Phonics Island Adventure · Early Reading Montessori Learning School Activities A to Z (Letter Sounds, Alphabet Flash Cards Game, Phonics Quiz & Recognition) with Animals Train for Kids Explorers (Toddler, Preschool and Kindergarten) by Abby Monkey® Education App Review (iOS, $1.99)


Languages: English

Seller: 22learn, LLC

Game improvements, now universal app - iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad compatibility.
We added the possibility of choosing either upper-case or lower-case letters. The letter case can be selected directly from the main menu.
Based on the requests from educational professionals, we added new phonics sounds. And also we added a possibility to turn off "stickers" activities after each round of play (increased learning efficiency). You can do it in the Settings menu.

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***** Parents' Choice Award Winner *****
***** Abby Animals Phonics Island won an APProved badge awarded by Famigo!!! The Famigo APProved program „recognizes developers who create delightful, family-friendly apps that have passed through [a] rigorous review process with flying stars (literally)“ (source: Thank you Famigo!

Abby – Animal Phonics Island Adventure – MONTESSORI PINK READING INITIAL SOUNDS is a new app from our extremely successful series.

The best way to learn letter sounds!

It's developed by a team of educational experts from 22learn designed to best prepare your children for success in the kindergarten curriculum. Its simple, yet modifiable, child-friendly interface offers children an engaging way to master the essential skill of PHONETIC LETTERS SOUNDS. An educational adventure application your children will love!

* 90 animal pictures situated in colorful sceneries, accompanied by authentic animal sounds and phonetic sounds of the animals’ initial letters
* 21 wonderful, professionally illustrated sceneries
* 7 alphabet phonetic sectors divided according to the Montessori methodology
* easy-to-use, child-friendly interface
* high-quality audio spoken by a professional voice-over actress
* friendly, encouraging environment
Hello everyone! Are you up to an adventure? I am Abby the Monkey, the friend you know from a highly-successful application series by 22learn, and I have prepared one for you! If you want to EXPLORE a strange animal island and LEARN PHONETIC LETTER SOUNDS, you shouldn’t wait a minute, and come with me!!!

But first let me tell you a story….
Once upon a time, there was an island, an island of indescribable beauty and magnificence. There found a shelter the animals small and large, slimy and furry, savage and tame—all protected from evil hunters and curious eyes, supplied with food from the bountiful earth. Each year, a special event was held, when one, and only one, person from the whole humankind was selected and transported to the island (blinded, to preserve the island’s secrecy) to appreciate its beauty and spread the word about it, so that the island would never be forgotten.

The legend has it, that deep inside the rocky hill on the island, a treasure is kept. Yet, no one knows its secret anymore because the last humankind representative had enraged the animals on the island, and since then, the animals decided never to invite anyone again, and the island got lost in time and space.

All that remains from our knowledge is that through the whole island, a very special train goes. The train has a mind of its own and likes it when the passengers’ names start from certain sounds! It is said, that if someone was ever capable to fulfill all the train’s wishes, the train would transport the lucky being deep inside the rocks and reveal the island’s precious treasure!

But, you are asking, what does all this have to do with me, monkey Abby? Well, imagine what happened to me just recently! I was flying around with my plane when, out of the blue, the storm hit and my plane got lost!

And now, I am on this weird island that looks exactly like the legendary Phonics Island I told you about! Wohoo, how exciting! But I need someone to help me with all the strange tasks the train asks me to do! Do you want to be the one who will help me, and discover the island’s treasure together with me?

Thank you for your purchase! We hope your children will enjoy this engaging educational application the same way our enthusiastic beta-testers did!

Customer Reviews

  • Definitely a 5-star app!

    by AnnieGBC

    This is a fun, cute and engaging app. It’s bright and easy to use with a theme that will grab the attention of any young kid. My kiddo has been hooked on it since we got it, and I’ve seen her make some great progress on her letter sounds as a result!

  • Such a fun way to learn letter sounds!

    by ImportFan66

    My kids absolutely love this app and I can honestly say that Phonics Island Adventure is probably the best out there! My children are so inspired by the bright colors, user friendly interface and rewards this app presents. My kids think they are playing an awesome game while at the same time they are learning their letter sounds by associating it to their favorite animals and more. I highly recommend this app to any parents or teachers looking for a new and intellectual way to teach their children letter sounds!

  • Great app for the young and dev delayed!

    by Corona420247

    I have an 8 year old son with CP, and amazed how he's able to work this app with sounds and put them together. He understands he gets to pick out stickers when he does good and doesn't lose interest like many of our other word apps. Awesome!!!

  • Fun Learn


    Real nice app and totally enggaging for my little one. He already started picking up alphabets so quickly. Thank you!

  • One of the best phonics apps on the market

    by UCF

    As a teacher, I am always looking for new ways to help my students along, and I regularly try new educational apps. So far this is one of the best apps I have seen for practicing phonics. My children use it and love it, my students parents’ come to me all the time telling me how much their child enjoys it and how much they have improved. 22learn is a great company and produces quality apps always.

  • Extremely useful!

    by omgvictory

    This app is great for kids! Mine found the animals and graphics incredibly adorable and , to top it off, learned a ton from the ap. Phenomenal work by the developers.

  • Montessori is the way to go!

    by JettyBetty

    As someone who is a huge fan of the Montessori Method of learning, I was ecstatic to find that Phonics Island Adventure impliments it into their learning structure. This app is packed with adorable animals and illustrations which kids will love. This is definitely a great app that's highly recommended for parents of youngsters who are learning how to read!

