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  • Category: Entertainment
  • Publisher: Apple
  • Updated: Jul, 11 2008
  • Version: 4.1
  • Size: 19.31 MB

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Seller: Apple Inc.

This version of Remote adds the ability to control iTunes Radio on your Mac or PC.

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Remote is designed to be in perfect sync with iTunes. With just a few taps on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, you can play iTunes Radio from anywhere in your home. Choose playlists, songs, and albums as if you were in front of your computer or Apple TV. Or play them from iCloud with iTunes Match on Apple TV. Control your Apple TV with the flick of your finger or use the keyboard to quickly tap out a title instead of clicking letters on the Apple TV screen.

Control your iTunes Library
• Browse, listen to, and control your iTunes library from anywhere in your home
• Create and update iTunes playlists, including Genius playlists
• View album, movie, and TV show artwork
• See upcoming songs with Up Next
• Search your entire iTunes library
• Control shared libraries on iTunes and Apple TV

Control your Apple TV
• Use simple gestures to control Apple TV
• Enter text with the keyboard
• Browse, listen to, and control your iTunes Match library on Apple TV

Play iTunes Radio
• Play iTunes Radio on your Mac or PC
• Browse and play Featured Stations and My Stations

Listen with AirPlay Speakers
• Control iTunes to send music to AirPlay speakers
• Set the volume on each speaker independently

• Requires a device with iOS 7 or later
• Controlling iTunes Radio requires iTunes 11.1.3 or later
• Requires a Wi-Fi connection to Apple TV or iTunes on a Mac or PC

Customer Reviews

  • Games interfere with it

    by Revolverstink

    I use the remote to control my Apple TV. For some reason, if I play a game on my phone while streaming a program on the Apple TV, it will cause the show to stop.

  • Request

    by Lechuga :D

    I started reading some of the other reviews and I didn't see anything about my main concern which is a keyboard, I don't think I'm the only one that thinks using arrow keys to navigate letters on the screen is annoying. The addition of a keyboard when searching for content would be a mayor improvement to this app. I'm actually surprised that it wasn't included.

  • Love the dark, colorful look!

    by Big Ben Kid

    Would be great if this same colorful, dark look was brought to the 'Music' app in iOS 7.1! Thank you for iTunes Radio support as well!

  • Does everything I ask

    by Darklord6229

    Great app very useful, must have!

  • Connect issue

    by SlimPickens3427

    It wont stay connected, home sharing is one with my phone and laptop. But it i play music, set my phone down for about 5 minutes, then try to change a song, it cant find my library

  • Perfect!

    by Warrenberg

    Works 100% like it should!

  • Can't start playing music on my Mac

    by Myka105

    I don't know when it started, but it think after mavericks update. I can't play music on my MacBook Air when it's lid is closed. It was nice to play music before I put my feet in my apartment. Please fix it !

  • An issue

    by Mcap42

    Lost the "shuffle" feature in the "all songs" screen of an artist. Please return!

  • Just amazing

    by megatrick

    Love this app

  • The Best

    by mm92585

    Oddly my favorite app. Well done, Apple! Consistently improving - adding features I didn't even realize I wanted. It's perfect!

  • Not Great

    by SilverSideDown

    There appears to be no longer a way to rate songs. As a customer, it really irks me when features one relied on get taken away. I don’t care about iTunes Radio when it means things I used get taken away. Also, as others have pointed out, it has to reconnect to library every time, even on iOS7. As I’m listening to music and doing other things on my phone, this gets annoying very quickly. When I come back into the app, it should be directly where I left off, in the Now Playing song screen.

  • No good for dorms

    by AJtehbasskid

    Remote is fine for people who have control over the wi-fi in their residence, but as a college student in a dorm, this app has no value. There is some conflict stemming from the network my Mac and my iPhone are connected to, and I have no access to the administrative requirements to correct the issue. The option to pair the phone to the computer using Bluetooth would make this app far more practical.

  • It's awesome

    by Britney Fontenot

    This works great with my Apple TV. I only wish we could go on the internet and link that to our tv like Google does with their TV. But I love apple and sticking with them.

  • Good but can improve

    by Kegan Brown

    The remote app works well enough but there are some improvements it could use. One is the integration of control center it would be very nice to be able to access the controls on control center.

