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- User interface improvements
- The calculator now saves functions and variables between uses

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Go from Geek to Chic in one second flat with this cool calculator. Rated the "Best" graphing calculator app by "Fairly easy to use" from Investing so little to download Calculator AXL can save you $100 USD off of the retail price of comparable graphing calculators. And, best of all, you can finally look cool using it.

Calculator AXL™ is not just a powerful graphing calculator, but it also has a robust calculator full of additional functions.

Let’s face it. Carrying a bulky calculator is now a thing of the past. The only problem you'll have left to solve is how to tell your co-workers and friends "get your own!" when they want to borrow it from you.

Powergraph with customizable background like colors, adding grid lines, etc.

- Allows for parametric and other polar equations
- Quickly add functions to a graph
- Tap twice on any intersect to find where functions intersect the axis and each other
- Full complex number support
- More than 25 built in functions
- Implicit multiplication
- Store results into custom variables for complicated equations

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Customer Reviews


    by Carlheanerd

    This is one of the better apps out thete for graphing. However, a few keys need remapping (the X is too out of the way) and some interface polish is desirable. I have yet to see ANY app have a coordinate table. Add that and it will be an outstanding app.

  • needs one more thing

    by chisoxrock

    an equal sign. what i need to do is somthing like 4X + 7Y=9 and then underneth it it would say something like 9Y + 4X=7 and i have to find the point of intersection. please an update with this feature would be awsome. if it aready has it and i just do not know how to do it will someone please explain.

  • Great graphs, interface needs polish

    by Joe Chrysler

    From a graphing speed point of view, this is the best app out there. It allows for smooth zooming/panning. Unfortunately, from an interface perspective, it's one of the worse apps on the app store. The main buttons to switch from graph to calculator mode is finicky, the interface is, well, clunky. It feels like a calculator shoehorned into an iPhone rather than a system to calculate made for the iPhone.

  • Great calculator!

    by Bronxjames

    I'm glad I got this calculator. Very useful.

  • Great Calculator

    by Barno909

    I was working on physics homework at work and had left my TI-83 at home, but I had my iPhone. After a quick search I found this calculator. I'm not big on buying apps, but I needed the calculator. I read another review that said the calculator could do all that their TI calc could do. That sold me, seeing as I paid $90 for my TI-83. Thanks to the this calculator I was able to finish my homework and submit it online in time. My only suggestion is that the calculator have a mode menu where I could change it between radians and degrees or into polar graphing. Other than that awesome product at a great price!

  • Calculator needs

    by kia_babigurl

    It's ok but I need coordinates

  • Very, very satisfied.

    by Analitic

    I definitely recommend this calculator/grapher. It is by far the most complete one on the App store, you won't need any other or need to be changing checking  who does what. Its a bummer to be using one calculator for this and changing calc to do other things. I does more than the big bricks from TI or HP. You can zoom on the graphs, expand, change colors, you ca do simple to extreme calculations and design your own formulas. The only bad thing I see, is that it takes you a few minutes to figure out how to work formulas, because we think traditional calcs, but once you get the hang of it you will never go back. This calculator is the one that truly uses the iPhone capabilities.

  • I'm never going back to TI calculators ever again

    by joshiedarko

    This is one of the best graphing calculators (if not the best) available for the iPhone. It does everything I need in a graphing calculator, and it easy to use. I recommend this calculator to anyone in school taking math. It's amazing! It saved me a $100 from having to buy one of those Texas Instrument calculators.

  • Totally psyched!

    by mikeandmia

    Never thought this was possible! It works just like the calculator you buy at the store! But...much cheaper! Great app!

  • Pretty good app

    by Shorty in H.S.

    I bought this app for my midterms (and for finals at the end of the year), which are like next week, and it takes a while to figure out how to use it. I am glad i bought this app, it charged me an extra dollar but most people cant afford to buy some brick-like calculator that does the same thing but in poorer quality and is $100 more. The color changes is a big bonus. Maybe adding a quick how to use menu would help dummies like me. Always invest carefully, but this is worth it!

  • No lag & saved me $100 bucks!!

    by iPhone Junkie

    This is what I was looking for. It doesn't even lag when I zoom into or out of graphs.

  • It will take you about 1 hour to get used to all functions

    by Masterwebing

    Over all, it's decent and nice to have, but there are so many functions and it can get a bit confusing. If you had a graphing calculator and knew how to use it before then it's pretty easy. Thank you for creating the app.

  • Not Recomended Unitl The Basics Are Corrected

    by 10Rob32

    -Needs to keep last calculation active -Lacks Scientific Notation Input This Calculator has many nice features, but is extremely annoying in that it cannot manipulate previous calculations as far as I can tell. For instance even the most basic calculator can add (5+5) = 10 and then adding to the previous answer (+5) = 15, this does not happen due to the input line being cleared each time. This simple feature is found on every calculator I have ever used! On a high note the Graphing and Function features are well done, although lacking features are good for viewing a functions shape (Not enough features for school use because no way to use the graph data is provided other than the intersect point of two functions). One other gripe as an engineer would be NO exponential notation support, also a basic feature on any serious calculator because entering 0.000000000123 instead of 123e-12 is just not cool. My conclusion is this calculator would make a nice free app but is not ready for production until the basics are corrected. Also the key presses do not make a click sound, despite being enabled, as this is the only feedback apple provided for the iPhone. I would think that feature should be supported also. This calculator can in no way replace an HP or TI scientific calculator, so don’t get your hopes up. If the simple problems are corrected it would do in a pinch or for general purpose use. Most pros don’t use the graphing features as we already know what functions look like so… There are quite a few more feature that I like and dislike, but I don’t have the time to cover all of them.

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