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Over 400 Exam questions for the CompTIA Security+ Exam, Pass first time !

CompTIA Security+ is an international, vendor-neutral certification that demonstrates competency in:

Network security
Compliance and operational security
Threats and vulnerabilities
Application, data and host security
Access control and identity management

CompTIA Security+ not only ensures that candidates will apply knowledge of security concepts, tools, and procedures to react to security incidents, it ensures that security personnel are anticipating security risks and guarding against them .

Customer Reviews

  • Good for test prep

    by Massdaddy

    I use this when standing in lines, while cooking, etc. Great app to productively kill time as I am test prepping.

  • Good app

    by John Wood

    Passed test today with a 790. I downloaded this app 3 hours before my "real" test in order to get one more practice test that I had no familiarity with--good decision. There were similar types of questions on my real test. The 88% that I got on the practice test is in line with the 790 score.

  • Worth the price

    by Inchas

    I would have given this app 5 stars but there are some questions (three or four of them) that have wrong answers marked as being correct. You'll see what I mean and don't have to be an expert to figure it out. It's not as big a deal as some other reviews have said but this app isn't cheap so I can't justify saying it's perfect. Other than that, it is a great testing tool. The questions are fairly similar to what I saw on the exam. (exam is a bit trickier) I used this testing tool, a Cybex study guide and attended a boot camp and did quite well on the exam.

  • Amazing

    by Sk8tee10121

    First app ive found review worthy. Passed today using this and vce files with an 863, would highly recommend this to anyone.

  • Quality Appp

    by CaptJACK_S

    The exam engine is proberly one of the best ive used so far, it easy to use and you can even use guestures to go back and forth on questions which is not really documented anywhere. I like the small touch eg when in exam mode it auto go to the next question no messing around with the next question button. Content for the exam questions was perfect for me as im currenty using 2 books to study with but the app is so useful when i get a few minutes spear or on the way to work. Subjects are well layed out so i can structure my learning, overall very very happy.

  • Best App.

    by JamieBaz77

    Best Comptia Security App Out There, Passed today thanks to endless revision on this app. You maybe supprised how close the wording is to the real exam but this is why this has to be the best of the lot not just answering questions for the sake of it !

  • 5 Stars

    by RodCammsey

    Amazing value! Questions are perfect for studying. Passed first time. More than worth the money!!

  • Fantastic tool

    by NicholusFrankk

    Good app, used the stress test to challange my self, the questions are good and cover all you could get in the actual exam. Question are hard but found them interesting and helped me concentrate on the subjects for the exam rather than trying to learn everything parrot fashion.

  • Brilliant Application.

    by YogiKalahri

    I used the app to prepare for the exam and i would say it is worth the investment, its well layed out with excellent content. Tried 2 other similar apps but found this to be the best of the lot. Reccomended.

  • Flashy looks but bad app

    by Mario Rivera

    This app has a bunch of wrong answers, has incomplete questions, has no explanations whatsoever and apparently no matter what you get on the exam, YOU PASS! Save your money for something else.

  • Save your Money too many wrong answers!

    by Tech tech

    I am pretty upset about all the wrong answers listed in this app posing as study material. Total waste of money! Avoid this app. This does not provide explanations because many of the answers are actually wrong. This app can't help you and will only hurt you.

  • TestKing dump

    by atumes

    This app is just a dump of one of the recent TestKing question lists, and even has some of the answers listed incorrectly. No explanations are given for the answers. The interface is slick, but it's not worth the price for a dump you can easily find online.

  • No explanation of answers

    by Nevrsurrender

    This is the same garbage app that runs the CISSP engine, just a little better looking. You can't select what area you want to test from and study by revealing the answers at the same time. Furthermore, there are no explanations to the questions. Save your money and don't buy this garbage. There are much better resources to study from.

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