  • Bluetooth connectivity

    by TaylorBCowan

    My only request is that this would work with Bluetooth between the iDevice and an iMac or MacBook since not everywhere I go has wifi access

  • Great app

    by Horribly aweful

    Awesome app. Looks great, works great only 2 things that are buggy that I can tell: 1. The favoriting on iTunes Radio doesn't turn blue all the time when I like a song so I don't know if it actually went through or not so I have to check my Mac to see if it did. 2. When reopening the app from the background it oftentimes has to reconnect. (About half of the time) and it's just kind of annoying having to reconnect to the Mac even though It takes 2 second tops. That being said everything else works perfectly to me on my iPhone 4S on the newest iOS7.

  • Works Seamlessly

    by Bob-Wag

    Just purchased an Apple TV 3 and the remote app integrated seamlessly. The only feature missing is the ability to use the headphone jack on your device (iPhone) and stream the video to your TV.

  • Nice app..

    by Osmanowhathese???

    It's really nice app ...

  • Excellent

    by alchem123

    It works!


    by 22337

    Add the ability to play Apple TV audio locally on device when headphones are plugged in.

  • Great Concept - Horrible Execution

    by AbbeeAbbee

    Seems to be a trend with Apple products nowadays, doesn't it? I downloaded the app to replace my Apple TV remote after it ran out of batteries. It worked fine at first, but now it's absolutely useless. I've restarted the app, restarted Apple TV, uninstalled and reinstalled the app multiple times, but to no avail. The touch-pad is no longer working. I can not scroll. I can not type. I can NOT use my Apple TV at all. All I can do is press the menu and select buttons. The app is obsolete. And now my Apple TV is, too. I guess I'll have to switch over to my XBox now whenever I want to waste time on Netflix. Thanks for nothing, Apple. It seems I'll be browsing the Samsung section next time I'm at Best Buy.

  • Used to be great

    by alsdkfjas

    This used to be a great app but with iOS 7 the keyboard never comes up anymore when controlling the Apple TV. The only reason to get an Apple TV is because of the interoperability with the ipad and this app breaks a major piece of that.

  • nice app … when it works

    by acacia123

    Like others have already noted, this could be a great app … but it often just doesn’t work. I find I have to turn my iPhone completely off (full power down), wait a minute or two, and then restart in order for Remote app to recognize my apple tv/home sharing. And the glitch is intermittent. Some days the iPhone power down/up works, other days it doesn’t, even though I haven’t changed anything in my home sharing/wireless/apple TV set up. REALLY hope that they fix the problem. It could be a great app, but only after they fix it so it works, all the time, every time.

  • Doesn't work.

    by Dbeep

    At all. I haven't been able to connect once and looking online it seems I am not the only one with this problem.

  • Works great when it works

    by hidelaug

    On both my iPhone 5s and iPad Air, the connection is lost after about 10 minutes even though on both devices I turned on the option to Stay Connected.

  • Lame

    by John nelson

    So if u use ur phone to control apple tv, u can't use ur phone while watching tv. If u open an app, it closes what ur watching on Apple TV.

  • Can't pair remote app

    by troy_gators

    While having my iTunes up and trying to enter the code to pair the remote app, I can rarely even get the option to show up to use the app. One in every 25 chances I feel like is how often I can even get it to work. It shouldn't be that hard to get it to work.

  • Doesn't work

    by Jpatrickoneal

    The keyboard works once with the Apple TV 3 then it won't work again until the Apple TV is rebooted. The Apple TV is Apple's "hobby" project, but this is unacceptable. Fix this. This has to be a known issue. I didn't pay $99 for the Apple TV and many more dollars for a frustrating experience.

  • Hardly works.

    by pilljar

    Sometimes, the only thing that works on this app is the menu button.

  • It doesn't work worth crap.

    by Overlord Wolfric

    It constantly crashes and never manages to find my Apple TV it takes it forever to find it and when it does it doesn't even function properly and lags and skips

  • Does. Not. Work

    by jhg*

    Will not consistently play movies or audio from iTunes on a PC. Movies/audio stop after 2 minutes or so. Design of UI is amateurish and inconsistent. Steve Jobs would be terribly ashamed to see this.

  • It WAS 5 stars

    by Mckinnna

    Since the update the remote directional controls no longer work (up, down, left and right)! Please fix!!!!!

  • Horrible touch control

    by mrlibretoyou

    I have an iPhone 5s and an iPad air - when I'm using with Apple TV the touch sensitivity is pathetic I'm constantly sliding up or down too far and hitting the wrong buttons. Not sure if it is this app or the Apple TV but this needs to be fixed

  • Just stopped working yesterday

    by Pancakes824

    I've tried re downloading and reinstalling, but the 'control' tab's directional arrows are not functional. As soon as you try to move your finger in any direction, the arrows disappear, and the app becomes useless for AppleTV. I've never had any problems until yesterday. Please update the app to get rid of this apparent bug! Thank you!

