Cam Translate China Education App Review (iOS, $5.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Julius Pfrommer

Improved handling of photos.
Faster OCR engine.

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Translates your photos. Offline.
The app uses optical character recognition technology and includes a database with over a hundred thousand Chinese words and expressions.
The custom sentence analysis detects character groups with a specialized meaning and optimizes the translation. Thus, even long expressions and sentences can be easily understood.

Additionally, the correct pinyin pronunciation of the characters allows you to use the translated expressions in daily life.

- Three input methods (Take Photo, Select Picture, Handwriting Recognition)
- Optical Character Recognition
- Database with over a 100.000 Chinese characters and expressions
- Offline translation (character explanation)
- Additional online translation
- Image editing functionality to enhance recognition accuracy

Customer Reviews

  • Good and Bad

    by Chemin123

    Neat translation app, but with shortcomings. Versatile input: image, handwriting, and even keyboard. Handwriting input is great option -- but you must input using the correct stroke/order. You can’t pan or zoom the image, so if your characters are in the bottom half of your image, you can’t view them while using the Edit Image window. It’s clearly geared toward Simplified Chinese, but it does recognize Traditional characters. Google Translate works on Traditional, but the “Explain” window has no definitions for Traditional characters Even the Simplified dictionary appears to have errors and omissions for single characters. For example, the Simplified characters for “and”, “from” and “car” (和, 从, 车), show no definitions. The “thousand” character, 千, “qian”, is defined with a rising tone instead of a level tone. So, as a beginning student, often researching single characters, I prefer the “China Goggles” app. Although it has no direct handwriting input, you can pan and zoom your image for better selection -- and it supports and defines Simplified or Traditional characters. (It also saves your history, a handy feature.)

  • It is somewhat useful

    by Bluejays 2011

    Based on past experience with Chinese translator apps, I had low expectations for this one. But I was pleasantly surprised. I am taking pics of Chinese characters on blueprints I need to read, and it is helping enough for me to make some sense of it. Don't expect a perfect translation though. It gives just enough clues to get by. The handwriting tool is totally useless, but I think that us because it relies on the Apple Simple Chinese keyboard to recognize the letters. At least it's not totally useless!

  • Bad

    by Ggdjdjhfhhhu

    When I click the app, it stays black the whole day. I want my money back.

  • Doesn't work

    by Cblraider

    Don't buy

  • terrible

    by Lucy Babooci

    it doesn't work. I haven't managed to translate a single phrase using this app. All I get is server errors.

  • Don't buy total waste of money

    by Cskx2828

    The app functions "nothing" like advertised!

  • Worthless

    by Mc97601

    I'm extremely disappointed this app doesn't work like it claims to, I feel ripped off !!! I want my money back !!!

  • Poor

    by Eklgirly

    Camera option does not recognize characters with two parts and thus offers incorrect translations.

  • Plant manager

    by Dwfowler

    Product is a rip off not worth anything do not buy. I want a refund.

  • Needs work

    by HK native

    A zero. I took pictures of my chinese-english dictionary using common words like electricity and military. The output, (translation) would be too kind, was nonsense including "1", ":" and an "a" complete garbage.

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