Toys "R" Us Shopping Catalogs App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Catalogs
  • Publisher: Toys"R"Us
  • Updated: Dec, 20 2010
  • Version: 4.0
  • Size: 3 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Toys "R" Us Inc

Now available for iPad! Redesigned header and footer navigation for iOS 7, and a new bookmark feature!

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Get all the toys all the time with the Toys”R”Us Shopping App! Search for the hottest new toys, make purchases from your device, find store hours and directions and so much more right from the palm of your hand! The built-in barcode scanner makes it easy to find information, videos and reviews right from a product's barcode! Plus, toy fans can share their fun-filled excitement, thanks to the convenient links for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, text and email. Download the Toys”R”Us Shopping App now for the ultimate digital shopping experience!

Customer Reviews

  • Unreal

    by Jacksonjames3

    What has fat lazy America come to where people are absolutely infuriated that there isn't a back button. Or " I was hesitant to download because of the low reviews". Hey , all you pathetic fat minivan driving moo moo wearing slobs who are the sole downfall of the country, deal with it. I knew what I was looking for, went on and found it & bought it just fine.

  • Very easy to navigate

    by Addsshinjidkdjfg

    The app is a lot better than what most people claim it to be. Like most apps, it may link you to the website, but simply because it's safer. The app is simple, and you can grasp the general idea where everything is, but it's not meant for heavy shopping. Go to the store or call them, no need to complain too much!

  • Love it!!!

    by Deeeeee dee

    Great redesign! The site is aesthetically pleasing and the app is incredibly easy to use. You can also seamlessly transfer between the Toys R Us and Babies R Us pages which is incredibly useful when buying for multiple age groups. My only gripe is I wish this redesign would have come sooner!

  • Made things effortless

    by Review King!!

    It has little things here and there that can be fixed but overall I give it a five the effortlessness is awesome really appreciated a dedicated app to buy toys for my son ! Thanks

  • The Good and The Bad

    by astemerman

    After reading the reviews below, I found the most common complaint to be that they“can’t find the shopping cart to checkout”, which I agree. I think they may have forgot to add a checkout button. I do wish they had the reward card built into the app(like many other companies do) so I didn’t have to carry the card around and maybe allow me to store my gift cards as well. Other than that, the app works fine… allows you to scan items, create wish lists, and view your reward info. This App needs a re-design, BAD.

  • Nice but could be better

    by Me122d

    Coupons should be easier to find and use

  • Awesome !

    by Fitals

    I. Love + now. Wen. I want. A toy. I can. Gust. Go. On. My. PHONE

  • Needs Passbook

    by SilverBulllet

    As I stand in line to pay at a Toys R Us, I find myself wishing for Passbook support for my Rewards card. Passbook is amazingly convenient when available. Please bring to your app.

  • OK

    by princessprincessrose

    It is not bad but not great

  • Horrible App

    by kellyniee1

    This app never allows you to do what you are trying to do and always goes back to the home screen. Its Horrible.

  • Baby registry

    by Buddylee006

    Pros: if you know what you want, it is good to order quick things. And to do a search to price match other store apps. Cons: I use the Target App to register for soon to be baby, and I can actually take my phone into the store (or a babies r us) and scan the item and it comes up in my registry. I can search in bed at a quick pace and with a touch of the screen can add to my wish list/registry. This app however will NOT let you add an item to a registry no matter how hard you try. I have spent HOUrS on this site thinking it was just me, but there is no comparison to other apps (a.k.a target). I have read the comments and do not think Toys r Us realizes the business they are losing to people who would use this app on a weekly basis. Fix it to become up to date with your customers please.

  • Fix Please

    by Nikellegal

    This app has lagged and crashed on me after 2 minets of searching

  • Use safari instead

    by Galo Lara

    This is a waste of time. It just loads the mobile website.

  • Two stars

    by Seekeer

    For not having a back option while shopping. The app is for location and registry for now!

  • Have they heard of 'design'?

    by pankajpm

    Breaks just about every usability standard that could be broken. And TRU keeps trying to put lipstick on a pig version after version. Almost seems a strategy to hide the bad reviews but they dont seem to be succeeding for the last few years.

  • Annoying

    by Niklady

    The fact that there is no Back button is killing me. It's simple. Please fix it.

  • Worst app ever

    by Rosepedal1908

    This app is horrible. It never allows you to do what you are trying to do and always goes back to the home screen when trying to click something else. Downloading this app is a waste of space....I'll stick to Wal-Mart!!!

  • worst iphone app I have ever downloaded

    by DanS272727

    This is the only iphone app that I have ever downloaded that doesn't work at all. I was hesitant to download app due to terrible reviews but this thing is a joke. Senior management on vacation?

  • Fix this piece of crap.

    by EJL68

    Search engine is poor. App crashes constantly. I could care less if your prices are lower than someone else's. I would rather pay more than shop via this app. Toys R Us you are losing customers because of it.

  • Just fire your developers!!!

    by Gman2u

    Way to go Toys-R-Us for having the worst app in 2013 for shopping for "toys" during Christmas.... What a waste!!!

  • Worst app ever

    by Degenx1

    Continuously shuts down in the middle of selecting items and checkout.

  • Locked me onto cell phone page

    by Momto5<3

    If I could have given less then one star I would have. It locked me on a cell phone page even though I never clicked on it. I deleted the app. What a bunch of crap toys r us.

  • Useless.

    by Corsair71421

    Worst retail app I've encountered. Barcode scan doesn't work, app didn't find ANY of the 8 items I punched in barcodes for, including some very common items. Lame. 0 stars.


    by iphone4+itouch4

    It's just the mobile site loading through an app frame - so it's actually significantly worse than the mobile site (and won't even leave you logged in, so I missed out on rewards points). And the update somehow made it even less responsive. Stop updating the thing if you're never going to bother to create an actual app.