  • Cute and fun!

    by crazybreadman

    We just love that this educational app has a story to go along with all the learning fun! The graphics are so cute, and the sections are broken up into manageable amounts, which is nice with shorter attention spans :) very fun way to learn the letters and sounds in upper and lower case, well worth the purchase!

  • Proven Method of Learning

    by shortgigs

    Just like many of the reviews here, this app provides an exceptional method of teaching kids pronunciation and word recognition while having fun. Kids will have fun for hours learning and achieving levels at their own pace. Easy to use and design layout is perfect. Recommend upgrading to this full version, you won't regret parents!

  • Nice app, please change the "start" screen ads

    by Berliner

    The app gives kids two main tasks: There's a matching game, in which the phonic value of each letter is sounded whenever its card is turned over, and there's a section where animals need to be put into a train based on the sound you hear when saying the animals' names. The graphics are nice, and you can skip ahead easily if you've already heard the directions. What I don't like is the "start" screen, which consists of a sun which you push to start the game -- but its surrounded by a dozen other apps that CF Corp is trying to get you to download. It's aggressive marketing, it's a distraction for any five year old using the app, and it irks me every time I see it. Once you get to the rest of the app, though, everything's great. The memory game is a great way to learn phonics values; my kid loves it.

  • Go Abby!

    by Scjason29730

    My kids LOVE Abby the monkey and for a change I don't mind them playing "games" on my phone. This app has great voice overs, great sound effects, and helps kids improve their memory, hand eye coordination, and general vocabulary. Thanks for a great app!

  • Kid loved it

    by sergbot

    What can I say? Any app that can get my vocal son to hush on the plane is definitely a winner. The educational aspect is an added bonus, thanks guys!

  • Wow!

    by michelle capp

    This is a great phonics app for children. The interface is easy for kids to use and my daughter loves it. Highly recommended!

  • Great educational App for kids

    by Juliojdavid

    This app is educational and fun, the "stickers" is an excellent way to encourage kids to learn. Kids will enjoy learning sounds with this adventure full of different kind of animals.

  • My kids love it!

    by RafasProduxs

    My kids are learning to read phonetically and they very much enjoy learning with this app. It seems very good for raising phonetic awareness in children. Recommend it to parents looking for intro to letter sounds!

  • Rewarding!

    by Cluelessboy1

    This app is great at teaching my kids the alphabet and the sounds each letter makes. They get virtual stickers when they get the sounds right. They love it!

  • Fixing the no sound problem on payed apps

    by Caseybarreto3

    Double click home button..swipe the apps on bottom of screen from left to right and you will see a music control type looking thing come up. On the far left you will see a volume button that most likely will have a slash through it meaning its on mute. Click on it to un mute it. Now it will work..i followed their app support here and thats what they showed. It worked for me on all my apps that didnt play music that i bough.

  • nice

    by Robertappreview

    Like the look of the app. The design works very well. Overall it is worth trying.

  • Teaching phonics

    by Graphicwheeler

    Really nice app to teach children phonetic sounds. I particularly appreciate the story behind it and the engaging train game. Also, very cute illustrations! Great educational tool.

  • Good..but could be better

    by Smfjef

    My daughter enjoys playing this because of the animation. However, some of the letter sounds are wrong. For instance, the letter B is pronounced as BUH...which is actually the sound of BU not B. This is a common error, but it is difficult to reteach kids to say the letters without the "uh".

  • Wasn't impressed

    by Zeta speaks

    I was expecting a little more control over what sounds I could target at one time.

  • Don't Buy!!!

    by Kid SLP

    There is no sound on the version you pay for. Rip off!

  • No Sound

    by We-have-no-sound

    We have no sound on this game. Please help!

  • P

    by Sevengirlsrock

    I had the free version and then upgraded now there is no sound,useless without sound.waste of money with upset kids.

  • Useful for learn!!!

    by kunsuanzm

    The kids like to learn and play this app. It has many animals.It is expensive but it is very useful!!!

  • good

    by nb.ann67

    design is great and is very easy to use. an educational adventure application which your children will definitely love. its simple and is very useful

  • Good for kids!!!

    by inbozw21

    The design of this application is nice and easy to use. I hope your children will enjoy this engaging educational application the same way our enthusiastic beta-testers did!

  • Nice app, but at least one bug

    by WoodworkerP

    I generally like this app. I haven't been through all the levels yet, but there is a bug on level five. When you get to the very last set of exercises on that level, the train grows as animals are selected. However, once you select one animal for each sound, the train asks for more animals and you are unable to select any animal. And even of you could select more animals, there is no train car to put them in. On that level the train never pulls out of the station. As a result, it's not possible to complete the level. And the poor kid never gets the prize. My four year old was disappointed.

  • Good Looking Phonics App That Teaches Phonics Sounds Wrong

    by House+Dad

    My 3 year old likes what I've let her play. But the phonic sounds can be wrong. An example is the S is supposed to do a SSS sound, when the person does a "suh" sound. I taught 2nd - 5th grade, and think that they don't have a phonics person that has actually taught it. It looks promising, but should not be used until fixed.

  • The best Montessori Phonics app!!!

    by JessicaTWR

    I am a mother of 2 homeschoolers and in many ways, we are teaching according to the Montessori method. I am very happy that I discovered this app when I am right now teaching letters to my youngest son. With this app, he is always totally on top of the world when he masters one level and can move on to conquer the next! I wish there were more applications like this one! I definitely recommend it for all children discovering the world of letters!

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