3D Papercraft - Create PaperChibi Avatar Education App Review (iOS, $2.99)

  • Category: Education
  • Publisher: BuddyPoke
  • Updated: Mar, 27 2013
  • Version: 1.0.4
  • Size: 31.99 MB

Languages: Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish, Chinese

Seller: BuddyPoke LLC

Fixed bugs and improved performance

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PaperChibi is an amazing new iOS application for personalized avatar paper crafts. Check out our video to see how it works: http://paperchibi.com/video Make cute chibi avatars; change their clothes, hairstyle, eyes, and lots more. Then print and make real 3D papercraft avatars. Create chibi friends and family. Make a t-rex or a car for your chibi to ride in.

To assemble: use an adhesive dot roller, scrapbooking glue dots, a glue stick, or small strips of double sided tape.

Works best with photo paper or card stock. Use AirPrint to send finished chibi directly to your printer; set your printer to use 8.5"x11" or A4 paper. Email a PDF or save one to iBooks or similar apps.

Chibi avatars are completely customizable! There are several print options that vary in poses and difficulty. The simplest chibi is very kid friendly. Incredibly fun for school art classes. Teachers, consider adding them to storytelling projects!

Take a photo of the chibi avatars you've made and share them on Instagram or Twitter with hash tag #paperchibi.

Follow us at https://twitter.com/paperchibi or http://facebook.com/paperchibi

Customer Reviews

  • by Alittletomgirl

  • Awesome

    by Jellybeee

    Cool game: please add spaceships and animals for next update

  • Chibi teacher

    by James Martin

    Great app to use in classroom!

  • More items needed

    by Mahboicharles

    There are items in the original Buddy Poke app that are not in this one and they should be. Also, more "anthro" body styles(ie: tails, ears, spines, wings, etc) would be great. Items such as animal, space, formal, robotic, and other Styles of suits would be great. This app by itself is okay at best, and needs a lot more stuff.

  • LOVE but one more thing

    by I luv purple 

    LOVE but why can't we wear hats on this I think I wasted my money or is it the fact that I can't find it? I Agree with ejcjfnc I still like the game but it needs hats ears and the stuff it had on the other game maybe if I can't put hats on my person then ill just draw one and glue it to my paper chibi but I want a hat on my character on my iPod I STILL LOVE THE APP IT'S SO CUTE AND COOL HOW TO CAN PRINT THESE PEOPLE OUT INTO THE REAL WORLD

  • So good

    by DaGla

    Amazing app I love u should totally buy it

  • Stupid

    by Ashlee morales

    You can't do anything but make them no offense

  • Love

    by Ejcjfnc

    Love the game but u should add hats and animal ears in the next update that would be awesome and please add the hats and animal ears like facebook that would be great and I would pay for that If you really care about your fans then you will give us what we want and to make a good impretion you should update normally and I believe that on the next update you should add new clothing such as animal ears and hats and maybe new colors or shirts and stuff well thats all for now but I love your game and remember to update on a normal bases to keep the game fun and wanted so more people will buy and love it cause i know I love it but anyways keep up the good work and please be coming out with a better update soon cause the game is becoming boring and we wanna keep it entertaining so more people will buy but Love the game and keep up the good work! And I personally love the game but I would really love if you updated with new things and im sure the other kids and adults that use the app would love it too and just as much as I do but please consider it and take my thoughts into thought, bye.

  • by LJV happy

    It is the best app on my phone!!

  • Ü

    by Lolli fudge productions :{ )

    I love it! Buddy poke is where you make avatars, now you can make 'em in real life!!! And you also can make the avatars! This is so awesome!

  • Awesome!

    by mrBrooks

    Great app, super cute, and pretty easy to put together crafts!

  • New update

    by Zombies Vs plants are awesome

    Will u make it so that u can scan the barcodes again like the other one so we can transfer our people from the other one to the new one? And how do u change the skin color? Make a step by step to how to print and build the paper dolls and will u make animals?


    by Kaimeya

    This app is amazing! You can fully customize your Chibi and they are easy to assemble and print! FIVE STARS EASILY

  • This app

    by EdrSacret

    I love this app so much!!! The reason why I only gave it four stars is because I can't figure out how to assemble the hair on the taller chibis :(

  • Awesome

    by Nemo:)345

    This game is awesome totally worth buying:)

  • Awesome

    by MRI therewasz

    I personally love this app. Its actually my favorite app.But I only have one little issue with it, on the other one u can send things to your friends with them in position here I just can't figure out how! I actually don't think u can. I still love this app though and if u get it u definitely won't regret it! So the conclusion is that it is a fun filled app where u can create avatars, cars, and even dinosaurs! So anyone out there who wants this app but is hesitant to get it I assure u it is one of the most fun create apps u will get, and if u look at the other comments I'm sure u will agree!

  • awesome

    by bob

    they have buddy poke and this cool papper chibi now they have to make buddyworld were u make your buddy and have money and play with friends

  • Love it!!!

    by DaftPunkOneMoreTime

    It's a little complicated, but after my second attempt, I finally got it. I used regular glue and applied the glue with a Q-Tip.

  • Love it!

    by CzOzone

    Love it! It's awesome how u can make ur own peeps and such.

  • Cool

    by Pinktal

    This app is cool create and fun you should download it :)

  • Add more

    by Me3848

    Please add animal ears and coats I don't see why there not there and if you want to get the app out there try freemyapps

  • Greatttt

    by Bahaajamal1992

    Thats why app store is way better than any other mobile application store, this app rocks

  • Ya boy

    by Teco Milan

    Ya boy

  • Wow

    by Spikelover208

    This is an amazing app.. You should make an app similar to this but with animals

  • Adorable!

    by Betty VonDoom

    It's a very cute app :)

  • FUN :)

    by Peacegirl580

    this game is so cool !!!!!!

  • 2 things

    by Raccoon & fox luver

    Add step by step how to print it and add more chibis to make I

  • Good app but I need to have the editors read this

    by I ❤ betta fish

    I already wrote a comment but I want to let the creators of this app know I think they should have jackets for the paper chibis

  • Omg I love this!

    by UseMyThoughts

    I love to make paper craft and this is so much fun! You should get this game if your not sure. I love this!!!!

  • Soooo much fun

    by Tuyen Pham

    This great I had so much fun and it's so cute

  • Fun

    by Tghffbczfh

    This game is soooooo fun!!!

  • Easy

    by Kiki the scientist

    It is just like the virtual version. It is also really easy to use. Awesome!

  • Cooll

    by Edavis1065


  • Great

    by metujka

    My daghter like it!

  • They Are Toys

    by Tara Tighiouart

    Well, I'm gonna send them to Toys R Us This is easy

  • SO COOL!!!

    by R.o.t.

    It brings these avatars out of the app and into the 3-D world

  • Awesome

    by Candy bar& sweets

    This app is awesome

  • Awesome!!

    by Mauthecat

    I love this app my nephew made 10 chibis in 5min!!

  • Awesome!!!

    by Cool bro I hate u

    I love it , it's so cute, I loved the first one more, but that's really cute that u can print little people, and have the stare at, when u sleep, on the first one when u update it can put a save button on it? Pleas?

  • Amazing!!!!

    by Lucy Babooci

    This app is soo cool! I loved the first app so much but I love this one soooo much more!!! Now not only can I design mini people, but now cars and dinosaurs! And if that wasn't enough, you can print them out and use them as - decorations - toys - maybe even a gift!!!! Keep it up guys!!!!

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