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We've improved our iPad app!

Our app now runs faster and more effectively. CBT Nuggets iPhone app now has Speed Control on the video player allowing viewers to watch at 0.8x, 1x, 1.6x, and 2x the speed. And now we have Airplay.

Happy training!

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Watch. Learn. Conquer. On your iPad!

If you have current CBT Nuggets subscription, you can download our iPad app and enjoy another convenient and fun way to access our comprehensive video library.

We created this app based on customer feedback and hope you enjoy the streamlined mobile viewing experience.
Here are some of the app's key features:

* A clean, intuitive design: Easy to find and play training videos
* Fast video playback: You can watch anytime, anywhere
* Mobile-to-web bookmarks: Start a video on your iPad and continue where you left off at the CBT Nuggets Website
* An enhanced reporting system: Training minutes viewed in the app are uploaded to the account's training administrator

Customer Reviews

  • Love Nuggets on My iPad Air

    by compsolv

    Nuggets look great on my iPad - this is awesome

  • Convenient

    by Gpeeps78

    Works great for me!

  • A decent app that needs some work

    by Jermo425

    Unlike the other reviews, I'm able to watch videos just fine on my first generation iPad. This is great and convenient and links to my account with my progress saved from previous viewings on my desktop. So for the main purpose of this app, it works. However, I do have my gripes: * While it shows my progress from previous viewings, it doesn't stand out like in the screenshots (background and bars are both gray) * Viewing progress doesn't seem to update on the app, at least not that I saw in a 5 minute period after refreshing the app * Video length seems to be correct, but the first one I watched ended about 1 minute before it should have then restarted the video but retained the current counter (at minute 29 of a 27 minute video and back at the beginning) * Worst of all: I have no idea how to back out of a currently playing video. There's nothing but a pause button from what I can tell. If it's there, it's not intuitive or obvious. I had to force close the app then restart to begin a new video. Annoying and unnecessary, but not game breaking. Overall it's worth my time, but fixing these issues will grant it at least 4 stars.

  • Not terrible, but some complaints

    by japrile

    First the quality of the video is not that bad on an ipad. However there are some issue that need to be fixed to make this much better. A) the ability to bookmark where I am at in a video would be nice. When I stop watching halfway thru, I have to come back and scroll thru the video to be able to find where I was. B) when viewing in portrait mode, I cannot view the full title of the exam that I am trying to watch, so I have to change to landscape to be able to see. Putting the exam number at the beginning of the title would resolve this issue. C) would be nice to add the videos to a playlist so I can quickly get to the exam that I am trying to study. If those issues could be changed/fixed I would be much happier with the app.

  • This is a poorly designed application

    by apanian

    The interface? Is dreadful! The look and feel and how it is organized and in-app navigation? No thought has gone info it. When I open a training video for MCSA 70-461 on my iPad it tries to open, and them goes back to the list of recordings. However the same video seems to open up with me issues on my iPhone. The CBT nugget dev team needs to get back and redesign this application so that more users actually look forward to using it. It has a horrible reputation at my company due to some of the pints mentioned in this review.

  • Gets the job done but...

    by Beeteep

    The app gets the job done but I wish it was better. For $99/month I expect there to be a way to "favorite" courses and better airplay integration.

  • Airplay Still Cuts Off!!

    by egeekier

    To the developers, I have reported this numerous times, when aiplaying a training video to AppleTV it is abruptly cutoff when the device turns the display off, your video should continue playing, this is how it works with almost all other Airplay capable apps please fix this.

  • Needs work

    by Shell~bell

    This would be a decent app if it included basic functions such as the ability to return to the contents menu.

  • No longer works!!!!

    by Doyce4sub

    The app was working fine for about a week. The videos stopped working for some reason and even with me deleting and reinstalling the apps--the videos still don't work. I don't understand why either!!

  • Videos don't work!

    by Reglator

    The last terrible version worked better than this one. I can't watch the videos on wifi or 4g.

  • Useless

    by Badgaf

    App doesn't play videos on both my iPhone 5(iOS 6.1.4) or my 4th gen iPad (iOS 6.1.3). Videos don't load at all over Wifi or cellular data.

  • Awful App

    by Cmdr56k

    While the training modules are great, the app itself is not. Videos often restart during mid-stream. Please fix this!

  • pure junk

    by Pd826

    Considering how much the service costs my company, this is absolutely junk.

  • Great when it works

    by Birdymicbirdpants

    When this app works is fine. It doesn't have many features but is better than lugging laptop around. That being said it often stops working. You select a video and nothing happens. Eventually, after a very long time the session will expire and you can start again. Is annoying to the point may abandon the app

  • Not good

    by Vdlugo

    Playback control are not working, cant expan video or pause, or toggle within video. Cant bookmark or write notes

  • Lousy

    by Palamer

    The IPad app leaves much to be desired. I can't even get the sound to play with out using headphones. Lacks many features. As expensive as CBT Nuggets is a functional app should be available.

  • Needs major work

    by obchris

    I love this service but their iPad app is terrible. The iPhone version at least has some playback controls where this one does not. I would only use this as an option of last resort. For a company selling their expertise in technology and their product is to make video easy to consume, this iPad version is armature at best and options their competitors make available on iPad are superior. IPad training video consumption is a natural and elegant approach and CBTNuggets has really dropped the ball on this armature offering.

  • Meh

    by adam75south

    It's only ok. I'm switching back to the laptop. Use this if you intend to watch a video all the way through.

  • Bad.

    by David Majetic

    As IT people yourselves you hold understand how busy we are and hopping between devices. I need to pick up where I left off.

  • Needs work

    by Theo213

    I can only echo the sentiments of other reviews. The inability to pick up on my iPad where I left off on my PC is a major flaw. Additionally, the absence of a bookmarking feature for this app is killing me! Manually navigating to where you "think" you left off is a thorn in my side and makes this app a last resort in terms of study and review.

  • Horrible

    by csodea

    This is a great app in theory, but in practice it's a long way from being useful. The app has no search functionality, no bookmarking function, and no ability to access resources other than the videos (practice exams, etc). The app does support airplay, but the iPad must remain on with the app in the foreground the whole time, making the airplay function nearly useless. This flaw is made worse by the lack of a resume feature, forcing you to manually locate the position in the video where your iPad went to sleep. Other apps can handle Airplay without being in the foreground just fine, so it's clearly not a limitation of the technology but rather an example of lazy coding. In addition to fixing the flaws I've listed above, the ability to cache videos for offline playback would be a welcome addition to the app.

  • Use the web version

    by JohnDoe5150

    I can get to the last 6 min with out any issues, then the nugget starts over from the beginning. It works from the web with no problem, just stick to that!

  • Stick to the web

    by KW201201

    The app LOOKs good. Unfortunately, I can't hear anything. At first, I thought I needed to upgrade the OS. That didn't help. So, I'm left with viewing the presentations with no sound. Why bother to release this app? I've deleted it and gone back to the web. Good idea, poorly executed.

  • Too primative compared to Web Interface

    by Tshoot

    Maybe because this is a first attempt, it left me unimpressed. Video playback quality is good but it lack the features of the Web interface that I find invaluable - no custom playlists, no hours accumulated, etc. All in all - very cumbersome. Hopefully they'll make it more user friendly on one of the future updates. For me, it the web interface for now.

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