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Languages: English

Seller: Slickdeals, LLC

- Fixed Hot Deals not loading more deals.
- Added landscape in-app browser support for iPhone.
- UI tweaks to Deal Alerts, Favorites, & Reminders.

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
19 Ratings
All Versions:
1098 Ratings


Slickdeals is the OFFICIAL app of, the largest community-driven deal sharing site in the US. Slickdeals hosts 18 forums where slick consumers discuss the best deals, discounts, sales, promotions, coupons and freebies to maximize savings in online shopping.

- Push Notifications for Frontpage Deals: Receive a notification when the hottest community-vetted deals hit the Slickdeals Front Page. (Login Required)

- Push Notifications for Deal Alerts: Receive a notification when your deal alert keywords appear in the forums. (Login Required)

- Frontpage Deals: Vetted by our community of slick shoppers and hand-picked by our seasoned team of deal editors with information on Price History, Product Reviews, Coupon Codes, Shipping Options and more!

- Local Deals: Aggregated local daily deals from sites like Groupon and LivingSocial. “Map View” shows you deals relative to your current location

- Popular Deals: Pool of deals not quite Frontpage ready, but are still great deals voted up by slick consumers!

- Forums: From Finance to Freebies, this is the heart of the Slickdeals community. Recruit a deal finder from the community to assist you in looking for the best deals for particular items (Help Me Find a Deal forum), ask about how to troubleshoot your electronics (Tech Support) or simply hang out in The Lounge!

- Vote, Comment, Post Deals: Login to your Slickdeals account and be part of the community straight from your iOS device. If you find a deal that’s Slickdeals-worthy, go to the Hot Deals forum and submit coupons codes, promo codes, sales, freebies or whatever out Slickdeals you find from wherever you may be!

Customer Reviews

  • Great App

    by Arrb1025

    Love the reminders.

  • Great app

    by WolfX77

    I have seen this app improve in some way for every version release. The reminders are a great feature when I'm not able to purchase on the phone while I'm out and about. Same with the deal alerts. I get notified for deals I'm interested in and then I add them to my reminders list. The thread sorting which is one of the missing features before is now in this version. No crashes for me.

  • Active user

    by SuperAuto29

    I use the Slickdeals website and app daily. Used to get deal alerts (push notifications) which I liked, so taking off a star because those aren't working for me at the moment.

  • Good

    by B.raeth

    No issues

  • App needs work

    by kos10

    App is great but has its flaws. Need a lot of work. First the blue bar on top doesn't help when the icon to send the deal to email or SMS is not seeable. Second can't rep OPster if one choose to do so. There are others but I'm sure other reviewers have pointed it out. Still the best site to get the latest deals hands down.

  • by Damn Im Beautiful

  • I check it several times a day

    by Schooby60

    Love it. I check it first thing in the morning and several times a day and then again before falling asleep, don't want to miss any deals or discussions.

  • It's ok

    by Asaad-khattab

    I just like it for the deals that show up

  • Love this deal app!

    by OfficialReview724

    I love this Slickdeals app. All the best deals in one easy view. Thanks Slickdeals!

  • The best deals are slickdeals

    by G$75

    Thanks slickdeals. I saved over $500 last year. Booyakasha!

  • No issues

    by AceK9

    Upgraded and it's fine. No crashes here

  • Best deal app there is

    by Strantheman

    Still the best deals app out there, not sure why it's crashing for some. Fine on iPhone 4.

  • Nice app

    by Cortanaya

    Great job!

  • Slick app

    by ep1curus.sage

    One of the best sites for deals.

  • Minor bugs

    by caball

    Push notifications are spotty but I can't complain with how much money I've saved!

  • Use this app every day!

    by Shawncey

    So addicting.

  • Great app

    by ad208

    Great app though iPad version is little slow...

  • Great app

    by Eeease

    Push notifications stopped working on my iPod but besides for that this is an excellent means of checking SlickDeals, which I do daily.

  • Can't save my money!

    by Artman64

    Have loved slick deals for a long time. The mobile app makes it even easier to make impulsive purchases! But I've scooped up some slick deals over the years, so I ain't complaining! Thanks!

  • Awesome app

    by Lance Dang

    Love this app, notifications, search..

  • Scrolling bug

    by AlexPinho22

    Many times the app will lock up to the point where it will not allow me to vertically scroll, and only pan the windows back and forth horizontally, even though I am clearly going up and down with my swipes. iPad mini w/retina

  • App unusable

    by Jmack1987

    After last update the app immediately crashes when trying to open it. Every single time.

  • Crashes

    by EvilMagma

    App will not open. Crashes before loading.

  • Horrible - Crashes constantly upon launch on 5S.

    by PatentE55

    Don't developers bother checking their releases for bugs anymore?

  • Crashes

    by DanJuell

    Just before the last update, I had clicked on a newegg deal and the app crashed while loading the site. Since then, I havent been able to open the app without an immediate crash - even after yesterday's update was applied.

  • Unusable

    by Marselluswallice

    Since the new update this thing won't open for me it just constantly crashes. I'm on the iphone 5

  • This is the time!

    by ChDaJ

    This is the time you fired your engineer. Worse app by far, won't open! Uninstall !

  • Keeps Crashing

    by Sweetango

    Every time I open the app it crashes and on the off chance that it doesn't it takes a while to load then crashes again.

  • Crashtastic

    by ShoonMcKoon

    Don't even bother downloading until there's another update.

  • Update is flawed

    by jrummer

    Crashes on startup after logging in.

  • Keeps crashing...

    by Crimson Wicked

    Since latest update it keeps crashing immediately after launch.

  • Crashes constantly on iPad Mini retina

    by Deltwalrus

    Unusable. Used to only crash maybe 1 in 5 times it opened. That wasn't great, but this is ridiculous.