  • Horrible! Did they try it before releasing?!

    by Kdr621

    Can't add items to the cart!

  • No way to see if my store has item

    by Tom Steele

    Why choose my store if I can't tell if they have an item in stock. Toys r us, why can't u get this right? Everyone wants Doc McStuffins check up center. I'm left CALLING all the stores to see if they have them in stock. I can only imagine the frustration of your already busy employees looking to see if there any left. How badly can you run a company and still survive?

  • Don't bother

    by Color398

    Terrible app simply links you to the website. Doesn't even have a back button

  • Hands Down, Worst App I've Ever Used

    by XjessaX

    THIS APP IS AWFUL! It's baffling really. Is this for real? Because you can do better than this.

  • This App is horrible!!!

    by Kim2k

    There is no way to go back one page. Every time you click on something you have to start your search all over again.

  • No!!!

    by Dr. Remulak

    The app is just as bad as the mobile site. Slow, slow, slow. Way to take the shopping experience down several notches...

  • Truly Terrible

    by BRWilliams

    I couldn't even conceive of such utter garbage until I ran this app. Note to Toys R' Us: Just because a 5-year old can program an iPhone doesn't mean he should.

  • Useless!!

    by Jyropro

    I had no issues finding items I was searching for an add them to my cart. However when I went to complete my purchase using the app it was unable to process the purchase and displayed some sort of error message. (I paid with credit card and gift cards.) When I went back into the app to try again the items were still in the cart, but the money from the gift cards was gone!! When I called customer service to inquire about the order there was no record of the order being placed and that they were pretty sure my gift cards would be refunded in 3-5 business days. Now I have to check back in a week to see if they refunded my gift cards and to make sure they didn't charge my credit card for an order they didn't even place!

  • Pointless

    by Guffjvfhhg

    Doesn't let you shop or make wish lists, just keeps going to the main screen.

  • Needs serious work

    by heatherwv

    When you search for an item and a whole list of things come up, if you view one, then go back to the list it starts over at the beginning. This is very annoying when there's 100s of items in the search results! It makes me not bother to look at things im interested in because it's too big of a pain to scroll through it all again. Hey marketers, this is a really bad way to attempt to sell products! I so 90% of my online shopping on my iPhone. Maybe you guys should try fixing up this ap?!

  • Absolutely Horrible

    by Gymncomics77

    I have no clue what Toys R Us was thinking with this latest update. You can't even find the shopping cart.

  • Worst shopping app!

    by Heathernflorida

    No "back" button, Crashes multiple times, very slow, terrible layout. I could have driven 45 minutes to the store, shopped, come home and wrapped the toys in the time it took to shop on this app.

  • One of the worst apps.

    by Marina Bowman

    As the title says, horrible app. All it is is the exact Toys'R'Us site which is already slow and unresponsive on mobile. I wanted to give my money to Toys'R'Us but the app refused to take it by crashing a handful of times. Thanks for nothing.

  • Useless app!

    by Twanz92

    I spent maybe an hour browsing and adding things to my shopping cart, when I finally decided to check out I couldn't even FIND my shopping cart. I've checked everywhere and it doesn't even give me an option. The pictures in the app description are WAY different than what the app actually looks like. This app is only good to give you ideas. Disappointed.

  • Terrible

    by Andrewster2000

    This app is so terrible I can't even search for what I'm looking for it just takes me back to where I was before

  • Don't bother with this app

    by GRDaily

    Terrible app. Promo ads flash by too fast to read and when scrolling up the menu on the bottom pops up stops you.

  • Horrible application

    by Chago1

    This HTML 5 garbage does not work well for native applications - even Facebook learned that! Your orders - if processed at all - get lost and they coincidently charge you but don't provide the product. Either make a native app or delete this from the App Store!

  • Passbook

    by Valana

    Useless to me without Passbook support.

  • Garbage

    by IHateNicknames7

    What IS a valid zipcode with this piece of garbage?

  • Garbage app

    by JJay48

    I never write reviews but this app is so horrible that i had to do it. App constantly sends me to a reload page when trying to check out. Will not let me spend money lol, maybe that's a good thing

  • Very poor app. Disgraceful.

    by Robert Mohns

    Can't search by store availability. Doesn't display availability in toy listings. Slow. Hard to read. Slow. Requires manual ZIP code entry to find stores or toy stock status (hello, automatic location lookup is a 2008 feature, how can you be so far behind?). Stunningly cruddy app by a national store chain that has driven every other toy store out of business.

  • Poorly developed

    by PT27

    This app is garbage. It does work real well. I would rather continue receiving their ads by mail rather then using this app again. How is it, a big money making company like this develop a garbage app?

  • Not good!

    by Neocomica

    I like to check the weekly sales at toys r us, but even though this app has a "weekly ad" section, it totally doesn't work. It asks for your location, but then will display the wrong ad. Overall, the app is just ugly and not user friendly. I've had it on my phone for a year with no improvements. I think it's time it gets removed.

  • Awful

    by Disappointed by tru

    So many complaints but the terrible search may be the worst part. If you are searching and select an item to view, when you hit the "back" button it takes you alllllll the way back to the beginning of the search. Errors like this were fixed way back in the early days of apps. Inexcusable in 2013.

  • Three words...

    by linicorn

    Crappiest.. App... Ever

  • Clunky and dated, like the website

    by GradPanther

    It's been said. TRU should update it right away with an app that's more useful. This one I find clunky and not very user-friendly at all.

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