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Languages: English

Seller: Bee Visual LLC

- Fix display problem with image search on iPad
- Fix crash when importing boards from the Import Boards menu
- Various iOS 7 compatibility improvements

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The Choiceworks app is an essential learning tool for helping children complete daily routines (morning, day, & night), understand & control their feelings and improve their waiting skills (taking turns and not interrupting). Created with the support of leading hospitals and child development specialists, this app is designed for caregivers to provide clear and consistent support to foster a child’s independence, positive behavior, and emotional regulation at home and in the community. It can also be customized for teachers in a school setting.

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Key Features
■ Three boards: Schedule, Waiting, and Feelings
■ Three Companion Books supporting each board
■ Image Library preloaded with over 180 images and audio
■ Add your own images and record your own audio for limitless customizability
■ Easily create profiles to personalize and manage multiple users
■ Save an unlimited number of boards for multiple children or different routines
■ Speaks boards out loud with professionally recorded audio
■ Time saving essentials like search and auto-save
■ Share boards by Email or iTunes File Sharing with other Choiceworks app users
■ Ability to print boards or save as PDF

Schedule Board
The Schedule Board focuses on making task completion easier and more fun, allowing the user to select up to five steps on iPhone, seven on iPhone 5 and eight on iPad that can be easily reordered. The schedule is then paired with an all done column to check off steps toward a motivating reward. As the task image slides to the all done column, the user gets both visual and audio confirmation. Schedules can be enhanced by adding a timer. The schedules are easy to edit and fully customizable. Once you have created a schedule, it will be saved automatically.

Waiting Board
The Waiting Board is a great way to teach waiting skills like taking turns and/or not interrupting. The user can begin by reading the companion book, When Do I Have to Wait?, in order to explain to the child the reason why everyone has to wait on occasion. Using the waiting board, the top picture can be selected to indicate the reason why the child will be waiting and a timer can be set to show how long the child will be waiting. Next, both the user and the child can select an activity for the child to do while waiting.

Feelings Board
The Feelings Board provides a tool for helping children understand and express emotions. The user can begin by reading the companion book, When I Get Upset, to provide an example of how the child might recognize an emotion and choose a coping strategy. On the Feelings Board, the user can then help the child indicate how they are feeling from a range of options, select a coping strategy, and then request an activity which would likely help them feel better or re-engage with others.

Supporting multiple children is effortless with Profiles. When using profiles, the app automatically organizes boards by child and encourages independence by removing the distraction of other children's boards. Personalize each profile with a name and custom photo.

Image Library
The Image Library comes preloaded with over 180 of Bee Visual’s most commonly used images, each with professionally recorded audio. You can access the images quickly using the search feature or simply by scrolling through the images. Users can add to the Image Library by selecting an image from their own camera roll or by taking a photo. The user can then add a caption and record the audio. The images can be defined as a Schedule Board Title, a Task or an Activity, a Waiting Board Skill or Activity, and/or a Feelings Board Activity. This allows only the images you want to use in those categories to be viewed when you are editing and customizing the boards.

2012 Wynsum Arts Apps of Distinction Award Recipient
2012 Readers Choice Winner - Best Special Needs App
2012 Gold Stevie Award Winner - Best Mobile App

Customer Reviews

  • SCERTS Training

    by Harponmaggie

    This APP was mentioned at my training with the fabulous Emily Rubin today. I've customized 8 boards tonight within an hour of purchasing. Love that I can email, print, or save them to iTunes to load onto another student's board. With the option of loading my pics to their boards I know my kids will be improving with language and emotional regulation. THANK YOU!

  • Awesome App

    by JWalker88

    This app gets better with every new update! Thank you Choiceworks!

  • Father of twins

    by TwinDadGeek

    Last major upgrade added support for profiles so now it is a breeze to use this with my twins. Keeps getting better.

  • Great customer support

    by Bob from LC

    I had an issue importing boards from and old original iPad to the iPad Mini. I sent a message to support via Facebook. Michele responded to me very quickly. I sent them some of the boards and they confirmed there was in issue within a few hours, but provided me a work around (use email) to allow me to import the boards. I was very pleased with their responsiveness and the provided solution until a fix can be deployed. My autistic son uses the application every day. We have created many boards, which is time consuming, but worth the effort. Overall, we’re very pleased with the application.

