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Get the ultimate study resource for high school Integrated Mathematics III with the equivalent of over 861 pages of content aligned to the new Common Core State Standards! It's like buying two books worth of study material!

Integrated Mathematics III provides dozens of lessons and hundreds of practice questions, all written to the grade level of the student, and makes them easily accessible on all devices running iOS 5 or higher.

Top Student apps are designed by educators to provide the study materials and tools students need most.

Concepts Covered:

Number Sense and Operations
- Algebra
- Factoring
- Simplifying Polynomials
- Simplifying Rational Expressions

Functions and Equations
- Properties of Functions
- Linear Functions, Equations and Inequalities
- Quadratics
- Factoring Polynomials
- Polynomial Functions and Equations
- Logarithms and Exponents
- Rational, Radical and Absolute Values Functions
- Transformations

- Ratios and Special angles
- Sine and Cosine Law
- Periodic Functions
- Graphing Trigonometric Functions
- Properties of Graphs of Trigonometric Functions

- Orthographic and Isometric Views
- Problem Solving Using 3D Objects
- Optimization

Probability and Statistics
- Collecting and Displaying Data
- Analyzing Data
- Normal Curve
- Probability
- Reasonableness of Solutions
- Sequences and Series

Top Student provides the following features:

Instant Practice Quizzes: Test your knowledge on a particular topic or section of the curriculum by starting a practice test with a single tap. Each quiz is automatically graded when it's finished, giving you immediate feedback and full step-by-step solutions to all questions for an unparalleled review experience!

Bookmark for Later: Quickly bookmark lessons for further review later. Top Student keeps them stored locally on your device, so even if you're on the bus ride home, you don't need an Internet connection to do your studying!

Study Notes & Flashcards: We've built great study tools right into the app so you can create your own study notes (which link back to the appropriate lesson) and assemble your own flashcard deck for exam prep (try AirPlay Mirroring to your Apple TV for a more engaging experience!).

iCloud Support: All your previously taken quizzes and tests along with all your created Notes and Flashcards appear on all devices synced with iCloud. Continue studying from anywhere! (Note: iCloud accounts require the user to be age 13 years or older.)

Most printed study guides for high school Integrated Mathematics III are 500 pages or less for double the price. Get Top Student for the most comprehensive study resource on the market!

TEACHERS: Top Student study guides make an excellent in-class resource. If you're using iOS devices in your school and need curriculum-aligned materials (either Common Core or state standards), visit to purchase classroom sets of Top Student apps at a discount.


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