  • Refuses to connect or pair

    by Sista Mac

    I have tried everything to get this app to work. It won't pair to my mac tv. Very frustrating. It used to work great, but update ruined it for me.

  • Not worth it anymore

    by SunilRedde

    I wish there was no star option. I hope they are working on an update.

  • I don't get it

    by nbfan

    This app used to be perfect. Now nothing is working. I don't know if it's a problem with my Apple TV or what, but nothing is working. Home Sharing IS on. Oh well.

  • Harder to use than remote

    by Quod Erat Demonstrandum

    I love my ATV. I hate this app. I downloaded it hoping it would be easier to use than the remote control (plus keyboard). It is not. It messed up the ATV name, added long random string. The controls are fragile. Never get the right response. In addition, no way to change the scrambled name. Back to using the remote control.

  • Navigation is useless

    by RandhawaPrabh

    Using the navigation in apple tv is very useless.Only reason i hate using it

  • Terrible

    by Damon Battle

    This app is great...if you have a Mac book. If you have a PC stay away. It works for 20 min to a hour and then it won't let you use the remote again..fix this app for PC users

  • Stay connected still doesn't work

    by jingai

    It worked flawlessly in iOS 6. Also, stop reloading all the thumbnails. Annoying, never had that problem before. Not the Apple quality expected.

  • Ruined

    by Dadio1234567890

    Programmers need to stop "improving" the user interfaces, I spent hours looking for the stupid volume control! I never found it. And speaker selection used to work well,but not now. How about a help screen that actually explains in detail how to use the product? At least tell us what you changed? And pairing this app to the newest version of iTunes doesn't work-at least not with apple's ambiguous instructions. So most of my library simply isn't available anymore. When it comes to software, you are now in a race to the bottom!

  • Remote between iOS devices

    by Juan Ordonez

    this app is very useful and awesome!! the point in this review I'm writing is for soliciting to remote music between two iOS devices. I mean I want to leave mi iPod connected in stereo and remote music from iPhone, as same function as iTunes and iPhone/iPod/iPad. Thank you!! I'm ranking this one star because it is more probably that you guys read my solicitation.. but the app is 5/5 star, super cool!!

  • No buttons?

    by CGlea

    Useless!!! No buttons is taking simplicity too far!! Its a blank screen with a menu and play button, (the wife test) my wife opened the app for the first time and just stared, finally she asked me "what do i do?, there are no buttons! Just tap until I figure it out?" Its the dumbest designed app Apple has on the app store, should have never made it out of beta.

  • If it only worked...

    by _beto4

    I have to deactivate and activate home sharing every time I want to use it. 2 stars cause it works when it connects, keeping it connected is the issue, as it randomly disconnects from my library.

  • What did you do?

    by AppForThat

    Was perfect, now all I get is music, please fix.

  • Not a remote replacement

    by mc4ndr3

    Can't Play/Pause Netflix or other general Apple TV Media, only iTunes media.

  • Trash

    by Souless72

    How about you get it to work rite ???????

  • iTunes integration poor

    by Aaron Garman

    This used to be a great app. Lately, it had trouble seeing shared libraries on my AppleTV. Also, when searching my iTunes library by album, no letters show up on the far right to skip to different letters of the library. It can make looking for a specific album by title a pain unless you search and type under the search function. Pity. It used to be killer and now it feels hindered. I'd love a fix!

  • iTunes integration poor

    by Aaron Garman

    This used to be a great app. Lately, it had trouble seeing shared libraries on my AppleTV. Also, when searching my iTunes library by album, no letters show up on the far right to skip to different letters of the library. It can make looking for a specific album by title a pain unless you search and type under the search function. Pity. It used to be killer and now it feels hindered. I'd love a fix!

  • Keyboard totally broken

    by Daaron

    I was hoping this app would replace the stupid little stick-of-gum remote that came with my Apple TV, which is (a) so small it keeps getting lost, and (b) useless with the ATV's horrible on-screen keyboard. It used to do both of these things, but the latest release broke the keyboard, forcing me to resort to hunt and peck. Doesn't Apple have a QA team?

  • Stinks

    by Geekykid

    This app is really frustrating I set up home sharing and I can't even control anything this app does not work

  • Used to work

    by Zs@h50

    This new update doesn't allow me tap on my library, it's annoying! Fix it!

  • Bad designed app

    by TDD$

    It is good idea to use iphone or ipad to control Apple TV. I have my Apple TV connected to my receiver and sound system. I hope I can have fully control of my Apple TV from the app on my iPhone. But the app really can do almost nothing if you don't turn your tv on. I hope the developer can improve the app to get 5 stars rating.

