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Are you ready to put your knowledge of the Chemical elements to the test ?

Test your knowledge of the Elements for fun and to reinforce concepts. Topics include element symbols, common chemicals, metals, historical element names and more!

Beautiful Images with every question.

Extensive data on elements from uses to fun facts.

Several learning modes.

Test you knowledge Now!

Customer Reviews

  • Cleaver

    by khadijahwickizer24

    Nice design, my kid actually learned some cool stuff and now is interested in chemistry…great :)

  • Amazing way to learn

    by AlexHamm

    App is great, soooo interesting. Pictures really help with the learing and the facts are good reading. Wont ever look at elements in the same light !

  • Too many errors

    by rentcp

    As noted by another reviewer, there are factually incorrect questions on fairly simple subject matter. I would therefore trust nothing of the higher difficulty questions. (S is Sulfur, not Selenium, nuclear reactor temperatures are moderated via control rods, not coolants)

  • Factually incorrect!

    by Procastinator

    I was excited to put this app on my iPad as I have a small grant to investigate apps as a method of effective tutoring in sciences. I have played three rounds and found 3 factual errors already. Example: one question asks which element has the symbol S: the correct answer is sulphur, but the app says I am wrong and that selenium is right (wrong: selenium has the symbol Se). another question asks which element has the symbol T: none of the options given have this symbol, although the app gives the correct answer as Tungsten, despite there being another question where the symbol for Tungsten is correctly identified as W. If the developers would care to contact me, I can put them in contact with a colleague of mine who is high up in the American Chemical Society. I should like to see a correct version of this app!

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