do not fill the boxes so they are incomplete. Having said all that, the content seems to be accurate once deciphered.

  • Outstanding!!!

    by Data Chief

    Studied to/from work for 2 weeks. Helped me pass the exam. I recommend this App to all VCP4's trying to pass VCP5 exam by Feb 29, 2012.

  • No explainations

    by monikeo

    Very very basic questions and answers with no explanations of the answers. Not helpful to a nube like me.

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