Abby's Toys - Games For Toddlers & Preschoolers Education App Review (iOS, $0.99)


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Enter into this wonderful world of toys! Abby's Toys for Kids, a new app by 22learn, brings you two thematic categories of toys divided into the amazing total of four game modes. Enjoy how your children make progress while having fun with this awesome educational toy for toddlers and preschool!

Do you want to enter Emma the Doll or Tom the Robot's room? No matter which, you can be assured that lots of stunning hand-drawn toys are eagerly awaiting you!

Your children are bound to improve in the following areas:
- Toys vocabulary & recognition
- Matching of objects to their silhouettes
- Written names of toys
- Fine motor control

In all game modes, children are always praised enthusiastically for all their efforts. Moreover, all the instructions are pronounced, so that children can work independently.

The four game modes included:

- Find me! (Game 1)
Can you find the toy according to the pronounced instructions? The task is always to tap on the right toy.

- Magic Toys! (Game 2)
The task is to catch all toys and match them to their correct silhouette.

- Hidden Toys (Game 3)
An evil fairy put a spell on all toys. Can you choose the right toy according to the instructions?
This game can be modified, so that the toy is to be identified only on the basis of its written name -- in the default mode, the name is pronounced aloud with the written name placed in the background to encourage association of the written form with the pronounced one, but also to enable the child to solve the problem without any knowledge of letters.

- Learning
A free mode without any instructions when children can interact with toys. With each tap on a toy, a toy makes a sound or a little animation, and its name is pronounced to improve children's vocabulary.

We hope your children find this application as easy-to-play and enjoyable as our little beta-testers. If you have any suggestions on improvement, please don't hesitate and let us know.

Thank you for your purchase!

Customer Reviews

  • Boring

    by firedancer731

    Not worth it my kid was bored in a minute.

  • Not Stable

    by Readandrunmom

    Based on a very positive written review, I purchased this app, but it is practically unplayable for us. Game 1 just don't do anything - we click on the appropriate toy and nothing happens. Meanwhile random other toys jiggle, but nothing happens if we click them either. The other games work for a second or two and then the app crashes or goes back to the main screen. I know other people seem to love this app, not sure why we're having such a bad time. My daughter wants to play it, but I'm just going to have to take it off the phone as it frustrates her so much.


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