Biology Quiz Education App Review (iOS, $12.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Birchfield Interactive Ltd



Biology Quiz for students aged 14-16 is a superb way to test your knowledge of Biology ready for exam time. It's also great as an introduction or plenary to a topic you are currently studying.

Just choose a bank of questions from the topic list. You'll be asked 10 randomised questions from the topic you choose. Every time you get one wrong, we'll show you the correct answer allowing you to learn as you go. You'll get a percentage score for each test you do and we'll let you know how many questions you got right in a row. A perfect way to learn and revise ready for exams. There are over 1700 Biology questions across 18 topic areas.

All these topics are covered in the quiz:
Breathing and Respiration; Cells, Tissues and Organs; Cellular Respiration; Circulation; Digestion and Nutrition; Genetics; Healthy Living; Hormones and Reproduction; How Science Works; Kidneys and Homeostasis; Living Things and Their Environment; Micro-organisms and Biotechnology; Nervous System; Nucleic Acids and Genetic Engineering; Photosynthesis; Plant Biology; Transport in Animals; Biological Molecules.

This app is perfect for use on all iOS devices.

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