  • Love this! Super easy to use!

    by Iwantmymoneyback$$$

    Within an hour of buying this app I have 3 schedules printed out, laminated, and on the wall! Awesome app. A few ideas to improve the app: It would be great to have the option to just put a bunch of images on a page to print and use for toy/ craft/ clothes storage and labeling. Would also love to be able to change the blue background to white. Uses a ton of ink when printing.

  • Love it But Needs Racial Diversity

    by stbruce

    Great app! I'm a school counselor and can't wait to use with my kiddos. However when you do an update it would be helpful for children of color to be able to see themselves in some of the visuals. Otherwise, love the concept!!!!!

  • Love Love Love!

    by mom2lilvols

    Absolutely in love with the ChoiceWorks app!! Been trying to find an app that would take the place of a physical picture schedule because our schedule changes so much in the afternoons/evenings depending on the day of the week and I didn't want to have to print/keep up with tons of different pictures. Plus I ALWAYS have my phone with me so no more forgetting the pic schedule at home. This is by far my favorite picture scheduling app I have found. My 6 year old son with ASD loves it! (And my neurotypical 4 yo does too!) Very highly recommend!

  • Convenient, Easy to Use, Great Features

    by MommaButton

    I've only had this app for a little over a week and I'm so happy with what I've seen! I bought it at the same time as another app, but after going through initial setups on both I have no inclination to keep the other one. I can't imagine an app being more user-friendly than this one. The design is so simple and versatile compared to several others I've tried, I'm amazed by it's uniqueness and truly impressed with the developer(s?) who put it together. My favorite features are the timers for each task, the options available for creating new tasks, and the one that spurred me to write this review: SHARING ABILITY. I just discovered that any schedule I create or modify on my iPhone can be shared with my iTunes account and from there it can be downloaded onto any device that is linked to the iTunes account - most importantly: my son's iPad. Not having the limitation of changes needing to be made on the user's device really puts this app over the top for me. The schedule can also be emailed, printed, or made into a PDF. The only features I would like to see added at this point would be to have more than five tasks on a schedule and to be able to set alarms/reminders that would open up a schedule and prompt the user to use it. The alarm would be a little more desirable for me because I think more tasks on the screen would hurt the visibility of the images. I would also like the "Then I can" section to speak the word "OR" between the options... and maybe to have a menu pop-up with more than just two options. Overall, I'm extremely happy with this purchase and looking forward to using it this school year. Hmmm... Maybe someday we'll see an entire calendar month version? Or even year?!

  • Best scheduling app out there

    by bajebooth

    I think this is one of the best schedulers out there. I use it everyday - to plan sessions, have kids plan their sessions, use it as a treasure hunt check list, and on and on. The possibilities are endless. You can customize schedules with your own pictures and display reinforcers for after completing your schedule. I know of one Mom who uses this app as a checklist for her child in the grocery store. It helps her child know that the shopping will soon end, and there is a promise reward afterwards. There are also waiting boards and feeling boards that you can create. Social Story companion books are also included with all the boards. The updated version of choiceworks now includes individual user profiles, simplified navigation between boards, an improved image editor, and the ability to copy and share boards via iTunes. I recommend this app for all my parents.

  • Just got this app

    by Drama4three

    I just got this app so it's hard to really put a rating on it. A few things that I would really like to see is after setting up a schedule for my son (age 5) SPD/ADD is the ability to change the timer sound to something different. The chime just doesn't get my attention, nor do I think my kiddo would get it. Also, it would be great to use the recorded voice for the Title instead of the standard voice if possible. (i.e. I put a title Johnny's Bedtime Routine and then recorded my voice. It still says my schedule, not the recorded. It would just make it more personal for the child.) I'm looking forward to putting this in place and seeing when will happen.

  • Excellent

    by Double time mom

    This is our most used app. My son is 4 and has mild autism. This app is user friendly, We are a busy family and this app helps my son understand what the day holds. It is quick and simple to take my own picture and record my voice with the activity. No parent of an autistic child should be without this app. On our suggestion, our son's schools will be using this app as well.

  • Great app!

    by Kkearley1

    I love the choiceworks app. It is such a great, portable communication tool to help facilitate transitions for my son and mitigate meltdowns. I love the customization of the schedule, the timer and the ability to create new activities using your own pics!