  • New update

    by DKL5100484

    App won't even open. Fix please.

  • Annoying rating reminders

    by reshik

    App never stop asking me to leave rating.

  • Worthless

    by Ranilus

    Unfriendly UI, worthless functions. Might as well use safari to visit the site.

  • The best

    by dominicanprodigy

    It's great the way all users get together and post deals they find.

  • Great App

    by Jpjpjp581

    I love this app.

  • Fix feedback pop-up

    by Beanboi0

    Every time my iphone shakes the feedback icon pops up.

  • Great deals, easily browse okay deals

    by abcsr2ez4me

    Great deals, easily browse okay deals. App is fast and refreshes easily. Helps me save $$

  • Solid

    by bbryson09

    Resembles full site well. No complaints.

  • Great app for great deals

    by Urikoss

    It's great for finding a deal on almost anything and will effect the way you shop.

  • Excellent

    by Jd_hat

    Great app

  • Great app

    by thisjustin_02

    The app works all the time and is easy to navigate. Can't ask for much more that that.

  • Good

    by FreteMachete


  • Great app!

    by braedentyler

    Slickdeals is fantastic!

  • Buggy sometimes

    by gnphiker

    Comments don't always show up in Front page deals.

  • Excellent

    by mjcostajr

    Love it and hate it - saves me money but makes me spend more. Excellent iOS 7 update. Keep up the great work :)

  • Slickdeals Rules

    by Millimango

    I love Slickdeals and I use this App on my iphone. It is extremely helpful and keeps me from having to check my emails to see the front page deals and let me get to the deal fast within two taps

  • I love SlickDeals!

    by GammeRJammeR

    The website is excellent and the applications makes using it much more manageable and user friendly on my phone.

  • Addiction

    by Superstrider

    You gotta check it everyday after you get into it

  • Has bugs

    by AlexPinho22

    Can't see more than ~40 threads on Hot Deals, will not load more, endlessly spins.

  • Good

    by Mickghyqwerty

    Works great

  • Pretty good app

    by dannyberry

    Use it to monitor sale items esp notifications

  • Saved me tons of $$$$$

    by Uncle Bendy

    Saved me tons of $$$$$

  • Best app

    by Tinkooram

    No complaints. Frontpage deals are awesome!!!!

  • Shake feedback

    by andrew70677

    Shake to send feedback is too sensitive and needs to constantly be dismissed.

  • Excellent Ap! Helps me to find great deals

    by Fr3d0m777

    Excellent Ap! Helps me to find great deals

  • Favorite deal hunting app


    Exactly what you want from an app - speed, nice interface. Wish there was a search function though

  • Great app!

    by Virgo gal

    I love Slick Deals and now it's easier than ever to access.

  • Great app

    by Kyle Herman


  • Good app

    by Juuuuubug

    I use the website and the app is just as easy to use

  • Great App.

    by The Alchemist23

    Great App.

  • Love this app

    by Mooey

    Great app. Hot deals doesn't always load properly.

  • Internal browser is no good

    by ChicagoGuy1984

    Please make it a feature to pick your own browser i.e. Safari or chrome

  • I'd like!

    by Slippy42

    I'd like a way to private message people and follow them on SD

  • Great app for an amazing site

    by Long time Slickdeals member

    Perfect and easy to use. No complaints whatsoever!

  • Smooth

    by Eschlong

    Works likes a charm. I wish there were better support for having multiple pages open after clicking on the link.

  • One of my favorite apps!

    by Elguapo16

    Took a while for slickdeals to put out their own app but they did it right. I use it every day ( my bank account can attest!)

  • Solid website replacement app

    by Shawn Pitman


  • Good, needs a little work to improve

    by WafuCocksy

    Minor issues with forums and search, but quite good!

  • There! Your five stars!

    by Fxarte

    I think five stars is not unfair. Please keep it useful and easy to check for ways to save money; and learn stuff about stuff as well.

  • App works well, but I hate that you have to sign in

    by minhazm

    App is easy to use. I absolutely loathe that you have to sign in.

  • Saves Money

    by WW29

    Great app. Allows you to be one of the first to see a great deal. It was very helpful for xmas shopping this year!

  • Pretty awesome

    by 825 is taken

    I've found many a good deal using this app.

  • Good

    by Sina Kashef


  • Forced update?!

    by Xanthumer

    I have a 1st gen iPad that still works great, but the Slickdeals app is now refusing to work at all until I update to a new version that my iPad won't run. That's stupid.

  • Links to deals don't work

    by Saifullah77

    The majority of the links do not work inside the threads that link you to the actual deal. All you get is a blank screen. Very annoying please fix!

  • Slickdeals

    by Darthbrian

    Love it!

  • Much improved

    by Wernerho

    The new version really fixed a lot of issues. Works well now. Great update. Use it every day and its easy to navigate.

  • Great App!!

    by Ezai1981

    Been using slickdeals for several years now. Great deals!!!

  • My favorite deal hunting app

    by jray83

    Good app with a lot of various deals. My only complaint is that the notifications aren't as fast as looking for deals on the website. It can make all the difference when trying to get in on excellent deal before it sells out.

  • Decent app

    by Travisvn1

    No apparent issues I have seen

  • Excellent App

    by Kav1975

    I use this app daily. No issues.

  • Nice One stop for all the deals

    by Somurajji

    Good job slick deals team. Such a nice interface with very friendly navigation across the site and app. Thanks for collecting lot of good deals by SD team and as well as fellow SDers.

  • Prompts for a Review

    by RJ DJ

    Giving this app one star because it continually asks for a review despite my refusal.

  • Excellent!

    by Ricetick


  • Awesome app!

    by Ben Jammin 419

    Use this site almost everyday, and the search feature is an amazing way to find deals quickly!

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