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Seller: 24/7 TUTOR INC.

New "Speak & Compare" function!
Improve your pronunciation of French by recording your spoken words and comparing with audio by a native speaker.

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Learn or refresh your French, anytime and anywhere with a mobile language lab.

The FUN way to learn a language!

24/7 French Vocabulary has basic language vocabulary in the categories of Family, Friends, Travel, Home, Office, School, Countryside, Around Town, Money, Food, Drink, Clothing, Weather, Time, Date, Pronouns, Thoughts, Adjectives, Opposites, Colors, Descriptive Words, Numbers and more.

24/7 French goes beyond the simple talking phrasebook or flashcard programs, providing a set of engaging, interactive study tools that help you really learn the language.

- NATIVE SPEAKER audio for all words
- Priority based optimization system
- Entertaining PUZZLE GAME
- WRITE IN quiz to test language recall
- New! SPEAK & COMPARE function
- Self contained, network access not required

Customer Reviews

  • Very Useful

    by 757Ewr

    I like this app. I use of with a few others to learn French. It has some real strengths, including ease of use and organization.

  • Best ever!!!

    by Frenchlove

    This application has all of the sections that one needs to study the French language! I love French, and I love this app! :p

  • Sound

    by Luevanossoulemont

    I love this app i think is very helpful and i have been learning a lot but the last update i did of it it said that they fixed some sound issues (which i didn't think it needed it) but when i run the update the sound is now really bad. Can you please help and fix it for real this time?? Thank you

  • Not enough for the price

    by Keira from Beijing

    Should download more

  • 24/7 French Tudor

    by Birdieh

    All of the French Tudor applications are wonderful. Of all the applications for learning French I have downloaded, the 24/7 Tudors were the most helpful. They were easy to understand, and the different learning aids were very helpful! I started with looking over the study list and listening to the pronunciations then did each of the study aids. They were fun and kept my score so I could see which lessons I needed to work on. I think these are the best helps for French in the app store.

  • Great little application!

    by KWSauter

    $7.99 may seem like a lot for an iPhone application, but when you compare it to a $220 French course, it's a bargain. I've been zipping through this program 10-15 minutes at a time and I am learning a lot! Very simple, straightforward lists of vocabulary and phrases, along with four different methods of testing yourself. Anytime I have a few minutes to myself, I can pick up ten or twenty new French words or phrases. This method makes it relatively easy to remember what you learn. Great program!

  • French 101: has potential

    by D on iPhone

    I love how this program allows you to hear how French words are pronounced!! It's convenient & effective. You can practice anywhere!!! However, the categories are mainly vocabulary words. It would be more effective if there were additional categories to piece sentences together. For example, a category that tells you when you use "est-ce que" or "il y a" in a sentence....or how you order the foods. It needs grammar sections to put all these words into sentences....that way a student won't focus on memorizing but on patterns to piece sentences together. I think $7.99 is overpriced just for repetition of vocabulary words!!! It's worth $3.00. Please fix it and make it worth the money!!!!!! It has potential to be a great program....

  • French 101

    by 102?

    Where is french 102? I want to Buy that one too!

  • Got me love French

    by YYSummer

    I'm takin elementry French in college right now n I've been having bad time learning the pronunciations. This app is very convenient n the study lists are pretty much the stuff I'm learning now. I used to hate French cuz I'm doing so badly but this app really got my love it!! Altho it seems like it doesn't have that much word lists but seriously it's useful for first year beginner.

  • Helpful

    by arrowman97

    A very helpful tool for studying French vocabulary.

  • Good, but not enough

    by Michael Snell

    This is a good app for people who are going to take a vacation to France, Monaco, or even Quebec. There are hundreds of words to learn, but it is worth your money only if you are going to use it. My advice? Get French 24/7 tutor 103. It gives you full phrases and is worth more of your money than this is. But if you can afford both, then get them both, but get 103 first.

  • Excellant!

    by JW student

    This is an excellant idea. It provides a bunch of different quiz mechanisms for studying & testing and then keeps score so you can track which categories you've learned well. The ability to hear the words spoken repeatedly is great.


    by Jázzmîne

    Omg!!!! I only had this for a day and it is AMAZING! It might seem like a lot of money just for an app, but it is well worth it!!!!!! I will be moving to france soon and this app will help me a lot with moving to a foriegn county, thank u so much for making this!!

  • Pretty Good

    by Mark time again

    This program seems to be quite effective for learning vocabulary.

  • Nice!

    by Sara LA

    I'm learning quickly and the method really keeps me involved. The priority feature is a great idea because it let's you concentrate on what you don't know and avoid boring repeats of what you already know. The audio pronunciation aspect is good and so important when studying French.

