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  • Updated: Oct, 22 2011
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-64-bit support for iPhone 5s, iPad Air, and iPad Mini w/ Retina Display
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Optimize your study time for the AP U.S. Government & Politics exam with Brainscape!

Brainscape’s 600+ dynamic flashcards, covering the foundations of American government to modern foreign policy, present a highly effective, efficient, and fun way to study for one of the most demanding AP courses you will take. We have ensured that we cover all the fundamental material from the College Board’s AP U.S. Government topical outline, so you know you are covering all your bases! What's more, this app is more than just a set of facts and definitions; we also present the context and significance of the events and decisions we describe.

Whether you want help with your civics homework and quizzes, or want to do a comprehensive review for the AP exam, these flashcards will put the most important facts and concepts about the U.S. government at your fingertips. Study by specific topic, or with a randomized mix; search for specific terms and trials; check your stats to track your progress -- it’s up to you!

Research shows that quizzing yourself is one of the best ways to study. Brainscape’s adaptive platform lets you immediately diagnose weak areas (which will repeat more frequently as you study) and avoid over-studying already strong areas (which will be sorted out for you). It also tracks your overall success throughout. This won't completely replace your books -- but it will help you memorize the most important information you need to know for the AP exam.

Brainscape has embarked on setting the highest standard for AP prep in the mobile community. The idea is to mesh the complete College Board outline of material with clear explanations in a streamlined adaptive flashcard software, so you can study as efficiently as possible. Good luck!

Customer Reviews

  • Best App I've Ever Used!

    by mbb13

    Out of the five review apps I've downloaded for this year's AP exams, Brainscape was by far the most helpful, informative, correct, and extensive of them. Bountiful with review cards categorized by section, you can rate your knowledge of each question. Then, at a neurologically set speed, the same questions will relapse based on your mastery of them, and you will have the opportunity to redo them and rerate them as necessary. I love Brainscape and wish I could recommend it to every student out there, whether in high school or college. It is very user-friendly and worth the download! Amazing! Thank you Brainscape!

  • Great review product

    by VLE33

    Wow this is so comprehensive. It has really helped me review all the important facts for APGov. And it's so easy to use and I can study anywhere. I love it!

  • Nice

    by DaddyDudeA

    Very solid fact review. Highly recommended!

  • Awesome

    by julie79891

    Love the concept, great content.

  • Great

    by Shnozzleberry

    Really helpful

  • Great quiz of thing you thought you knew.

    by Never Forget1

    Quite entertaining. New version better, with more detailed questions and answers. Presidents section needs more content about the actions and challenges faced rather than just dates of service.

  • Not Bad

    by SavvyEspi94

    Nice as a refresher.

  • Amazing!

    by N.Bond

    This is what smartphones should be utilized for! This is a great app!

  • Love

    by Mixxedladyy90

    Loves it !

  • Helpful.

    by Masteryoyo28

    Best flash card system out there.

  • Amazing

    by Wendy Stoffel

    Love how there's no silly distractions with cute animations, etc. works great.

  • An app for The average person

    by J Frausto is bored

    I have to be honest, this is one of the most useful education apps I've come across. If your unfamiliar with physics and government this app will work for you. Anytime your just sitting around waiting or doing nothing open this app and have fun.

  • Awesome app

    by Usmfan83

    Using this app to help understand the constitution better. It has really helped me progress in my understanding of politics and better understand the issues people such as Andrew wilkow talks about on a daily bases.

  • Great Tool

    by @HearMiOut

    This is a great tool for any American who wants to know more about the structure and functioning of the country and possibly anyone with political aspiration.

  • Amazing

    by Janmarbon

    My 12 year old son and I have learned so much. It's fun to challenge ourselves and see how much we know and how much we learn.

  • Excellent Fun for Americans and Illegal...

    by Mike Kay

    Truly is a great app. Learning about our America and putting to memory (especially our Constitution & Bill of Rights) is a must to defend against Liberal and Statist philosophies. It helped me, and I'm a slack-jawed moron who can't even string together a proper English sentence from the words I heard on Fox News.

  • Excellent fun for Americans and Illegal Immigrants

    by Bigbluelion

    Truly is a great App. Learning about our America and putting to memory (especially our Constitution & Bill of Rights) is a must to defend against Liberal and Statist philosophies.