  • What happened?

    by Infromwayout

    This app worked great in the past, now it never stays connected. And getting it to reconnect has become a pain.

  • Worked for a while

    by Peelage

    Now my Apple TV just disappeared even though I’m on a good wifi network on all devices.

  • Now you've done it!

    by pnew83

    We have two Apple remotes used solely for our Apple TV. With a 1 & 2 year old in a small apartment, we seem to lose these remotes daily. Suddenly we now have a backup to our backup! I'm a hero to my children once more.

  • Won't work!

    by Sherinehatesthisapp

    New updates ruined this app! No longer works. APPLE PLEASE FIX!!!

  • Terrible for AppleTV

    by Did Apple Test This?

    Does not work anything like it claims for AppleTV so you better not lose that remote because this app ain't going to cut it.

  • Remote app wont see iphone5c

    by Gab garci

    with the recent update I am no longer able to connecto to my Apple TV, requeset home sharing, and everythings is ok, but just doesn not work!!!

  • Thank you Apple gods

    by JohnDizzo

    Greatest App Ever

  • Decent but annoying flaw

    by lawdawg01

    Same problem as others have mentioned - the touch controls are too sensitive! You overshoot when scrolling through lists. Even when I am being very careful to only move my finger a slight amount I still overshoot what I want to land on.


    by torrnado

    are you listening apple?! This is YOUR product! Why doesn't it work?! I spend thousands (THOUSANDS) of dollars buying Apple products only to be horribly disappointed because they don't work as expected! I have an iPhone 5s, and a 128GB iPad Air. I cannot get either device to work, nor stay connected to my AppleTV. I won't be getting another AppleTV, that's for sure!

  • Needs Lock Screen Control

    by Tsac77

    REQUEST: Please make this app able to be controlled from the lock screen. I don't want to have to open up the app every time I use the remote.

  • Obsolencia Programada

    by Germán12

    Es ilógico que una aplicación que funciona tranquilamente en un iPhone 2G iOs 3.1.3 con Whited00r, no funcione en un iPod Touch 4G. No debería ser obligatorio tener iOs 7 para una aplicación propia de Apple.

  • Great app!!!

    by Onechristchaser

    Works great with all my Apple TV'. Because my iMac is to far away from my living room TV for my blue tooth too work I can run my iTunes from my iPad. Wish it would open movie library with display iTunes extras...

  • Doesn't connect any more

    by Chadchen77

    Recently the app stopped connecting to iTunes on my iMac.

  • Groupings & Remote

    by DaCuGr

    I use Groupings all the time to keep track of my classical music. And I use my iPhone as a remote to control my Mac. It would be much better for me if the Remote app let me view and play by groupings, as well as by albums, songs, playlists, artists, genres, etc.

  • Almost great

    by GrOcK1983

    Functions some of the time but always limited by design. Wow added iTunes Radio support but did a poor job. Cannot add new stations without it being created from something your already listening to. Cannot adjust stations settings like discovery or hits. Pretty typical apple apps implementation, flawed.

  • Don't work!

    by Dorian03

    I connected my iPhone and iTunes on my Windows 7 computer using Remote and enabling Home Sharing on both and Remote was connected to my iTunes library just for some time and later it just lost connection to iTunes and don't recognize it anymore! Then I have to turn off Home Sharing on iTunes and in Remote and then log in on to it again in iTunes then on iPhone and then it works again but just for a while! I am very dissapointed! Apple fix this!

  • Needs improvement

    by Nicksdeere40

    Would like to see my selection appear on my phone or iPad. Hard to see it on the tv. While scrolling it would be nice to see the cover and title to the show in the palm of my hand.

  • Fix‼️

    by Friendly Techs

    App badly needs fixing. It's responsiveness to input is over zealous. Swipe on a list and it moves 3 spaces.

  • Useless

    by alreadypaid

    Unless use home sharing it's useless

  • Forces to use home sharing

    by Jai_sahni

    This should be a great app but it doesn't work at all because it constantly wants "home sharing." There's no way out of the prompt screen.

  • Texts way too large

    by Iantolee

    Not visually appealing

  • Horrible for Apple TV on iPhone

    by garris75

    Try to scroll down to the "more like this" section when selecting movies/shows on Apple TV - it's not possible because the interface is too sensitive and goes right past your selections. This app overshoots your every movement by at least five movies when scrolling. The designers of this app must have never tried using it with Apple TV. News flash - drunk people lose the tiny silver remotes! I hope everyone involved in creating this app stubs a toe and gets a hangnail.

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