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Languages: English

Seller: Castle Rock Research Corp.

NOTE: 1.4.3 and later takes advantage of features exclusive iOS 6, so motuto is no longer supported on devices running iOS 5 or earlier.

1.4.4 corrects an issue preventing iPhone users from fully connecting to tutoring sessions, as well as a small fix to the On Hold screen.

1.4.3 includes:
~ Improved user experience for students getting started with faster session starts, help for describing your homework problems, and better support for screenshots so you can get the most out of your time with motuto live tutors!
~ Fixes for minor stability issues on slower connections
~ A refreshed motuto brand
~ Full compatibility for users running 6.1.3

From version 1.4:
~ 1.4.1 corrected an issue related to sending photos to tutors
~ A new calendar to show you when our live tutors will be available. just tap on the Availability button!
~ If you were an iPad user running iOS 6 and had trouble choosing an existing photo to send to a tutor, consider that bug squashed!
~ Other really minor bug fixes (they probably didn't bother anyone, but they bothered us!)
~ And a new release joke:
The trigonometric functions decided to throw a party and invite all their friends. At the party Exponential was sitting alone in a corner looking miserable. Tan approached her and said: "Exponential, why are you sitting here alone? Why don't you try to integrate?" At which point Exponential turned around and said: "As if that ever changes anything!"

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
7 Ratings
All Versions:
34 Ratings


Connect to a real live tutor for help in mathematics or science for much less than an in-person tutor would cost!

Our live motuto tutors are available Monday through Friday, from 7:30 A.M. until 11:00 P.M, Pacific time. We also have tutors available to help on Sunday evenings from 5:00 P.M. until 11:00 P.M. Pacific time for those last minute cram sessions!

Do you have a homework question or assignment that you need help with? Connect with a live tutor now using motuto! Simply ask your question and you'll quickly and conveniently get the help you need. It's as simple as that!

How motuto works:
~ Download the app, and sign up for motuto. It is available for students in the US and Canada in grades 6 to 12 in the subjects of math and science.
~ Pick the subject and topic you need help with, and motuto matches you with an expert tutor based on the help you need.
~ Tell the tutor about your problem. If you are using a device with a camera, you can take a picture of the problem and send it to your tutor as a starting point.
~ The tutor provides help via text chat and a shared whiteboard, same as if they were sitting next you — except without the expense!
~ When the tutoring session ends, motuto will email you a summary of your session, including the screens and chats so that you can review them later.
~ Your session history will also be stored both on your device and in the cloud for you to access in the future.

Get More With SOLARO:
The motuto app is brought to you by SOLARO, leaders in online assessment prep and curriculum-aligned study guides. Sign up for SOLARO and get even more out of motuto!
~ SOLARO users get 6 motuto sessions per month — that's two hours of quality one-on-one instruction for a low monthly fee.
~ Students from grades 3 to 5 can use motuto by logging in with their SOLARO account.
~ SOLARO users get access to thousands of lessons and review questions, all curriculum-aligned, and our tutors can assign them to students as additional help for their specific problem at the conclusion of a session.

Your first 20-minute session is at no cost to you, and additional sessions can be purchased as required right within the app. Try motuto now!

Customer Reviews

  • Fast service

    by Yolobud

    Faster answers then anyone else, I would love to see more subjects and 24/7 tutors other then that it's Great!

  • Great app

    by Gabriel Ruelas

    Its a great app but it would be awesome if it was free

  • Great app!

    by CC362

    The tutors are very nice and they are very helpful. They help you understand whatever you want to learn. Also it's much more fun than getting a tutor you meet in real life. I like the added on whiteboard, too.

  • Good App for students!

    by Cedrick Santos

    There are really good tutors. They really help me out when I need help with my homework

  • Give it a try

    by Chocokyna

    Good tutors :) they helped my like right now and it when by easily :) sometimes this app bugs of iPads , but when it works its really worth it ! :)

  • It's okay

    by Sammidc

    I love it but being a girl without any money, I only had a chance of the first 20 minutes of the tutor I can't use it anymore

  • Great

    by Daltonryan

    Needs fastest help

  • Huh

    by CantB34tMe

    It's cool but.........well how do I create an account

  • Love it

    by Doll face:)

    I love this app it's more help then my teacher it breaks every thing done and its free!! But the only thing is if some one is a head of you it takes a while but other wise it's a great app in my oppinion anny way :)

  • Cool

    by Nothing bad!

    It's very cool, fun, and helpful, but for some reason I had one session and then it told me I needed to pay for it.

  • Awesome

    by Female videogamer12345

    It's like hiring a tutor for free!

  • Great app

    by Kyhdjbxhjvv

    It's a really good app but I wish you could have a tutor over the weekend.

  • Hehe

    by Lil flirt <3

    This thung is asome it help u alot :P

  • Love it but

    by Hans Capozzi

    I love this app I have gotten this great tutor (tutor111) they help you and the picture taking thing is great but first I had glitches with the white board and it should become 24/7 tutoring because I often need help late at night and on the weekend

  • It's great

    by Roodish Proverbs

    This is great to have, it's costs after the first 20 minute session like $5 US, so it's a little expensive when your asking questions to get an idea of specific material or you just need another example if something. All in all this is a great application, well worth the download, the tutors are very thorough and willing to explain every little step so you're never lost!

  • Great mobile tutoring app

    by JAD PDX

    motuto is easy to use and the tutors are easy to work with

  • Tutor wait

    by Greci18

    It takes forever to get a response. I'm very disappointed :/

  • Not So Good

    by kiki7486

    I had a problem with it, when I ended one session it said it was loading but it took forever and still didn't load my internet was good... But still nothing

  • Bad service

    by Pu Erh Tea

    It no use! It just take years for my turn to reach. Grrr... Who's the one so dumb ahead of me!!

  • Well...

    by **beautiful nightmare**

    It would be good if my chat bar didn't move so I can't say anything!!!!

  • Eh

    by Madelineshiell

    Seems like a good app but not enough tutors. "there are 29 students ahead of you." just like in class!

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