  • Wow

    by Rob da bob 0107

    Excellent app!

  • So helpful & useful

    by AC-rater

    I really like the structure of this app.

  • 10 stars!

    by Tyler evarts

    Perfect help for my AP class, and all information is relevant and up to date. Thanks, BrainScape!

  • Liberal BS!

    by Michael Osborne

    This app is very Leftist. I hate it and I hate the fact that I paid for it. Why can't you people just stick to the content and leave your Liberal nonsensical bias out of it?! Conservative forever!

  • Not 100% accurate

    by Banananananas

    They define 'federalism' as the "Belief that more governmental power should be devolved to the constituent states of a government." This is incorrect. Federalism is a form of governmental structuring, not a belief. This fundamental inaccuracy discouraged me from going through the rest of the app.

  • An amazing refresher!

    by VictorianVoice

    Very easy to use - and it covers anything and everything under the sun!

  • This helped so much

    by Tyguy83

    I used this all day to study for my Civics test on the constitution and I think I did really good

  • More subjects please ?!!

    by Beestew1

    There are so many subjects and I'm never bored cause I can study on my phone in my free time. This is my favorite app and I really wish they had one for every subject !

  • Great for Beginners

    by *-Elizabeth-*

    I'm a fourteen year-old girl who has an extreme interest in politics, and the only thing stopping me from having a better understanding of it was that I didn't know much about the functions of the U.S. Government. And this was exactly what I was looking for . . . it's to the point and very informative. This comes highly recommended!

  • Amazing

    by For the birds...

    As a Political Science major, this app is a great way to review and refresh important info. Amazing app

  • Useful

    by Fushitaka

    Despite the initial onslaught of instructions that pop up, it is a great app! I highly recommend it!

  • Great app

    by dathlete15

    Learning has occurred

  • Thumbs up

    by dr194

    Great app. Variety of uses regarding how notecards are displayed.

  • None

    by Llarson6174

    Great! Super easy to use, great for memorization and study.

  • Great

    by Will/$)(


  • This is great!

    by shapeterson

    This app makes it really easy to review things on government. I've only done the vocabulary so far, but the system used was super effective.

  • I Love this app

    by Dimitri Alexzander

    This app is amazing ..... I think it's really great that someone took the time to create something that is going to educate people on American history and government ..... It is also very helpful for high school or college students studying subjects relevant to gov or history .... It really helps you to learn and remember .... Totally worth downloading .... This is my favorite app

  • Very Helpful!

    by LebronFanatic

    Awesome app!

  • Awesome

    by biglip

    This app helped me so much

  • Yes!

    by Yeth,Yeth

    I feel smarter!!!! This is so worth downloading!

  • Embarrass anyone on debates

    by Carlitonos

    If you are into politics this app will expand your knowledge and get you more than ready to defend your point of view!

  • Amazing !!!

    by Biiianey

    Deffenantly recommended !

  • Good App!

    by enigmatogo

    I am a college student, and my major is criminal justice. I found this app amazing way to learn about structure of the government. I wish that there would be more apps like this one.

  • Great quiz

    by Gardeng1rl

    It is every Americans responsibility to try this ap.

  • Love it!!

    by Alexandra Fastle

    So helpful for touching up on that thing we call "the government."

  • Great

    by Gabi Incorvaia

    I love it. Fun an informative.

  • Easily become proficient in US government

    by Khandspring

    This app is a great self-help way for refreshing or increasing your knowledge of government. People think they know how government works, but it is painfully obvious that a little knowledge can be worse than no knowledge.

  • Best

    by Iiiiiiiiiiichrisiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    Best thing since sliced bread

  • Great imformation

    by Nijixing

    It really helps me to learn about the government

  • Awesome

    by KTH2911

    Things we should know but most of us don't.

  • Just like hs

    by Bornagain710

    Informative and entertaining

  • It really helps

    by AAGooch

    I used it whenever I was using the restroom, it's a perfect study tool and really helped with gov! I love the way the flashcards help you review. I recommend this app to anyone in gov or political science!

  • Great!

    by Estheromerrill

    Awesome, really does help.

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