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- fixed minor bugs

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***** WINNER – 2013 Tillywig Brain Child Award + SheKnows Parenting Award *****

***** KIDS (2 – 6) LEARN the alphabet + vocabulary + new music + have FUN! *****

***** No third party ads and No in App purchase required *****

“From an educational standpoint, it would be difficult to imagine a more impactful approach…These original animated videos incorporate a great many features geared towards developing essential reading knowledge and skills in young children… “ -- Tillywig Brain Child Award


* Uppercase and lowercase letter recognition for all 26 letters
* Phonemic awareness – through rhymes and alliteration
* New vocabulary words
* New musical styles and genres

From the award-winning online education leader, ABCmouse.com. This app offers a fun and effective way to teach young children the names and sounds of all 26 letters, expand their vocabulary, and expose them to a variety of musical styles.

· The app starts out with 3 free HD music videos (letters A, B & C) PLUS 100 virtual tickets to unlock any other 2 videos of your choice right away.

· To unlock more videos, you can use the tickets you earn by watching the music videos.

· In-app purchases are NOT REQUIRED, but are available to help you unlock videos more quickly.

* This app contains NO third-party advertising and does NOT share any personally identifiable information about you or your child with third parties.


* “Love it for my classroom and kids!! Catchy tunes and awesome graphics that my kindergarten students love!”
* “My 2yr od and 4yr old both love this app! One of the few that they will play together without fighting.”
* “My 3 year old is LOVING learning!!”
* “If there was an option to give it 10 stars, then I would!!!”

Download the free A-Z Music Video app from ABCmouse.com now!

For more free apps and interactive books from ABCmouse.com, search “ABCmouse” in the App Store.

Thank you – from all of us at ABCmouse.com!

Customer Reviews

  • Recommend

    by AuntPeppa

    I highly recommend this app to all those with small children. It is enjoyable and educational. The production is excellent. You can tell that time and effort went into the production of this app!

  • Awesome!!

    by Brentsam1299

    Fantastic app for kids!!

  • My toddler loves this!

    by MistiRaz

    Great videos. Easy to use.

  • Proud mom

    by LaToya Finister

    This is a great app!

  • Awesome

    by VickieLynn2007

    This app is a great learning app

  • Great app

    by Brknhrtd

    I love this App my daughter plays with this app every day but the only only issue is that the letter "N" does not work like the others do! It will not play anything so I have to skip it and go to letter M but it messes with the automatic play and she becomes no longer interested very easy!! Please fix this problem with letter "N" for ios7

  • Great app but Ticket issues

    by Little Egghead

    First I will say the songs and videos are fun and very educational. My son loves them and during his stay at the hospital this app saved us as it distracted him from his pain and discomfort. We earned enough tickets to get every video without any further purchase. Would have given this app five stars except for the following issues. The tickets don't turn off after the all the videos are obtained, nor does the ticket wheel. But most expensively in my case the app still allowed my two year old son to mistakenly purchase over $14.00 in tickets even though we already had all the videos. That credit had been my Christmas present from my husband and was used for tickets that we can't do anything with. To their credit, they have put a small stop measure into the latest version that you have to draw two fingers down the screen to get to the purchasing screen. But number one, that won't get me my money back. Number two, why should there be access at all after you acquire all the videos. You can't use the tickets for anything else, we have over 1400. There should be a setting parents can turn off so kids cannot mistakenly make purchases. Again awesome songs and videos and I love it but these issues cause a lot of frustration both for my son, who gets upset at the ticket wheel, and myself who just kissed her money needlessly goodbye because of the lack of security for purchasing for parents.

  • Keeps 1-year old's attention

    by ahc11

    Great app. Loved by my son. Catchy tunes.

  • Love it!

    by MillieSemp22

    My 13 mo. Old baby looooves it! And so do I!

  • Wonderful videos!

    by Kelpbeach

    My three year old watches these over and over again. The production quality is excellent and the songs are actually entertaining and well written. My only gripe is that I paid the big bucks to have all of the videos (A to Z), on my ipad, but it only downloaded to my ipad and not my iPhone. It's the same apple account, so I don't see why not. Lose one star for that.

  • Great app!

    by KarlKruger

    I especially love the letter M song!

