NASM Personal Trainer for CPT Education App Review (iOS, $6.99)

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  • Publisher: ATI
  • Updated: Oct, 03 2011
  • Version: 1.3.0
  • Size: 6.21 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Assessment Technologies Institute, LLC

- OpenFeint support has been removed
- Resolved an issue causing incorrect images to be displayed on Retina iPads
- The Options screen has been adjusted to accommodate future products

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Update: NASM Personal Trainer now includes CPT 3 and CPT 4 content!

Let the fit games begin! The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) is pleased to offer the official mobile app for the NASM certified personal trainer (CPT), the most respected and trusted certification in the industry.

The NASM Personal Trainer(TM) Mobile App gives you the opportunity to learn directly from the experts and provides tools and applications to help prepare for the CPT Exam. This mobile app is:

• Ideal for Student seeking NASM CPT exam prep resources
• Great for Existing CPT's who want to keep the exam information fresh on their minds and/or compete against their peers in a virtual game show environment

Intro-question Pack:
Includes 100 questions covering key domain areas:

• Assessment
• Exercise Technique
• Program Design
• Nutrition
• Client Relations
• Professional Practice

Additional question packs available for purchase, upon development and release by NASM.

3 games in 1:
The NASM Personal Trainer mobile app provides three fun and interactive, virtual game show environments in which to learn:

1. OPT Challenge (similar to JEOPARDY!(TM))
2. Fitness Squared (similar to Hollywood Squares(TM))
3. Raise the Bar (similar to Who Wants to Be a Millionaire(TM))

About NASM:
Since 1987, the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) has been a global leader in providing evidence-based certifications and advanced credentials to health and fitness professionals. In addition to its evidence-based NCCA-accredited Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) certification, NASM also offers a progressive career track with access to advanced specializations in Sports Performance (PES) and Injury Prevention (CES), Continuing Education courses, and accredited Bachelor and Master Degree programs. The NASM educational continuum is designed to help today’s health and fitness professionals enhance their careers while empowering their clients to live healthier lives.

Note: The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) is not affiliated with JEOPARDY!, Hollywood Squares and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

Customer Reviews

  • People are not to bright

    by Byduran

    Ok first of all. Don't worry about the timer. If u had half a brain u would find that it has an option to turn it off. Not hard to find. States option click timer on and off...... So not a bad app at all. Works well if u want that extra help to study. Well worth the 7 bucks.

  • Time

    by Salazaao

    Needs more time, would be a great app

  • Could be great, but...

    by Micyahel

    There is no progress function that allows you to only include information from the chapters you have completed. So, if you're only through half of the book then you will only know half of the questions! This would be an ok review tool after you have finished the book, but not during study. I want to be able to review the info as I go! Also, I REALLY want a flash card feature for all the vocab terms and definitions. So, after each chapter you can include that chapter's terms in with all previous chapter's terms or just that chapter alone if you want.

  • Good Questions, But..

    by hunter04j

    The app does not allow enough time for the question and all of the answers to be read. The questions themselves are very good

  • Basic fun App until questions would not appear!

    by Stone1125

    A fun app to get prepped for CPT until the questions magically disappeared. Tried to download multiply times and to no avail there are still no questions appearing. After spending $7.00 dollars I would really hope somebody can fix this!!!!

  • Pretty good

    by Salsamaris

    I use this on my free time while studying for my Nasm exam. Regarding some comments about the timer, in settings you can take it off. There are some room for improvement but this isn't meant to be the only way you study.

  • Could be better

    by Araratt

    I aspected more from this app like to be able to log in to my online account, watch the video etc. Also English is my 3rd language, and to read, understand and answer a question in OPT Challenge it takes a bit longer so it would be nice to be able to adjust the time in OPT Challenge. Fix this and I will give 5 stars.

  • Not worth it

    by nfpt/nasm

    This app is a waste of time. Questions are limited and repeat too often. There are better apps out there if you want a supplement to help you study.

  • What a rip off

    by Sleepyhead3

    For $6.99 you get exactly the same quiz questions as with the free online study package. To get more or different questions you have to upgrade for another $6.99. Also some parts of the games don't even give you enough time to read the questions let alone answer anything I am very disappointed.

  • Total ripoff

    by Dd play

    Terrible. Limited questions. Should be much more for the price they are asking. Absolutely disgusted that I bought this app.


    by Leadfoot Lewis

    I'll start by saying I reloaded this app numerous times; my iPod software is up to date. There's 3 games to choose from. The font for the questions for all is soooo tiny you can't read it. The Fitness Squared game just goes ahead and gives you the correct answer! Well, at least it's in a font I can read! NASM or the programmer really needs to step up and fix the above issues. I really don't appreciate being out $6.99 and not having a fun study tool to use in preparation for my CPT test.

  • Come on guys

    by Erickanaloa

    This could be so much better. Very limited number of questions, the time limit is barely long enough to read the questions and multiple choice answers. For the price this should be much more

  • Terrible

    by Failed batch

    The interface is awful, the questions are often pertinent to nasm's own system of memorization and then they expect you to pay for expansion packs for more questions. Dull and utterly useless as a learning tool.

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