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- iPad version included

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How to choose a name? The answer is "BABY".
An iPhone application that lets you choose the name of your baby. Then make the first gift to your newborn child: a Name for Life. Choose from a list of first names by gender, country, religious influences, or a Star name. An application compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and The iPad. Requires OS 3.0 or latest IOS.
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Customer Reviews

  • Baby

    by Pagent girl

    My husband and I found the best name for our baby I am a little surprised that so many people don't like it

  • It works now

    by kimmithy

    the app is a little slow. It works---but it's slow. And.. some of the names sound fake, or like jibberish. And some of the names are in all capital letters. Weird I am deleting the app. There are better free baby names apps out there. This one bores me

  • So many

    by Fredj2

    I like it!

  • Do not download

    by Thoth81

    This app is not only slow, but has no tool to help with the choice of a name. It is just a long list of names.

  • No functionality

    by tlczek

    The description implies that you can narrow your results by various factors. You can't. As a previous reviewer said it is simply a list of names without any further description than "English" "Irish" "Hebrew" "Polish" etc. and the only sort is alphabetically by gender. Useful as a list, but that's all.

  • Hard to use

    by Not a fan of this.

    There are so many names and you cannot search one or look in any catagories other than boy/girl. Also,it is hard belive that some of these are names, like the ones with about 25 letters!

  • Just Names

    by Channel Jules

    Nothing exciting... Just baby names, no meanings nothing... Just a long rolling list of names.

  • Don't waste your time

    by Jesse Bayer

    Doesnt even load

  • Awkward.

    by Card"4

    Kids friend: hey, how'd you get your name?? Kid: my parents found it on an iPhone app...

  • Does not even work!!!!

    by Pat H

    Such a waist of time!!!!!

  • Doesn't work

    by Neon mystery

    Doesn't work ...... Freezes up to much.... Some names sound like they were made up

  • Wak

    by Thugsterish

    Not doing it

  • Bad!

    by SaraphenA

    The app takes forever to load and usually crashes while doing so, but in the off chance it does open, it's completely non responsive. Don't waist your time. There are better apps for baby names.

  • Gaay

    by Jeeremiah

    This is so gaay it doesnt even work.!

  • April Fool's Day?

    by xr0adie

    Very strange and useless. It's not even worth the price (free). It's a list of names, alphabetically; boys, girls, or all. With directions, if you can't figure it out. If there's any more than that, I certainly can't make it work.

  • Won't open!

    by Allielovesyou!!

    Pretty stupid!

  • Doesnt even work

    by Aguaholic

    Half the time it crashes and the other half its sit frozen.

  • Terrible

    by Josh Cason

    Doesn't work. Freezes up and can't even use it.

  • Um..

    by MavrickMountain

    Would be cool if it worked

  • No

    by glsillygili

    This does not work just says please wait in poopy and then does ****

  • Useless & weird

    by avalverde

    Weird name list.

  • Mommytobe

    by BiteHarder

    This app freezes and exits as it pleases. None of the buttons work except info. Pointless

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