  • ABC Mouse

    by dtakman

    All my students love the videos of this app. They are learning letters. There are some children with special needs in my class, and they focus really well on these videos. Even one who has hearing loss enjoys the visuals.

  • Fun and Educational!

    by MKresource


  • Great

    by WKDCHK

    My son loves this app. The only negative thing is that I can't get my phone back!

  • Awesome

    by Steff's

    This app is so freaking great, my daughter loves it. Abcmouse is such an awesome outlet for children to learn!!

  • Great app to supplement my education methods

    by Mhdjife


  • Great app

    by Jon10242000

    It is a very good app but it would be nice to be able to turn the tickets of as will as the ticket wheel. The songs are great and my little girl loves to sing them.

  • The Best App Ever!!!

    by Emily Nelson

    Thank you for this app! It helped my daughter learn to identify her ABC's in less than a week!! This has been a great learning resource for our homeschool family.

  • Good stuff

    by Queenofthehalls

    My kids are so happy to have this app! They listen to the music all the time!!! Thanks!

  • Please make more

    by DanMon12345

    How about a numbers one?!

  • Not working properly

    by EducationalMom

    I love the app and so does my one year old however when she watches a video and earn more tickets to download the other videos they don't work after they take the tickets away to download the new video..the update didn't fix this problem for us..my daughter can only watch the first 3 videos!!

  • Mom

    by FE21L

    I love the app so I made the in app purchase for all the videos. My child was able to play it one time & all the videos disappeared. I want them back but I'm not paying another $5 to get them.

  • Pathetic

    by anekoneko

    Bought tickets and unlocked all videos, but they disappeared after Apple update forced me to use a backup. No way to restore tickets. Too bad because the kid liked the videos.

  • Very fun

    by Taggman71

    Kids love it!!!

  • Fun and easy!

    by Tabitha 67

    My kids love it!!

  • Love it!!

    by Mom2aljb

    My son and I absolutely love doing school together with ABC Mouse. He will be more than ready for school next year!

  • Love!

    by Parent of three youngins

    Love this app and so do all my kids 1yr old, 3yr old, and 7 yr old! Great songs for early education and catchy.

  • Best App Ever

    by Curlyhair2

    This has to be the best app took I have for my grand kids. They love the catchy tunes as they're learning the alphabet and even recognize the letters on signs and books. Amazing, thank you.

  • Teacher

    by Slp SLT in preschools

    Catchy tunes. Lots of examples.

  • Wonderful app

    by Gabald

    Love this app, my two year old is learning from these educational songs.

  • My students love it!

    by Djazzsinger

    I am a K-2 teacher of autistic children and let me tell you, they LOVE this program. I have it on CPU at school and just found the mobile app. Great to take on field trips for my kids with challenging behaviors.

  • Great app!

    by Chelsea Maxham

    I love educational apps! Anything to boost my children's learning! These songs are catchy, cute and fun and my kids love them!

  • Mr

    by Allisonkutac

    I love this app my son just turned 2 and he also loves. He even tries to sing along. The only thing I don't like is it will only work with one system. I need this for nabi jr so I can have my phone back lol.

  • Awesome app!

    by Abcmouselover

    My four year old son absolutely loves this app. He loves singing the songs and can't wait until he earns enough tickets to unlock another letter.

  • Super!

    by Lilith_2

    My daughter loves each song. I enjoy that she has to earn tickets bc then the songs are stuck in her head. Great way to learn the ABC's.

  • Great app!!

    by LovesElmo

    My children love the app. It helps grab their attention while we try to learn their letters. I did not buy anything. I just took the time to watch the videos over and over until we had enough tickets to get all the videos on my iphone then ipad. Tedious but worth it. Even if that was not an option it is a great investment. Better than having them play with noneducational apps.

  • Great!

    by XISHNIK18975

    Great app!

  • Love it

    by Aubsmom4203

    My 5 yr old daughter loves all ABCmouse apps!!!

  • Great App

    by LadyGemini83

    I Love It!!

  • is designed only for iOS.

    by Profu'

    Limited only for 1 operating system.............