  • Needs a clock...otherwise great!

    by Scooterpie75

    I just purchased this for my son, who is active and independent, to learn scheduling & being able to stay on task. I misunderstood the timer, and thought it was a clock. A timer is great but we really need the clock to make this to make it work for our family. Other than that, great app for children and families of all types. Another bonus is the print function so we can post a 'hard copy' of the schedules too (especially for the times the iPad is not supposed to be in use).

  • Limited Steps on Boards

    by <3 Mommy

    If your routines only have 5 steps (up to 8 on iPad) then this should work out pretty well for you. You can add pictures & Audio for your own custom steps (like creating a shower card as they only have bath pre-made.) I don't have an opinion on the other boards (waiting/feelings) yet as I was interested in the visual schedule routine aspect. As such this doesn't work for me since our schedules contain more than 8 steps before "choices" can be made. (Perhaps they'll add the ability to have more steps in the future.) Also the support books really need the ability to be created and edited by the user, but that was a nice touch and I hope they really open this up for customization in the future. To summarize: This may work for you, but doesn't for me however I do see lots of potential here which is why I gave it 3 stars and an "OK" rating.

  • Schedule

    by Kara Hartman

    Would give it 5 stars if you add the ability to add times (7:45-8 is snack), and a visual timer (not numbers, just a visual of the clock).thanks!

  • Very useful for independence

    by Homeschooler345

    Great app for fostering independence. The timer is great. Could you please add support for actual wall clock time? And a clock showing the time? That way you can use it as a calendar as well. Thank you.

  • Great basic scheduler

    by Mom2tf

    Thanks for the recent updates! So nice to be able to correct touch-mistakes without having to reset the schedules to the beginning! Love the new sound feature. Would also love to see the ability to import pix from online or copy existing icons and give them a new name. Haven't tried email but know we will use it. Great scheduler. We use it multiple times per day!

  • New features

    by Luv my kiddos

    Printable boards and more customized sound options. Excellent!

  • Great App Made Better!

    by PrAACticalAAC

    Love all the new features for sharing and customization. Thanks for updating to make life easier for the student and the teacher/parent/significant other.

  • Wow!

    by Baltzleys Rock

    We've had this app for just two weeks, and it's already helped so much! Our son with autism loves the Waiting Board, and we love being able customize the images. Great value for the price!!!

  • No sound

    by Lilyjanesmom

    Great idea but the sound won't work. Very expensive for an app that doesn't have sound.

  • Sound

    by Need to hear it 0001

    Loved this app until sound went away. One day it worked, next day it didn't. Have tried everything to troubleshoot. Need sound for this app. Please fix!

  • Needs more custom options

    by Butters5783

    This app has some good features like having many pictures to choose from and allowing for emailing and printing the visual schedules. It also lets you use your own photos to personalize. However you can't change the titles of the pictures, you can't just make a simple schedule without the "if/then" format, and while there are many photos there is still a need for more. There should be more "feelings" choices as well. Where is "worried?" I make visual schedules all the time for elementary students and every student has unique circumstances. I am disappointed to spend $7 and not have more pictures and more customizable options.

  • Ugh

    by Lo8lita

    I really, really wish I could get my money back. This is only worth .99. SO disappointed!!!!!

  • Pre-K ESE Teacher

    by ESEteacher

    This app is great! The picture library is nearly perfect for the classroom setting. Housekeeping/dramatic play icons are needed, but easily added. Adding timers was ingenious! Need to be able to "drag" icons to quickly rearrange tasks w/o having to delete and add. Would love to have a computer/Smartboard version!!! with wireless sync so that we could "check schedule" at cafeteria, playground, etc. Awesome app!

  • Visual Timer

    by mikecohen

    Crashing constantly when I upload my own picture.

  • Love the app but...

    by Princesstyrtle

    App (iPhone and iPad) crashes constantly after uploading my own photo to it. If it weren't for that, it's definitely a 5star app. The only other thing I would like to see is an update that features a variety of moods for the feeling board. My son is frequently in pain or sad from certain things and that way he can choose how he feels and make it easier to communicate.