  • Good app for people who know a little French

    by Jeremy Stewart

    This app is very helpful for people who know a little French and trying to speak fluently. I think this is very helpful and is well worth the money. It looks expensive right now but you will be glad you bought it. I suggest you buy this application.

  • Love it

    by maddie45678

    This app helps me out so much in school but where is 102?

  • Learning French

    by steve's new iphone2

    This is just what I need ... something that's engaging and won't bore me.

  • I Like It

    by amynow

    What a good app! French pronunciaton is really difficult so being able to repeat the audio in every step helps a lot.

  • Very Interactive

    by Brian1979

    I really like the interactive way it teaches through multiple quiz methods. I have a hard time time staying focused when listening to language audio lessons, so a highly interactive approach like this one works best for me.

  • Disappointed

    by Abatsukh

    Not enough words for the price I paid. Bad quiz , too slow as I had to confirm my answers and clic next for each word and no auto audio for the quiz. So that s 3 or 4 clicks. Frustrating!

  • Awful app

    by Terra

    This app is a total waste of money. Keeps showing the same limited group of words over and over - and even if you knew them all, this app does nothing to help you string them together into meaningful sentences. Can I get a refund please?

  • Good

    by Beach08

    I'm making good progress on my second language. This is very helpful.

  • Great app!!

    by MediCalvinMeyers

    Love it. I've learned so much with this app. Thank you.

  • LE misleads

    by Upgrayde

    Why I the light edition content not included in this paid version? I hate having both installed.

  • Excellent program!

    by Kaliwind

    This program drills very well. If you give yourself a goal of nothing less than 100% on every test you really will retain the lessons. Developer, I would like to step up a course now... More advanced programs please!

  • Foreign Language Teacher

    by Laura Eshelman

    This application is okay if you are already a student of French. The sound is horrible and there are only words in French--no useful phrases.

  • Worth it!

    by leamca

    Love this app

  • Totally worth every penny!

    by K7Mallerina

    This one is worth the price. I tried the lite version but immediately upgraded and was thrilled! This is an awesome supplement to my French 1 school book. It's made vocabulary memorization so much easier, and if you want to challenge yourself there are more higher level apps available to purchase from the makers of this one. Also, for those who do want to challenge themselves, when you hold down a vowel in the spelling quiz it presents all the appropriate markers for vowel emphasis. I plan on upgrading with this program as often as the designers release a new app. Even my bf who is fluent in French is getting this app to brushup in his skills!!

  • Useless

    by Eaglebei

    Very few phrase to learn. Not useful in travell.

  • Very, Very Useful

    by twofoursix

    This is a good tool for beginners learning or reviewing French vocabulary. You can repeat the native speaker audio as much as needed to get the pronunciation correct. The various quiz types make the learning process more entertaining. The ability to track your progress with the quiz scores is quite helpful. All in all, a very useful learning app. Review update: The new category and quiz structure is a big improvement.

  • 24/7 French Tutor

    by md1066

    It doesn't work.They don't explain you have to seperately download the sound component.When I tried to find the sound files to download ,they were not there. My e-mail to thier tech support listed on thier web site was reurned as undeliverable. I would not buy anything made by thus company,Coolgorrila. Beware !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Very good, but...

    by oooorion

    Another addition, i've been using the app for awhile now and find it very helpfull. It would also be a benifit if the write-in game required the proper mark thingy over the vowel (i forget the name for it) e.g. é, è, à, ô, œ and etc. Maybe an option, to make it a little harder and to help in learning the words. Also if another level for groups of words like the oposites can be added so each word can be tested individually after learning the pairs. Thanks! Adding to my previous review. I found a spelling error in the numbers section. 99 is spelled quatre-vinq-dix but it should be quatre-vingt-dix. Since i am still learning, I checked three other sources to be sure. Hope it and any others can be updated soon so we do not learn improper spelling. Thanks --- I like this app alot, it is very helpful study tool to quickly master many words. The games are helpful in learning the spelling of all the terms Would like to see an option to create my own vocabulary list to help learn additional words from my textbook and class lectures. Thanks. Btw, the female speaker's voice sounds clear and is attractive ;-)

  • Great for learning

    by zhemingway

    This is great for learning. It's not a reference application but a set of very interactive tools for vocabulary building, spoken language comprehension and pronunciation.

  • Excellant!

    by Sandy Beach09

    I'm really amazed how useful this is. The app is a terrific study aid. It has three standard quiz types and a fun puzzle game. This makes the learning process a lot more interesting than traditional approaches. Natural spoken audio is provided for every word and phrase. There's an optimization system based on adjustable priorites and a threshold where you can decide to study a subset of the overall category. Scores are kept for each category and quiz type so you can see exactly how much you've done.

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