  • This apps where it's at

    by Unt-uh

    I think this is a great app it occupies and teaches so amazing is the word

  • Love the videos

    by Crafty Diana

    Very catchy and fun to watch. Love the ability to turn on the words to read along. Only complaint is sharing the app on multiple devices... You have to earn tickets on each device to open up videos if you don't want to buy the tickets. (did get a code finally to open all videos since we are members)

  • Stolen videos

    by Msjifyournasty

    We upgraded this app and lost All or the videos that my so had accumulated . I emailed abc mouse and received no reply. We also use the computer version and he has over 3000 tickets so why does this not translate to his iPad videos?

  • Great, Engaging app

    by Not Weak

    We downloaded this just before my daughter turned 3. The songs are catchy and the animations keep her attention. We subscribe to abcmouse.com but it is great to have something to take on the road. Wish there was also an app for numbers! The ticket concept is a little annoying as the parent, but encourages repetition and encourages kids to keep going!

  • Awesome, but needs better ticket management

    by shantismurf

    We are abcmouse.com subscribers, but my son still loves this app because the videos are engaging and easily accessed. The songs and videos are all excellent quality, and I don't even mind so much when they get stuck in my head! Unfortunately, there's no way for us to link our account to the app, so the 1100+ tickets he's earned for obsessively watching these videos are wasted. Linking our account to the app would also allow me to let him play all the songs on the old iPhone he sometimes uses. I'm not going to pay for all the songs again, and he gets frustrated that they aren't available. Also, the main site has an option for turning off the ticket counter. Why doesn't this app?

  • Great app!

    by KarlKruger

    I especially love the letter M song!

  • Awesome app

    by Bakeisha44

    My son loves this app I started him on at 5 months he watches every video from beginning to end

  • Wow!!

    by Heidi_Cade225

    Adorable videos! My kids love these. Great to play in the car too because they're educational.

  • Cute and Educational!

    by Susan3508

    These videos are unbelievable!

  • The tickets, oh god the tickets!

    by ezberci

    The animations are awesome and songs are catchy. BUT I am so sick of watching the ticket animation after every song. -and the ticket wheel too. We have about 400 tickets and after unlocking all the videos, I have no idea what to do with them.

  • Lol

    by Turbellope

    I'm way over the age limit for this app, but the songs are so catchy!! LOL! (Especially letter v XD)

  • Great Videos!

    by Stryfesgirl

    My son loves these videos and earning tickets!

  • Great

    by Nana walks

    My 4 year old twin granddaughters love to listen to the cute songs.

  • Mom

    by Kenndan2013

    My daughter loves this app.

  • +Fun

    by Velapi

    Learning is fun

  • Great app

    by lilnoledeb

    I love this app. I just wish I could pick a series of videos to play automatically & repeat so my one year old wont have to keep picking a video

  • The videos won't download

    by Queen zipporah

    You buy the videos and they don't even download!


    by Pad People

    Bought tickets to buy all videos, app got deleted and now I have to pay for it all over again? What a rip-off.. Those of us with paid ABCmouse accounts should be able to sync our account with the app and use the tickets we already have earned.

  • Dirty

    by GeorgetownKentucky

    I want more stripers there r only 3 add more

  • 2 year old learning

    by BigSisLornaTime

    My 2 going 3 year old loves listening to the letter songs and as a teacher I really see the value in her learning with educational apps like ABC Mouse.

  • Horrible!

    by MrsPitt

    dandy! That's what the app teaches. A long list of nonsense useless words! Horrible songs with made- up words. Dandy. Of course you need to buy 'tickets' to download the 'crappy' songs! I'm surprised to see that word wasn't in the C video.

  • Love it

    by Elfinnplants

    Love the different animation and music styles, as well as the explanations.

  • Love these videos

    by Kmw1106

    Even though I'm eleven years old I love these they have taught me a lot. (For entertainment purposes only.)

  • Awesome

    by Jocelyynnn

    I downloaded this app for my little brother and he loves it!! Great app

  • Babies approval

    by 2babiesRUs

    My lil guy loves this app!

  • Very good

    by Sasaweee

    Nice apps! Just in time for my little boy's exam (4yr old sawyer) theyre now on letters PQR.

  • Great for kids

    by Bunburyny

    My toddler is less than 2 years and she knows how to use this. Easy to use

  • Love it

    by Zyheem mom

    The best

  • Bueno

    by Mrtigre

    Very good

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