Bruegel HD Reference App Review (iOS, $0.99)

  • Category: Reference
  • Publisher: Boram Kim
  • Updated: Jan, 08 2011
  • Version: 1.92
  • Size: 114.58 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Boram Kim

-Email error pop-up message added
"Pop-up error message is prompted if the user tries to access email function without prior email login"
-Bookmark duplicate error fixed
"Now bookmarking the same image for more than once is prohibited, and pop-up error message is prompted"
-'Save to Photo" function within the Bookmark category fixed
"Now saving a photo to device from Bookmark category is enabled"
-Minor Bug fixed

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★Special 75% Sale★
✰Overdamped Art Series™ proudly presents Bruegel HD✰
Download & Find out why Apple Inc. and iPad users chose Van Gogh HD, one of our Art Series, as the "Top Paid App of the Year" in ◀◀REWIND 2010

◆From the Creators of Van Gogh HD & Da Vinci HD◆
Meet the famous "Peasant Bruegel", a Flemish Renaissance painter and printmaker known for his landscapes and peasant scenes. Experience some of the best Flemish Renaissance paintings such as 'The Tower of Babel' and 'Children's Games' in 12 Amazing categories in Full HD.

1. Landscapes
2. Children's Game
3. Netherlandish Proverbs
4. Village life
5. Demons and Devils
6. The Tower of Babel
7. The Series of the Months
8. Religious themes
9. The Sermon of the St. John the Baptist
10. Peasant life
11. Miscellaneous
12. Sketches

Each piece contains:
1. Title
2. Original Year
3. Method/Tools
4. Size of Original Painting
5. Current Location & Ownership

✓ Zoom in/out, Slideshow
✓ Save, Bookmark, Email
✓ Wikipedia Articles (when applicable)
✓ Background Music
✓ No Internet required

♧Take Advantage of our Universal Binary. Have it installed on iPad AND iPhone in HD
♧Creators of Van Gogh HD and Da Vinci HD
♧Quality & Quantity Guaranteed

Music Credit:
Marc ANDRÉ - Sur la route de la vie

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Customer Reviews

  • Well worth the dollar!

    by Kattka

    Keep them coming, overdamped! Though the selections of the artists' works are not nearly complete, they are great. Beautliful and well put together. Just up the resolution now and then, please.

  • Great Art app

    by patski0

    Best use of the full screen on the iPad. The subtitles (name of piece, year, etc) are toggled on or off by a single tap. Zoom using standard pinching gestures. The given resolution is just above full screen. Meaning; zooming will not produce much extra detail. Still, not disappointing at all. Nice optional music that is appropriate for the time and genre. Watch for holiday and weekend discounts and "Collect Them All!"

  • Incredible art app

    by xplosiva

    Yes! Bruegel on iPad. this is awesome. If you like art at all, even if you do not know who Bruegel is, this is a must get app for sure. Bruegel's paintings are so epic. Worth every penny and you will not regret getting it.


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