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NEW! NETWORK N10-005 EXAM *** Sale 40% Off ***

The current version of CompTIA Network+, exam code N10-005, was released Dec. 1, 2011. The revised objectives address virtual networking and give increased attention to network security and coverage of the seven-layer OSI (Open System Interconnection) model.

Hands down the best CompTIA Network+ training software on the app store with a redesigned clean and easy to use fast interface.

Developed by highly experienced and certified trainers, it offers extremely realistic questions.

We focus on the objectives you need to know, so you will know what to expect on the actual exam.

CompTIA Network+ Exam app questions closely mimic those on the actual exam, so there won't be any surprises when you get to the testing centre. You will be able to chart your progress with multiple, full-length exams that simulate all exams required to attain you qualification.

Don't be tied to a text book or a computer screen , revise and take exams on the move.

Buy this universal app once and and install on your iPod, iPhone, iPad at no extra cost.

Customer Reviews

  • Good app

    by B18c1950

    It's a good app to practice. A lot of questions definitely worth the money. I wish it gave explanations of why a question is wrong. Some of the questions do show up on the test. But the real test is a lot harder. A lot of performance-based questions

  • Decent

    by AndresBjj

    Overall, I have to say that the app is extremely helpful. However, I found a few errors and now I find it rather difficult to trust the app. If you can get past the few errors, overall this app does a good job.

  • I am impressed!

    by Harley-Charlie

    I used this as a study tool and passed my Network + yesterday with 808 out of 900! I downloaded a few other apps but barely touched them. When I'm ready for my next exam, I will be looking for apps by this app maker.

  • Great source for practice!

    by Marcus The Big Tech Guy

    I passed my N10-005 using this along with another app and extra study material. This app serves it's purpose, just a ton of questions. I had to drop a star because I found some wrong answers. But you can easily pick up on them if you studied before taking practice exams.

  • Good but lacking information

    by Zirlburg

    Has a lot of questions but no explanations for the answers. The study mode doesn't give you anything but the right answer. Also, it has a reference to a book but it doesn't give you the title of the book. Needs more to really be worth $13.

  • Very good job

    by Kip003

    Some of the questions on this application are only a few words off of the actual test. I would say upwords of a third of my test were questions I could answer from recalling questions directly out of this app. I would not say this app could make you pass the test alone, but in addition to self study from a text book a person passing this test regularly should have no problems with the Network+ exam.

  • Good

    by Ike_G_Man

    Excellent Reference for test practice,This is an extremely useful app for preparing for the exam. Lots of question so im happy, keeps me busy on the train to work :)

  • Simple and effective

    by Jamie_2084

    Fantastic, Really got me going.... takin my test before end of the month

  • Helpful App

    by SlyFloorstein

    Have been studying for the new exam and this app was helpful, lots of question which is easier than using a text book..

  • Don't recommend for 9.99 USD

    by E-Wes

    An educational app shouldn't have grammatical formatting issues. A study guide app should not have incorrect answer keys. And a app that cost 9.99 USD should at least fit my iPhone 5 screen, that's just silly. Good intent though. I'm also not sure about the quality and relevancy of the questions here. A lot of redundancy on some concepts.

  • I know whats right, but not why.

    by Terry Gratham

    The only study software we've used that doesn't provide explanations in-app.

  • Not there yet, needs to be polished... A LOT!

    by dmontes79

    - Multiple spelling errors. - Bugs all over, like showing the correct answer once I revealed it but it shows incorrect on the final review. - Obvious wrong answers... One Answer is telling me to use a crimper tool to terminate cat5 in a patch panel. Really? - They have two Identical questions with two different answers. So, where should you keep your MX & A records? DNS server or the Proxy server? I'm glad I'm not relying on just this app to study for the test. Definitely not worth $13... Hell, I wouldn't have complained at all if I had paid $3-5 for it because I do like their method for studying, but for $13 I'm expecting something more professional. Oh well... Lesson learned.

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