  • A must

    by Sped teach11

    This app is AMAZING and will have great benefits for students/children who require visual supports. I LOVE the way the schedule is read to the student and they can slide the activity to the all done. The timer option for activities is great. It really answers the questions of 1) what am I doing, 2) how much do I have to do, 3) when I am done, and 4) what's next. The basic questions that need to be answered for students with ASD for programming to make sense. The app is very easy to use and a must for special needs classrooms or homes.

  • data collection?

    by Acdfc

    As a kinder teacher this app works great for behavioral plans in the classroom. However, I wish there was a way to save or record the data entered such as, "Did the child successfully make their behavior goal during circle time last week?" in order to track behavior and store data for RTI. I think this app is PERFECT for parents!

  • Fantastic!

    by Allthegoodnicknames

    Love that I can customize so easily! The stories that give an explanation to scheduling & waiting are a great bonus. This is one of the most useful apps.

  • Best Visual Scheduling App on the Market!

    by iTaalk

    I have used just about every scheduling app in iTunes. I cannot say enough positive about this app. Choiceworks developers have thought of everything. Ability to modify a schedule on the fly, add your own photos (but I haven't even had to import my own photo(s) because the library of choices is thorough, BEAUTIFUL and appropriate), a timer function, and voice output. As a parent of a very active little guy with Autism, user-friendly and quick-to-edit is of upmost importance. I love this app, it has changed our home routines, my son's demeanor, and mine. AMAZING app...Worth every penny and MORE!

  • Choiceworks


    Wow I love this app I have tried 2 other scheduling apps. Hands down this is the best! Thank you!

  • teacher

    by Mrskochie

    I have been impressed with this app since I downloaded it. Now, I have boards set up for the entire day and some of my most challeged students are doing incredibly well with it! One suggestion would be to be able to arrange the various boards in the order that they are used during the day. Once one board is used it is placed on the top of the menu which creates a little confusion for students and paras.

  • Scheduling Hero

    by MommySquare

    Best app for explaining schedule. Easy to maneuver and edit. Love the book options to help reinforce schedule and tasks. Thank u for an awesome tool!!!!

  • Clear. Concise. and Freedom from Velcro!

    by KVSautismmom

    Thank you so much for making an app version of ChoiceWorks. This is a must have for any special education teacher or special needs parent. Clear visuals with concise flow., and no more velcro! thank you!

  • Awesome!!

    by Momz000

    This app is amazing! Perfect for helping both of my kids- one ASD- with waiting and schedules! Love the social stories too! Very easy to set up and use!

  • Grrreat

    by Autism rocks

    Great great app! Great pictures and very easy to use! Great job!

  • Wonderful, super easy app!

    by ShannonTx

    I downloaded this app today. I am in love with it already. Many apps are really good but have a huge learning curve. I have two special needs children and it is really hard for me to read manual after manual and learn complicated apps. This app was so easy to learn. I just got it this afternoon and have been using it for the last hour with my four-year-old son that has autism. It is so easy to customize. We're working on it right now with the task of him doing a puzzle and getting ready to go in the car and then heading to the grocery store. Thank you so much for this easy use use app. I can't wait to tell his teachers and therapists and try it with my younger son.

  • Mom and teacher

    by Grozer

    Wonderful, wonderful app!!

  • Great app

    by Speechtchr

    Wonderful app! Will be using at school! Many thanks for a great program.

  • Nice one!

    by AAC Girl

    Great way to explain waiting! Visuals are clear and very functional!

  • Must Have Supportive App *****

    by BeVerbal

    Clean crisp graphics, Simple to use, Not over stimulating, Offers user the option to personalize, It's many features makes it highly supportive. One can not go wrong investing in this app :) 5 Star App all the way *****

  • Aussie Nanny

    by Aussie Aya

    I love this app! It provides a clear visual for the kids' daily tasks, it gives them choices to look forward to, and they enjoy checking off each step. I was amazed how quickly i learned to use it.

  • Teacher

    by Pip38

    I use this with my students and I can't believe how much better it has made their day! They are more independent and love having choices at their fingertips....for so many things!!! The image library is huge and pictures are clear. Customizing the schedules with my own pictures is a breeze too! I can pull up one from my own library or take one on the fly and add it in within seconds. One of my students was interested in recording the names for the new pictures so I got a bonus language time in! So glad I got this app!!

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