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Over 380 Question !

Don't be tied to a text book or a computer screen , revise and take exams on the move.

Hands down the best CompTIA A+ Essentials training software on the app store with a redesigned clean and easy to use fast interface.

Pass your A + 701 with our exam simulator, the most effective training software for theCompTIA Network+ certification exam. Developed by highly experienced and certified trainers, it offers extremely realistic questions.

We focus on the objectives you need to know, so you will know what to expect on the actual exam.

CompTIA A+ Essentials Exam app questions closely mimic those on the actual exam, so there won't be any surprises when you get to the testing centre. You will be able to chart your progress with multiple, full-length exams that simulate all exams required to attain you qualification.

Don't be tied to a text book or a computer screen , revise and take exams on the move.

Buy once and and install on your iPod, iPhone, iPad for no extra cost.

Over 380 Questions

Study Mode

Custom exam modes

Stress Test

Results History

Questions Review Mode

You will be able to identify what you know, as well as what you don't know, with comprehensive questions database.

Customer Reviews

  • This is a great study guide.

    by Ivan2b

    Great study guide. I wish there was a way though to remember the wrong answer so that the next time you try answering it it'll give you a different multiple answer. Other than that, I think it's worth it. I also like the 300+ questions you can learn from.

  • Definitely a helpful study guide!!!

    by Suavie

    This was pretty much the main program I used to study and it worked great!! I passed my part one with no problem. I even had some questions that were the exact same ones that are in this app! I definitely recommend using this app!!

  • Very accurate.

    by Vicente Furtado

    I used this app to test my knowledge after reading the book and a lot of the questions were very similar to the ones in the test. I passed my test and just bought the app for the second test. Highly recommend it.

  • Helped me pass

    by B18c1950

    This helped me pass my exam... Only negative side it that it does give explanation of why the answer is correct

  • Realistic to actual test

    by Lll123456

    I found this to be very helpful in preparing for the actual exam. The questions were great and using this app made me much more comfortable at the real exam. Great addition after studying an exam cram book.

  • Best bang for the buck. Nothing else compares.

    by ChiliCheez

    This exam practice tool was very, very, very close to the actual exam. Thanks guys. I am purchasing your Practical exam practice app. Val

  • Good info

    by debbirupe6361

    Question were perfect for exam prep.

  • Helped me

    by paulettercoppertnoall

    This a great piece of software well thought and well executed

  • Excellent

    by ozzellabroms4123

    Passed my Exam using this. Great app :)

  • Well Worth It

    by ellenurbeneks

    Fantastic app

  • Perfect A+ 701 prep

    by DannyC722

    Fantastic app. Works very well no probs and great to use to prepare for when the day arrives to take the test. Great learning at practice tool.

  • Essential for essentials!

    by Basia-Bean

    I have found that the questions in this app go right along with the study material. This is very good prep for my upcoming exam.

  • Passed

    by AlexHamm

    App was instrumental in helping me pass the exam, questions are very close and useful to what i actually got in the exam. You still need a reference book to get though but the combination is what helped me pass, hope it can help others.

  • Duplicate questions and some are just plain wrong!

    by ClosetMonster3

    Overall I think this is the most polished A+ study app Ive seen. However, I took a custom test with all 390 questions and about 1/4 of the questions are duplicates of the same question. I don't know if it was because of the custom mode or if it effects all sections but some questions are just plain wrong!!! I don't know if I can trust the answers it gives me to questions I don't know much about because the ones I do know have wrong answers! The majority are right though at least. I'd say I saw about 20 questions with wrong answers in the custom mode. Some questions require multiple choice but it doesn't allow more than one selection. It didn't even indicate one of the right answers when it revealed the answer. There was one question that said to refer to a graphic. There are no graphics :( Overall good but I can't suggest buying this app or other exams from this vendor unless they take a fine tooth comb through them and actually show the right answers! If that was fixed, this would get 5 stars but sabitoshing the exam I'm about to take isn't too good. I did pass this apps exams so at least I know I will do well on the test, even with it docking me for falsely wrong answers. PLEASE FIX THESE QUESTIONS!!!!

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