Emoji 2 & Unicode Icons Keyboard PRO - Add Special Symbols to Messages & Email Catalogs App Review (iOS, $0.99)

  • Category: Catalogs
  • Publisher: touchme
  • Updated: Feb, 15 2011
  • Version: 1.8.9
  • Size: 4.71 MB

Languages: English

Seller: rich man

fix some bugs for iOS 7

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A Text Art & Emoji Art & Unicode Icon is worth 10,000 words!


- 3000+ Special symbols & Text Pics & Emoji Arts to decorate your SMS, MESSAGE, Emails, Notes, Facebook status,Tweet and so on.

- Add these symbols and unicode characters to any applications on your iPhone&iTouch&iPad.

- Special Unicode Icons including Arrows,Stars,Digits,Currencies,Blocks, Cools, Technicals, Crosses,etc.

- Tons of text art pictures to choose from

- Share tons of Emoji Arts to your friends

- Send message with awesome fonts

- Copy & Paste to other apps with one touch

- Mess with your friends by sending Decorated Text like these

Come on! Let's be the FIRST to IMPRESS your friends with your ALL NEW Emoji Art Pictures & Text Art Pictures & Unicode icons.

Customer Reviews

  • So helpful

    by Silverrunner

    There are so many premise things on this app that helped me hit it off with the females if you catch my drift

  • Ok app

    by cross79953

    It takes more than a minute todo anything. App is plain with no extras. Offer more made up things like this

  • Awesome Designs

    by sfrgrl20

    This app seems great, however is there anyway we or you can make it so we can have it hooked up to our regular keyboard so we can just type & send? Like so I can use with my other apps too

  • Awesome

    by Loma218

    Love this! It's so cute and so much fun!!!

  • Great !!

    by 1231brown

    I love all the black and white emojis ! Although I wish you could hook it up with your keyboard ! But it's awesome

  • : D

    by Dcc215

    Impressive , Its better than the others.(My Opinion)

  • Not bad overall

    by Achilyse

    A little buggy but it works for what I use it for

  • Good

    by CRphotography

    Very Nice!

  • Epic

    by Crucesd


  • Awesome

    by Mr the awesome

    It has awesome bunnys and mood stuff


    by My Music, My Life


  • Awesome

    by say66jgp


  • Emoji

    by Guest/is

    Love the icons, only wish they were bigger for viewing. Hard to make some of them out.

  • Nice

    by Hollywoodnicki

    This app comes in handy. Especially on Twitter.

  • Great app

    by Speed Reaper

    Fun to play with!

  • Like it a lot

    by John Blanchard

    Like it a lot

  • Thanks

    by Умида1882

    I like it

  • Like it a lot!

    by Todd Richmond

    Like this simple tool a lot! Very easy and quick to use.

  • Working peon

    by Chili pie

    Like it!

  • Using it

    by An lovely lovely1

    I love using this in Insatgram it's fun to use!!<3

  • Horrid

    by misathecookie

    Don't waste your time or money on the stupid app

  • :(

    by Megan1931913

    This app was a waste of my money..... Sorry I just didn't like it,this is just my thought

  • Repurchase again?

    by Viet-tube

    WTH is going on with this developer? I already purchased $.99 cents life time last time. And now with new update, I wi have to purchase another $.99 for another life time? WTH is wrong with that? Also, the ads are now back even with u previously purchased.

  • Don't waste your money

    by Tate Wisher

    Bought the pro version because I heard good things about this app but it completely doesn't work on my iPhone 5. When I hit the emotions they will not appear or anything I type the message part of the screen just stays blank. It is a useless app and a waste of my money.

  • No rating

    by Playing fun

    The keyboard will not let you do anything. Not happy with this. Worked for one day

  • Hate it

    by Kjpo3

    It can't go anywhere on a keyboard it's just stuck where it is so you can't write any thing with it

  • Deceptive! Do not buy!

    by Willowsace

    The keyboard is not integrated into the text keyboard. The UI is confusing. Do not buy.

  • Very confusing!!

    by Vivian Fung

    Totally not a good app.

  • Confusing

    by plain_jess_

    I dont understand how to use it

  • Very bad

    by Crisrunshe

    It will not even connect to Facebook.. :(

  • ◖OO⅁ Ǝq ∀NNO⅁ ⊥I ⊥H⅁∩OH⊥ I

    by jazzy497

    S⅂Oqɯ⅄S ON ⊥Ǝ⅁ ⊥ON O◖

  • Bad

    by Driver17211811

    Don't get this app it's bad

  • KICK +super

    by LUCKI~DUC


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